April 11, 2018


This is the third episode of our MOONSHINE series, where we invite intuitive astrologer Kristina Wingeier to share her wisdom by providing us with a full lunar report (complete with a quick-reference cosmic calendar, breakdown of themes we can expect + luna-inspired rituals). Interested in how this all can be connected to flowers? We get into that too. ; )

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Below, you will find the written summary of our cosmic forecast for the upcoming lunar month! Since both new + full moons are ruled by mars, the themes you'll see arising are: inner child, identity + depth.

New Moon in Aries + Mars: Sunday, April 15th

New Moon conjunct Uranus ~ break open, embrace the chaos + free yourself of limitations. Uranus is all about unexpected surprises. Leave room for spontaneity this week, especially on Wednesday when the Sun makes a conjunction to Uranus in Aries - which won’t happen again until 2094!

Mars stations direct, turning forward again after 3 weeks of Mercury retrograde. (Mercury station means no movement, but you are facing forward). Harness your inner spark + set your sights on the path ahead. The pace will build up slowly over the next 2 weeks. Look for improvements in communication as Mercury moves forward. 

Chiron moves into Aries: Tuesday, April 17th

Chiron, the wounded healer, has been in the sign of Pisces for the last 8 years. This means we've been working with spiritual wounds and learning about the true nature of compassion. Shadow Pisces is martyrdom + self-sacrifice; empathy, boundaries + self-care have become hot topics during the time that Chiron has been in Pisces.

Chiron in Aries will invite us to explore wounds around identity and expression of self. This will especially impact folks with strong Aries in their natal chart or anyone not allowed to be themselves in childhood/families of origin. 

APRIL 13-15: W e e k e n d  r i t u a l 
Explore your childlike essence + play! 
  • Connect with your inner child by asking her/him what she/he wants to do - and do that! Be spontaneous + let go of the details.
  • Listen: Inner Child Meditation
  • Bust out your Joy Juice. Play more, laugh + take it easy!
  • Ask yourself or journal about these questionsWho am I? How can I express myself and my uniqueness this upcoming lunar month?
First Quarter Moon in Leo: Sunday, April 22nd

The Quarter Moon in Leo asks: is what you are building or growing in line with the values of your heart? If not, what simple actions can you take to course-correct?

Coupled with Saturn retrograde on April 17th, it’s time to reflect on what you are building in your life. Repair any cracks in the foundation.

Now is the the time to review a project or something that you’ve been building or that took a shift at the beginning of this year. It can be a health routine, a radio show, a book you’re writing, a house you’re building.

Building to the Full Moon in Scorpio + 2 strong Mars aspects coming, this is a high energy week. Stay out of power struggles with other people. Don’t give your power away - channel it into YOU.


APRIL 20-22: W e e k e n d  r i t u a l 
Leo is connected to creativity + expression. See how much time this weekend you can feel connected to your heart ~ doing the things that you love.
  • Move toward the things that feel expansive.
  • Journal: Make a list of five things that I’m super inspired by + answer: am I doing them? Then, make a list of five things that make you feel ‘meh’. See if there’s a way to shift out of them.
  • Ask yourself: Am I lit up about what I’m doing?
Full Moon in Scorpio: Sunday, April 29th

One of the most powerful Full Moons this year. Scorpio is about deep dive investigations of the subconscious ... inviting us to ask ourselves:

What really drives me?
What am I harvesting?
Where am I growing?
Am I aligned with my heart? 

This Full Moon is also influenced by Jupiter, which will expand the transformative properties of the Scorpio energy.

Full Moons are always a time of revelation - things come to the surface our out of the shadows. You might feel very raw or vulnerable. Spend time with people you trust or spend time alone. Avoid powers struggles. If you get caught up in one, try to walk away. Own your shadow and take responsibility for any projections.

APRIL 27-29: W e e k e n d  r i t u a l 

Rest and replenish from the past week. Stay rooted and focused on your priorities. Be in the present moment and unhook from past trauma and patterns. Take breaks when you need them. Move away from drama. Do what needs to be done.

  • Eat grounding food (ie. hearty root vegetables).
  • Cleanse + purify your environment. Burn Palo Santo, Juniper or Sage.
  • Feel the heartbeat of mother earth. Go outside, take a walk or lie down on the ground.
  • If you feel like you might explode on someone, just binge watch Netflix quietly to yourself. ; )
  • Use Inner Peace - to stay grounded and strong when shit hits the fan and everyone else is freaking out around you. 
  • Use Fierce Compassion to heal + soften your heart, offer compassion to yourself + others; cool the temper; soften hard edges.

Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius: Monday, May 7th

We get to step back a little bit, get some space + look at things from a birds eye view without getting so caught up. It's a nice time to look back over the previous moon cycle + integrate the insights we've gained.

MAY 4-6: W e e k e n d  r i t u a l 

Time for spring cleaning!

  • Aquarius is an air sign -open up the windows to air out your house.
  • Clean out the stuff in your room/house. Let go of the things that don’t feel like you. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything that doesn’t match up with who you are. When you clear out your environment, you clear your mind.
  • Read: Japanese Art Of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
  • Reflect on the list of things that lit up your heart from two weeks ago. Review again: am I doing things because I’m “supposed to”? Am I doing what lights me up?
Flower Elixirs mentioned in this episode:

Fierce CompassionInfinite Love, Joy Juice, Inner Peace, Angelica + Indian Paintbrush

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