April 19, 2017

As transformative as the Flowerlounges are for those who attend, they also leave an indelible mark on each + every one of us who works to create them, a sacred effect that continues to ripple through our daily lives ....

Katie Hess LOTUSWEI flower essences


Flowerlounge: it is a movement – bigger + better than I could’ve ever imagined …

~ a tidal wave of love + a cool breeze of compassion.
~ thousands of hearts uniting to make magic happen.
~ total commitment to authenticity + vulnerability.
~ a reconnection to the heart and what’s most meaningful.
~ an energetic shift + the relief of being totally ourselves.

It is purification, powerful activation + interconnectedness.

It is laughter, silliness + humility …
~ savoring the divine within ourselves + others.
~ an expansion of our self-expression.
~ an explosion of potential.

It is beyond words.
It is history in the making.
It is a fire inside me.
And we will keep going.

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Connection ... realizations ... growth ... compassion ... understanding ... open heart ... deeper meanings and connections ... reflections of self. I've felt so much on this journey and I'm continuing to learn more. Grateful to have the Flowerlounge and share with so many ... Grateful to hear the stories... finding peace in being steeped in the flowers for days!!!

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A few things that are bubbling up in my mind from our Flowerlounge Tour:

{Accelerated expansion is possible, if you’re open to it.}

Ever since the our final flower offering in Boston, I’ve been experiencing a strange tension in every cell of my body … like something big is about to sprout within and all around me. Like I am going through a growth spurt ~ emotionally + spiritually. The sensation is similar to how I imagine a bud must feel before it is about to burst into full bloom. It is all a big lesson for me in OPENNESS - to whatever is about to take root. I am ready hit the pavement running. Bring it, baby.

{Cherish the elements ~ they are all conspiring with you.}

During the entire road trip, from Baltimore > Philadelphia > NYC > Boston, I felt intimately connected to the Earth in ways that were so obviously real … like she was saying, “I am supporting your every intention.

The WIND carried our biggest heartfelt wishes to precisely where they needed to land. When we needed to hear her, she would rattle the room. When a prayer left our breath, she would carry it away. I was baffled at all the times I felt her divinely powerful presence.

The dancing wisps of SMOKE billowing from the incense of our smoke offering ceremonies carried our biggest aspirations of peace, happiness + fulfillment - of all beings, seen + unseen ~ everywhere.

The WATER along the East Coast sustains the magic of each Flowerlounge gathering ~ through the petals infused with our individual + collective flower petal wishes! Our ritual of offering the leftover flowers from our events into a moving body water in each city solidified the overall intention of our 4-city tour ~ to plant the seeds for future flourishing, to dissolve all obstacles preventing us from wild happiness, and to ensure exponential benefit - to the city and all beings everywhere.

The EARTH grounded us back into reality when things got wild. When we were in the car for too long, hugging a tree brought us back into sync. When sensational emotions felt overwhelmingly big, laying on the grass brought a profound stillness.

{Knowing that the world needs what we are doing, brings each of our unique gifts into radical focus.}

So much of what I do is behind the computer + cell-phone … emails, social media, design, photo editing, etc. With algorithms constantly changing and digital noise being at an all time high, I am always wondering, “Are people seeing this? Is it resonating with them? Are they getting what they need, when they need it?

Now, back in the office, I am filled with a sense of knowingness that what we are doing is changing people’s lives and that I can make what I am doing, back in front of the computer, feel like the magic of a Flowerlounge. Designing a graphic for the web can feel like designing a sacred space with mandalas, candles and hanging flowers. Writing a social media caption can feel like transmitting a special message in person. Responding to an email or comment can have the same impact as looking into someone’s eyes and making them feel seen + heard. My perspective is forever shifted.

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The Flowerlounges, more than anything, are a sacred space for us to meet ourselves. An invitation for the unknown to become known, the hidden + sacred parts to be peeled open and recognized, honored. A place for you to see me, and for me to see you. To see yourself. To honor myself.

We spend our days in cocoons of self ~ ‘What do I need to do?’ ‘What do you need from me?’ There is a separation between you and me, and a separation between ‘me’ and my true self.

The Flowerlounges create a space for honest being. Not what do you/I need, but ‘I am here with you. I am here as me. What can we do together?’ The synchronicity that arises, the spontaneous connections, knowings, ahas, yeses + nos, the tickling of feet, the smiles of chocolate, the moment when you pause and realize there is no separation between me + you, that your truest self is always simply a breath of awareness away.

Sharing this work is awesome ~ it truly inspires awe. We are growing+ peeling back the layers with the help of flower magic, just as you are. I was overcome with tears the day after our Baltimore event ~ a softening and opening that I had no words for, but beyond grateful to be held by the team, by my family. We are in this with you, always.

This ripple effect instigated by flower magic is powerful beyond recognition. The Flowerevolution is just beginning, and I am so happy you are here with us.

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I loved seeing the transformations - people entered with the usual ‘city’ faces, and left laughing, smiling, chatting with new friends. They looked awakened & renewed, happy & grateful to be reconnected a part of themselves they had almost forgotten. So many people said, “This is just what I needed!”

People arrive at the Flowerlounges as strangers and leave as friends. So much love.
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To be able to see so many intricate pieces, most of which arrived as individuals, jagged + frayed, and then be able to provide them with a gentle nudge, a nurturing vessel in which they can let go + express themselves openly, freely. It was truly remarkable to see them come together, support one another + transform into a beautiful mosaic, a community of sorts. Truly awe inspiring.

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