True Strength Anointing Oil

  • Anointing Oil dropper with flower essences + essential oils infused in organic jojoba oil ~ the perfect alternative to traditional perfumes. The aroma won’t last as long as synthetic scents, but that’s a great reminder to ensure you apply them 5 times a day!

    MAGNIFIES: Wholeness, self-compassion; interconnectedness, community, belonging; inner divine masculine qualities like stability, strength, protection, support; physical stability & balance; determination, momentum; optimism, infinite possibilities, openness to growth & opportunities, fresh perspective

    DISSOLVES: Isolation, withdrawal, loneliness, separation; sense of feeling incomplete, longing, missing; feeling lost, unsupported or without a foundation; old father wounds, abandonment; overexertion, being stretched too thin, doubts, being stuck in the details, unable to finish; worry, negative thoughts, pessimism, dread, complaining; intergenerational DNA patterns from family lineage or from past lives

    AROMA: Wood Resin, like a campfire with s'mores & sacred tobacco

  • Apply to pulse points {wrists, neck, behind ears} 5 times daily for transformative results.

    GET CREATIVE: Use as a scented pick-me-up throughout the day. Apply to your wrists before bed + enjoy the scent as you drift to sleep.

  • PINK TORCH GINGER: Interconnectedness, self-compassion, wholeness, transmutation of wounds

    REDWOOD TREE: Divine masculine, strength, protection, support, stability; community, belonging

    HORSETAIL: Strong foundation, determination, momentum

    STRAWBERRY BLOSSOM: Optimism, openness to growth & opportunities, fresh perspective

    YARROW: Revitalization of energetic field; energy, vitality, clarity of mind

    PINK LOTUS: Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding

    MALAYA GARNET ESSENCE: Integration of fragmented pieces; dissolve past pain; regain the power of your whole being; protection & spiritual healing

  • INGREDIENTS: *Simmondsia chinesis (Jojoba) Oil, Cedrus atlantica (Cedar) Oil, Styrax benzoin (Benzoin) Oil, Chamaecyparis obtusa (Hinoki) Oil, Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom) Oil, Nicotiana tabacum (Tobacco) Absolute, Etlingera elatior (Pink Torch Ginger) Flower Essence, Sequoia sempervirens (Redwood) Essence, Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) Flower Essence, Fragaria (Strawberry Blossom) Flower Essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence, Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence and Malaya Garnet Gem Essence.
    *Certified Organic

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

After using this oil for a few times, it has quickly become one of my favorites - it has a unique earthy and spicy scent that draws me in for more. I have felt it very supportive in my journey of self awareness. It has a subtle way of reminding me to draw my focus in and lead from my heart.

So grateful you shared your experience here Lauren! Yes! True Strength has such a unique scent to it ~ draws me in too ;)


Supportive Reminder of Inner Strength

I love using the anointing oil as a reminder of my own internal strength. In moments when I am feeling fragile, exhausted, doubtful, insecure... I put the oil on my wrists, inhale its sweet and spicy scent, and tune into my own strength. These small reminder moments are so supportive to the unfolding of my day.

Divine Masculine

This is one of my favorite anointing oils...the scent is SO amazing! It brought back the memory of loving sitting in the bathroom with my grandfather while he shaved when I was little.
When I first started taking it I had a mild healing crisis/breakdown. I realized my true feelings about my parent's divorce when I was 3, and that all of this time I thought it's not a big deal, but I finally admitted that I am heartbroken of all the years of time I didn't get to spend with my dad, that it does hurt and that I have lacked a healthy relationship with men because of it. I feel like I have tried replacing the father relationship in my romantic relationships.
After this realization I went and spent some time with my dad, and we both agreed it was one of the best times we've ever had together! I felt able to open up and be much closer. I also feel more at peace with myself, like I dont need to seek anything outside of myself, that I have my own inner masculine to support me and I feel much stronger and more upright in my posture and ability to assert myself. Thank you for this gift!

new favorite

My new favorite anointing oil... definitely a scent of true strength. It brings me to the cabin in the woods... one of my favorite places to come back to center and source.

Amazing Scent

The scent of this oil is indescribable, unlike anything I have ever encountered. It is intoxicating. I love it and all of my kids love it as well.
The energetic effect of this anointing oil is truly potent. I feel steady, grounded, strong and anchored. My capacity and my energetic vantage point in approaching, navigating remarkably challenging circumstances is remarkably different. I feel strong and capable of navigating anything.
The write up suggests it supports healing ancestral traumas and wounds and I can attest to the positive impact it had in this area of my healing. The deep insights that arose while using this and their deeply rooted ancestral connection was profound. Thank you. Remarkable.