Flower Essences are not enough: What I'm going to do about it.

June 22, 2018

I want to share something I have known for a long time, but that is now becoming very clear to me:

Flower essences are not enough.

They open a door, but we have to be the ones willing to walk through. They illuminate patterns in our life, but we are the ones who decide what to do with that self-discovery.

Flower essences show us our potential, but we are the ones who must step up to the plate and stretch ourselves into a new way of being.

I’ve known this for many years. I saw it during the first 10 years of my business, when I worked with clients in private consultations. When shit hit the fan, flower essences would help, but we’d still need to do our own inner work. I began to teach my clients about how to work with intense emotions.

When I stopped doing one-on-one consultations, I focused on teaching myself how to be an entrepreneur in order to make flower essences more accessible to more people.

I’m happy to share that now begins a new era. It is time to start teaching and sharing more - about flower essences, yes, but also about simple practices to accelerate personal growth. There is so much I have to share, and I finally feel ready to do so. I have a beautiful, self-reliant team of gorgeous women - inside + out - and we are building a strong foundation for us all to expand + grow.  

You will see in the coming months more educational offerings in the form of digital and in-person workshops, teachings, practitioner trainings and retreats.

I’m starting now with what I feel the most moved to share - a pattern I see in myself, my team, my loved ones and everyone around me:

We do too much. We are afraid of space, openness and the unknown.

We say we don’t have enough time in the day, but even when we have a bit of ‘free’ time, to be and not ‘do,’ we find it difficult to rest in the moment. It’s become a habit to fill every moment, whether it’s with our smartphone, Netflix, our plans for tomorrow or our worries about yesterday. It is almost impossible to stop, take a break, enjoy ourselves, enjoy each other - and really sink into the moment.

spaciousness LOTUSWEI flower essences

I found a quote this week that alludes to this habit:

When people say they are bored, often they mean that they don’t want to experience the sense of emptiness, which is also an expression of openness and vulnerability. So they pick up the newspaper or read anything else that’s lying around the room—even reading what it says on a cereal box to keep themselves entertained.” ~ Chogyam Trungpa

When Chogyam Trungpa was alive, there were no smartphones. Now, we don’t even allow ourselves the moment of sensing ‘boredom’, because we jump onto our cell phones, social media, netflix, etc.

There is nothing wrong with technology. I love it too! And yet it contributes to + exacerbates this habitual pattern that we all have and is holding us back. It’s an undercurrent that has increasingly become the norm:

  • Never-ending to-do lists that hang over our heads in a very subtle way
  • Certain things on that list that feel so. heavvvvvy.
  • Time flies by! Where did last week go?
  • Constantly spinning our wheels and not getting enough done
  • Staying at work too late
  • Overwhelm, distraction, and go-go-go
  • ‘Should’s’ that feel burdensome
  • Feeling responsible for others’ feelings
  • Holding too high of standards for ourselves, and getting down when we don’t reach them
  • Filling time or making things harder than they need to be

Which of the above have you felt recently? 

I believe most of us have at least one, if not all, of these programs continually running - and so subtly it that we don’t even notice this chronic stress.

It isn’t until we experience the flip side, that we realize how far we were on the other end of the spectrum. The flip side feels like this:

  • Attracting more of what we want in life - faster + easier
  • Cutting out unnecessary busy work + finding the simplest way
  • Feeling like you have all the time in the world - time opens up because you’re fully in the moment
  • Crystal clarity + the ability to make decisions effortlessly
  • To-do items that seemed burdensome are now easy + effortless to complete
  • A spacious mind that allows you to be open to unexpected opportunities
  • Ability to be with others’ emotions vs. trying to fix it
  • Feeling a deep sense of support from the world around us

Gamechanger Anointing Oil LOTUSWEI Flower essences

In order to address this collective pattern of constantly doing, we’ve created a new blend of flower essences for doing less + being more. We wove it into the experiences at the Chicago Flowerlounge last week, and now we’re ready to share it with the world!  

Join me on New Moon,Thursday, July 12th at 5pm PST, for a live video teaching about doing less and being more.

This live teaching will include:

  • Simple guided meditation
  • Deep dive into the most powerful flowers for ‘being’
  • Our newest flower essence bouquet, GAMECHANGER, and what you’ll experience with it
  • How to practice awareness - with flower essences -  to accelerate shifts
  • Short writing prompts that immediately show you where to start
  • Exquisite, simple practices that support you
  • One practice that is a total gamechanger + what you’ll experience if you try it for 30 days

Want the full download? Kick-start the shifts with the GAMECHANGER Flower Elixir and introductory Aura Mist + get access to the teaching for free! Click here to purchase + register.*

I’m super excited to start teaching more and sharing the deeper story behind the flowers, our work and the self-discovery that occurs when you combine flower essences + awareness practices.

I’m even more excited to hear from you, after the class, about how this is impacting your life!

Join me on New Moon + we’ll adventure together!

Love + flower petals,


*If you cannot make the teaching live, a recording will be sent via email, with no expiration to watch!