June 11, 2023

Hello LOTUSWEI family!

Alan here, and happy almost Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

As I look back over my relationship with my Dad, there were the difficult times in high school when I just didn’t understand him, and I felt he didn’t understand me.

Why couldn’t I just go out with my friends and drive an hour into LA to see the bright lights and all the happenings?

Why couldn’t I just have regular food like everyone else?

Why did I always have to be the weird one who got all the health food and supplements?

Well, Dad, I have to say, “You were right. About almost everything.”

On May 31st this year, it was the 21st year of when he passed away.

Yet it seems just like a few months ago, maybe a year.

And to look back now, I realize just how much support he gave me. From my college education, to the ability to travel and learn about different cultures, to the way he loved me even when I lost my way.

I remember after a confusing year in San Francisco in 1999, when everything changed and I gave up my pursuit of a law degree and international finance: I came home depleted, exhausted and just messed up.

After giving me a few days to settle, he asked me what I really wanted to do with my life. In that question, I remembered experiencing Reiki and Energy Medicine in Italy when I was living there the year prior.

So I said, “I’d like to work with Energy Medicine and Qi Gong.” He replied, “Why don’t you look into the Acupuncture School in Santa Barbara that I went to?” I scoffed and said: “Not Acupuncture Dad, Energy Medicine.” And he answered, with a puzzled look on his face, “What do you think Acupuncture is?” Well, I’m kinda embarrassed to say that that was a real conversation I actually had with my Dad. From there I went into the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine and earned my Master’s degree in Acupuncture. 20 years ago, I took over his practice in California. Having been extensively trained in the art of LOTUSWEI flower essences over the last year and a half, I wish I could show him how the bioenergetics of flowers amplify the work that he inspired me to do.

I also wish I could send my Dad flower remedies this year for Father's Day.

If you want to send some to your Dad or father figure, we assembled a men’s package here.

Give them something back for all they do.

In health,