ugly selfies, starvation + shiitake mushrooms

June 30, 2018

We wrapped up the month of June by reflecting on our magic travels, eye-opening conversations on the Flowerlounge Podcast, and enlightening in-house research + realizations, and made a list of everything we learned along the way. Here are the top 5 things that we think you should know too ...

1. The one exercise you probably aren't doing that expands your aura + field of awareness, trains you in self-defense, benefits your heart, and teaches you how to gather life-force energy directly from Mother Earth.

Tai Chi is one of the most profound art forms that exists! It's a powerful energetic practice that not only teaches us how to work with external opponents, but also recognize that whatever is happening externally is also happening internally. Discover how to use Tai Chi as a personal growth practice in our interview with long-time friend + Tai Chi master Frank Banuelos ... go to minute 50 for the full scoop!

2. Eating is self-care.

The food habits of the West vs. the East actually inform how we live our lives. In the West, we're used to a culture of starvation {never eating on time, struggling for access to whole foods, lack of education on what's right for you}. In the East, you'll find a culture of enjoyment {over-abundance + access, wholesome ingredients, less food sensitivities}. Singapore's Tiffany Soi + I talk about this deeply in our Flowerlounge podcast episode with her ~ listen here!

3. If you want to start living your truth, take an ugly selfie.

In these days, with social media + apps that filter faces and enhance the body in crazy ways, we often only portray a masked + filtered version of self. Instead, we should live our truth + embrace what we consider the 'ugly' sides of ourselves. 

In episode 31 of the Flowerlounge Podcast, I interviewed Laura Hollick, award-winning artist, visionary guide + founder of Soul Art Studio. We talk about beauty, fear of being ugly, cellulite, flowers as mentors and her controversial art pieces in which she uses her menstrual blood - yes, you read that correctly. It's hands down one of my favorite conversations I've had about beauty + being in your own skin. Listen to the conversation here!

4. Menopause should be as celebrated as pregnancy.

Menopause is a rite of passage ~ one that ALL women go through. It's a path of spiritual transformation that ushers women into their power years. 

5. Placing your shiitakes in the sun, gill side up, before cooking increases the Vitamin D content. 

Shout out to Jeff Chilton for that zinger! And if mushrooms are your thing, you might also want to know that most mushroom supplements sold in the US are not gluten-free (they don't tell you that, either!). Listen to this if you want the download on 2 tests you can do at home to check the integrity of your supplements. 

What did you learn in June that was out-of-the-box, unexpected or life-altering? Share with us in the comments!