Modern Remedies from a 3,000-Year-Old Health/Medical System

April 04, 2018

EP 25: Modern Remedies from a 3,000-Year-Old Health/Medical System with Karta Purkh (K.P.) Singh Khalsa

K.P. Khalsa is one of the country's foremost natural healing experts with over 47 years of experience in alternative medicine, and man-oh-man does he drop some knowledge on us! We deep dive into conversation about 3,000 year old medical systems that influence his work today.

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  • The 'Healing Crisis' and what led KP to being the first dually-certified Herbalist + Ayurvedic doctor in the U.S.
  • An ancient, and more true definition of yoga + how Ayurveda ties in
  • Why Americans are so chronically fatigued (95% of people)
  • Top 3 things we can do to feel better, age more slowly + have more energy
  • Tonic Herbs: How to use them + why (Gotu Kola, Bacopa, Guduchi, Shatavari, and the list goes on!)
  • The 3-Tiered System in Asia and other parts of the world that is less expensive and more efficient, effective and empowering than the Western system: 

    1. Grandma knows a lot about 10 herbs (handles 90% of all health imbalances) 
    2. Clan herbalist knows a lot about 100 herbs (handles 8% of the imbalances) 
    3. Doctor or specialist knows about 2000 herbs (works with 2% of the imbalances) 
  • How culinary spices are some of the most powerful tonics
  • Abhyanga Oil Application Technique: Why adding this one ritual to your morning routine could be a game changer

Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, Ayurvedic Doctor and Herbalist, is one of the country’s foremost natural healing experts with over 47 years of experience in alternative medicine. K.P. Khalsa is the President Emeritus of the American Herbalists Guild, and board member emeritus for the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. He mentored in Ayurveda with Yogi Bhajan for 32 years. Along the way, he incorporated deep studies in Western and Traditional Chinese medicine. His school has been training professional Ayurvedic practitioners, nutritional therapists and herbalists for over 30 years.

K.P. has presented over 200 times at professional conferences, has written over 3,000 articles on health topics and is the author or editor of 30 books on health, including his latest, The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs. He teaches Ayurveda, herbalism and nutrition at two naturopathic medicine Universities.

K.P worked as the senior research scientist and herbalist for Yogi Tea for 30 years, holds credentials as a state certified dietitian-nutritionist, naturally certified Ayurveda practitioner, nationally registered herbalist, nationally certified massage therapist, nationally registered yoga instructor and is the only American to hold the title Yogaraj in Ayurveda. K.P. is also the first person to be dual credentialed in herbalism (RH) and Ayurveda (AD).

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