April 07, 2017

Take a moment + write down in a notebook several words that describe your current state of mind.

Notice the pace of your thinking, moving, walking. 

jen erlys flower mandala LOTUSWEI flower essences

Then go to a forest, a park, botanical garden or field for an hour {or even walk around your neighborhood!}. Put away your cell phone for that one hour, so you won’t be distracted by anything other than where you are. 

Sit and relax, or take a walk. Look around you.

What colors do you see?

What shapes intrigue you?

Pick up little treasures along the way that attract you: a twig, a flower, a leaf, piece of bark, stones.

flower mandala Kylee Jaeger LOTUSWEI flower essences

After an hour, notice how you feel.

When you’ve gathered up enough materials, find an area you’ll feel completely comfortable and at ease to make your mandala.

Start from the center and build outwards. You have complete freedom! The mandala can be a circle, square, diamond ~ whatever suits you!

Keep building or changing the design up until you're completely happy with your beautiful creation.

bougainvillea mandala LOTUSWEI flower essences

When the time comes to part ways with your mandala, you can leave it for strangers to enjoy, return all of the little treasure back to where they came from or make a flower offering! The choice is yours! Remember to snap a quick photo of your mandala and post it with the #flowerevolution hashtag.

Here's video of Katie and Sarah Nagel, of Holistic Habits, creating a beautiful + simple flower mandala for a little inspiration!

Star wishes + flower petals,

 Kylee Jaeger signature LOTUSWEI flower essences