June 09, 2023

Do you want to be a better communicator?

Blast through blocks in your throat chakra?

Be more fearless in how you express yourself?

Here’s the scoop on our three most powerful remedies for truth –

And when to use them:


You’ve got something caught in your throat or feel weird about your voice

You hold back from saying something for fear of hurting someone’s feelings

There’s anger under the surface & you keep quiet b/c you’re afraid it’ll come out

You’re always ‘nice’ & you’re afraid to say it like it is

The result? With Truthteller, you sing like a bird and communicate more smoothly. Glide through hard conversations effortlessly and channel any hidden emotions with clear speech and expression.

Sacred Awareness

Sometimes you have savior complex, aka: your want to save, fix or help people

You feel attached to what you think is best for others

You’re ready to go courageously deep with your loved ones

You feel a little disconnected, but you’re not sure why

The result? With Sacred Awareness, say precisely what people need to hear. Think: intuitive communication, psychic level perception & powerful public speaking. Tune in to individuals & groups and speak their language. Anticipate others’ needs without needing to save anyone. Explore the healing quality of your words, voice, singing or chanting.

Divine Truth

You tend to avoid conflict

Desire to be vulnerable? Uh, not right now.

You’re afraid others are not truthful with you

You find yourself thinking, ‘What’s my purpose?!!’

The result? With Divine Truth, you learn to use inner & outer conflict to sharpen your understanding of what’s most important to you and those around you. Use healthy tension to create authentic connection & illuminate your priorities. Be more vulnerable in a way that empowers & clarifies you. Speak truth in a way that elicits devotion & commitment.


Here’s something really interesting – also maybe ‘duh’, lol – but it never ceases to amaze me.

Apply any of the above anointing oils directly to your throat/neck and you will immediately notice a change in your speaking.

Got a frog in your throat? Frog be gone! Instantly.

Stuttering and can’t get the words out? Boom, out they slide right out of your mouth.

Feel an irritation and want to use it to clarify what’s next? Feel into the tension – or express it – and notice how it clarifies priorities or illuminates important insights.

Try it & be surprised!

I am, every time. ; )

Love & flower petals,

P.S. If you’ve already got the flower remedies above in your personal apothecary, check out these 6 methods for more powerful speech.