July 27, 2017

After having just completed an epic road trip, I can't tell you how much I recommend it. Sure, we'd all love to jet off to Costa Rica or Thailand, but there's something supremely magical about going on a road trip ... the open road, total freedom to stop + start when you want to, the music playlists, spending quality time with special people, the ability to discover new small towns + most of all, the intimacy with Mother Nature.

Whether you're camping or staying at Airbnb's, there is SO much to see right here in the grand ole United States. Having just road-tripped through the exquisitely peaceful plains of Minnesota + South Dakota, the crazy-looking formations in the Badlands, the Black Hills, Cascade Falls, the Tetons, Yellowstone + Glacier National Park, I have totally fallen in love with the wild places in this country. It has left me simultaneously overflowingly fulfilled + curiously hungry for more.

I get giddy thinking about all the national parks across this country + all there is to explore!

katie hess in glacier LOTUSWEI flower essences

If you decide to take a nature-filled road trip, here is a list of things that myself + my road trip mates came up with:

  • Chlorophyll tincture ~ put it in your water ~ it helps your body better adjust to elevation
  • Bug bouncer juice ~ homeopathic that repels bugs from the inside-out
  • Lavender oil to put on bug bites if the homeopathic doesn't work, haha
  • Great company
  • Lots of clean water
  • Wifi in the car if you want to stay connected
  • Wei of Chocolate + a cooler with ice packs
  • Marshmallows + gluten-free graham crackers (Tay got absolutely addicted to these)
  • Lots of snacks: fruits + nuts - our favs were mangos, cherries + blueberries, Activated Popcorn
  • Good music playlists
road trip essentials LOTUSWEI flower essences
  • Water shoes - jump into any river or lake!
  • One really good camera
  • A plan - where we're going, staying, highlights (support to that plan) .. (I recommend booking *flexible* Airbnb's ~ you never know when you wanna camp or stay longer in a place you've fallen in love with)
  • A good flashlight - head lamps are goofy + fun
  • LED lantern
  • Sleeping bag
cross country camping LOTUSWEI flower essences
cross country camping LOTUSWEI flower essences
  • Light-weight tent (preferably with transparent roof) and/or hammock
  • A good knife - so many uses
  • Paper towels or wipes
  • Hat or sunglasses ... driving into that sun or to protect your face from too much sun
  • Sarong or towel
  • Good water bottle to refill - (wide mouth important! I usually love bkr's, but the mouth is too narrow for refilling on the go! (Tay recommends Hydro Flask water bottles - keeps things really cold + really hot)
  • Your favorite flower elixirs + mists to keep the good vibes + giggles going
  • Herbal tinctures, vitamins ~ self-care apothecary and a first aid kit

What are you road trip / nature immersion non-negotiables? Where are your favorite places to visit?

Love + flower petals,

katie hess