July 29, 2017

my fingernails are dirty
from pulling petals off
thousands of flowers
over the last few weeks

flower mandala LOTUSWEI flower essences

fingertips yellow from
the musky-smelling marigolds and
I just can’t seem to get them clean
and I’m sure we’re probably not
drinking enough water

lotuswei team Robbie LOTUSWEI flower essences

{this is Robbie with our water ~ not the delivery guy ?}

and we ate lunch today at 4pm
because our delivery guy disappeared
and yesterday we drove 8 hours
shoving ice cubes down our shirts
because somewhere near Seattle
our a/c broke and
when we got to California
it rose to 103 degrees
so the windows rolled themselves down
and the wind roared in our ears
sweat dripping down
the center of our backs
and when we got to San Francisco
we literally cheered
the drop in temperature
gave us such a relief

lotuswei team LOTUSWEI flower essences

and I bet all of you can relate
to this crazy lifestyle ~
we push ourselves
because we care
and sometimes good enough
is beyond excellent
because it’s not really what we do
it’s how we do it and
the amount of love we pour into it
this city has always been
so good to me ~
I’ve collected flowers
from Marin, Point Reyes and the Redwoods
it’s such a magical place
and it is here that
I am always reminded that
we must give ourselves credit
for the being-ness that
lies behind the doer
the reason we do so much
is because we care so much
and the one that ‘is’
just ‘is’ without expending any effort at all
is so very precious …
it’s that presence
that watchfulness
the one that’s listening
the one that’s feeling ~
you are a timeless, powerful love bomb

flower mandala LOTUSWEI flower essences

capable of vast amounts of compassion
and tenderness
with a capacity to
heal bodies + hearts
cherish yourselves
nurture each other
and transform the world
with your love.

Love + flower petals, katie hess