April 17, 2021

Ok, I’m gonna get real vulnerable here.

One of my biggest challenges lately is comfort eating at night.

I don’t snack much during the day because I’m working so much. But late at night before bed I start getting a craving for something. Usually dark chocolate -- or lately some kind of yogurt. On weekends, it’s salt & vinegar potato chips.

I want to get to the bottom of this habit.

Going to sleep with a full belly is not ideal. And it puts on weight. But here we are ... in the evenings it arises - this desire to munch on something or fill my belly.

If you’ve cracked the code -- and you know it’s about protein, or minerals, or whatever, let me know! 

Read the responses I've received from the community here.

In the meantime, I’ve noticed that the flower elixir I’m taking this month is what’s bringing these questions to the forefront of my attention.

Why do I want to fill my belly? What inside me feels empty?

Which part of me feels like it needs to be nourished, loved or completed?

I think back to the times in my life when I was my healthiest, fittest self and I see a few things in common.

I got a lot of sunshine. I was running 2 miles per day. I was in love.

These days I’m back to running 2 miles daily and getting a lot of sunshine (vitamin D!).

Now I’m determined to crack that code of liberating any wish to be completed by another person. Even on the subtlest, most secret or subconscious layers.

I think this must be a common human issue. We are designed and socialized to be completed by another -- we see it from a young age in Disney & Hollywood movies. So I’m sharing with you in case you’ve ever felt something similar.

If you’ve ever had the ‘comfort eating’ thing arise, or you long for a partner to fill or comfort you, or simply -- you want to crack the code to your fullest, most vibrant health and be self-sufficient. Wildy happy and fulfilled.

Starburst Flower is what I’m taking right now and it has me looking at the ways I nurture and comfort myself (or restrict and push myself too much). It shows me when I’m wishing for some level of nourishment from the outside vs. being fully self-supported and totally free.

It is purifying the deepest places in myself that wish for some type of outer comfort, completion, or nourishment.

If you’re interested in exploring too, more about Starburst here.

Love & flower petals,