Your Juicy List

April 13, 2021

What feels juicy for you, right now?

And are you making time for it?

Read on for a quick exercise on how you can become more aware of how much time + energy you are putting toward following your "golden threads."

eagle fern lotuswei flower essences

When I was working with the Eagle Fern flower elixir, which is found in our new Inner Knowing blend, I was reminded of a book called Ensouling Language by Stephen Harrod Buhner. I read portions of this book when I was writing the Flowerevolution book. It's a guide to writing nonfiction books in a way that's interesting and sacred versus sounding like a manual for something. The author explains that, when writing any kind of nonfiction, it's important to really follow the kind of sacred inclinations that arise within you. He calls it "following the golden thread."

flowerevolution book lotuswei katie hess flower essence elixir

I think that Eagle Fern is one of the botanical master teachers for following the golden threads within us. This flower essence helps us to trust in our inner resources and our capacity to envision and feel our way into things from the inside out. As long as we are in the right energetic state of being, staying rooted in spaciousness and grounded in nourishment, we can create what "feels" right for us as we take our next aligned step forward.

This is something you may have heard me talk about before, but I can't quite talk about it enough and encourage myself to practice it in my own life and business: to follow those golden threads. I have a simple exercise that can help you follow your own golden threads! 

costa rica earthaura retreat lotuswei flower essence elixir

Make a bullet list of things that feel juicy to you. 

Take a few minutes to just jot down on a piece of paper or your phone the things that feel juicy, that for some reason or other feel energizing or interesting or different. It could be a person, a meeting, a concept, a practice, a place, anything—just for some reason it sparks something in you. You can enhance this process by adding some Inner Knowing elixir to your beverage or dropping it under your tongue!

Inner knowing lotuswei flower essence elixir

Then, evaluate how much of your time you're putting toward those juicy things and see if that needs to change. 

I recently did this exercise in less than 60 seconds and as I looked at my list, I realized I was putting about 20% of my energy toward that list. And most likely it should be the opposite: I should focus 80% of my energy and output on the juicy list and 20% on all of the other things that need to get done.

The first step is awareness—noticing what feels juicy and what percentage of your time or effort you're investing into it. After that, you can focus on shifting some of your energy and output toward the juicy list.

Make your juicy list—and then make time for what's on it!

Love + flower petals,