True Strength Elixir

Unwavering support & stability from the inside out. Fearlessness about taking risks because: no fear of loss. A sense that life is full of possibilities.
Flower Essences Inside

Pink Torch Ginger

Redwood Tree
Divine Masculine

Strawberry Blossom




Do you need more support? Cultivate stability, a strong foundation & a deep sense of belonging with True Strength. Add the elixir to all of your beverages throughout the day to liberate patterns that no longer serve you with courage & optimism. 

MAGNIFIES: Courage, boldness, unshakeable strength; support & belonging; deeper sense of interconnectedness

DISSOLVES: Lack of support; separation, longing or missing someone; pessimism; lack of support; abandonment issues or father wounds

How to Use
Set your intention. Take 5 drops, 5 times a day. Add to all your beverages - coffee, tea, water, etc. Put a dropperful in every water bottle.

Safe for children over 1 year.
Ethically Sourced Honey, Aqua (Purified Water), Silver Hydrosol, Vitis vinifera (Grape) Alcohol, Silver Hydrosol, Etlingera elatior (Pink Torch Ginger) Flower Essence, Sequoia sempervirens (Redwood) Essence, Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) Flower Essence, Fragaria (Strawberry Blossom) Flower Essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence, Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence and Malaya Garnet Gem Essence.

Customer Reviews

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Embracing the Bad Ass in all Her most needed forms.

I can't truly say exactly what occurred with True Strength due to the fact of taking it with other essences. I will say this, in the vein of the body never lies. I love this essence, no idea if it's placebo (due to the name) yet it kept calling me and Im stronger in my own ground and authenticity. Self governed, audacious. Having been one deeply ingrained more than most in a spiritual teaching for many many years from a young age, I say the days of spiritual teachers are over and clearly shown their flaws (and continue to). We are in the time of sage and sorcerer where no followers are required! Each of us that ... and necessary that we embody that inner sage and sorcerer, our unique fingerprint of God, for our planet to evolve. More adults, less children - lions versus sheep. Strong inner strength, and self ownership outside of all appearances (never the truth) judgement, and self compromise. Ive always been drawn to bad ass women, you know those who keep it real, The sacred is bad ass! Look around. Love is wild and uncompromising, not what our culture has dumbed us down with. This facilitated the alignment of both the bad ass and the Bodhivista! I never had children, very clear it was never my calling. I have always said, I'm no Mother (well thats not true as we all are) yet I'm one hell of a Mother F....... (oops !). Gently fierce one could say. It strengthening, balancing and 'sourcing' wherever it is needed in both body/psyche! Love it.

April Edwards
Inner Strength Magnified

I've had a hard year, emotionally. I've used other essences in the past but it was time for strength. It has helped to keep me in a strong frame of mind. I am thankful for having found this.

April, thank you! :)
What a beautiful gift to give yourself: strength. You got this. xoxo


The masculinity within that I never knew existed. Life takes its punches at me, yet I only feel my power and strength. I am a warrior.

The flower essence blend that's made the biggest impression on me. I now have the ability to feel emotion without letting it consume me (water works). Made me feel as strong as a redwood! Things that might have hurt my feelings or made me feel inadequate in the past, bounced off me. Sovereignty over my emotions. Also met some of the most amazing and genuine people while taking this!! ~Like I was amongst angels on Earth

Extremely helpful when going through hard times

I was recently divorced from and 18 year marriage and also going through some really difficult situations including a job loss and breast cancer scare. True Strength really helped me feel like I had the strength to handle all of this on my own.