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I found the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid in the most peaceful prairie land I've ever seen. The sky was orange, fireflies were flashing everywhere, insects were singing and a huge red full moon was rising. This rare and special orchid opens us up to tap into electrical energetic systems of individuals, groups and places, allowing for a swift exchange of energy and understanding. It enhances our capacity to communicate energetically, increasing input and output strength for a more profound positive impact. Read more here!




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By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

Tap into the collective.
I am a beacon of knowingness.
My intuitive perception is flawless.
It's easy to tune in & KNOW what's next.
My communication is electric - instant + active.
I open myself to receive and share instantaneous communication.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, discovering the magic within. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!

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Click here for the Heart Communication transcript
Click here for the Higher Self Communication transcript
Click here for the Beyond Time + Space Communication transcript



With whom, or what, would I like to communicate more clearly?

If I knew exactly how to communicate and interact with the people (or communities) I have the most difficulty with, how would my life change?

In what ways can I open myself to more a direct perception of communication with myself? How open am I to the communication I have with myself, and therefore others? 


Prefer to have a printed sheet with the writing prompts, exquisite practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid Support Guide here.

Western Prairie Fringed Orchid LOTUSWEI flower essences



Sit quietly for a moment and close your eyes. Now feel, in your body, what it feels like to instantaneously know what another person needs and how to give to them. How can you bring this feeling (whether it’s spaciousness, awareness, action, etc) into your day-to-day interactions?


Stand (or sit) outside with your body touching the ground (no shoes!). Feel the earth beneath you. Consciously tap into the energy that is coursing through it, connecting everything, everywhere. What do you notice?


Go for a walk or a hike out in nature (or even just in your neighborhood!). Have no agenda. Open yourself to receiving the messages of communication Mother Nature has to share with you. Are you guided left or right? Up or down? Give yourself time to listen. The answers will likely arise inside of you out of nowhere, or perhaps you will see a bird or hear a compelling sound that draws you in a certain direction. Let yourself simply experience the fluid guidance of being in tune.

Western Prairie Fringed Orchid LOTUSWEI flower essences






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Reach for your Gamechanger Mist whenever you start to notice:

  • Certain things on your to-do-list feel so. heavvvvvy.
  • Time flies by! Where did last week go?
  • Constantly spinning our wheels and not getting enough done
  • Staying at work too late
  • Overwhelm, distraction, and go-go-go
  • Feeling responsible for others’ feelings
  • Holding too high of standards for ourselves, and getting down when we don’t reach them

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Recording 1 - Heart Communication

Besides the effortless arising knowingness of how to be or communicate with someone that seems to naturally come to fruition when working with the Fringed Orchid elixir, there are some other ways that we can practice heart communication. One of those ways is by asking with your heart, silently - so whether it's you're asking another person something, or a group of people. Or the universe, or yourself and your highest wisdom, whoever is on the receiving end of your communication. It's about being really quiet and silent and still, and having utmost sincerity when you ask. Asking from that place of your heart, being open to whatever answers arise, or even what answers don't arise, and then having a hell of a lot of a patience to wait until the answer becomes clear.

For example, it may look like somebody that you're close to, you have a question for them of what they need or of how you can better relate or how you can improve your relationship or what have you. For example, instead of asking verbally - because in the Western culture, we over-communicate a lot of things - and there are other ways to communicate, so this is one really good practice. You can do it when you're not with them. You can do it when you're with them and you're close to them, even being in silence, just asking really sincerely and authentically from the heart whatever your question is, and then just having the patience to wait for the answer.

For this week, one question that can serve as a really quick bullet writing prompt to get you aware of what's current in your system right now: Think of one person or a situation that you'd like to clarify. You can write that down, along with your question, sort of as a form of, in terms of speaking from the heart, it's like a love letter, a love question sent from your heart.

What question is it that you have? Write it down. And then imagine or know that that communication is transmitted through the energy of the heart. Then wait and see what the answer is.


Recording 2 - Higher Self Communication

Another way to attempt to communicate with someone on a heart-to-heart level without using words would be to connect with their higher self. And what you'd want to do is, if you have a meditation or awareness practice, you could do that for 5 to 10 minutes beforehand, that always helps to still the body and the mind.

And then, you would want to be really intentional about connecting to the higher self of someone. And this is a really nice way of communicating with someone in situations that you can't necessarily communicate, for whatever reason. I can give you an example: a friend of mine a year ago or so, a friend of mine had ... His father went into the hospital with some health challenges and I knew that certain medications were not going to be helpful in his situation, and I knew that there would be certain herbs that would be extremely helpful for his situation. And very simple and easy to work into his lifestyle but, I actually, I hadn't met this person yet. I hadn't met my friend's father and so, it didn't ... I didn't want to interfere in any sort of family dynamic or politics or impose my ideas of what would be helpful in this situation. And so, I got really quiet, I did my meditation practice and then I just, tuned into this person. It helps to have a photograph and a name if you've never met them before. Or if you know them through someone else, you can sort of, connect through that other person.

And then, 1) you just request to speak to their higher self and then 2) you ask whatever questions you have, and 3) you trust the answer. In my case, I asked if he wanted help with herbs and supplements and his higher self told me 'no' actually, that it was more beneficial for him to go through whatever process he was going through. But that what he really, really wanted from me was just, my simple pure and unadulterated love. That, that was much more transformative for him then any herb or supplement. And so later on, weeks later when I actually met him in person, he had gotten out of the hospital and was at home and recovering. Then I could just relax into not having agenda about herbs or supplements or bone broth or whatever, and really just like, beam him with all the love that I had. And, that actually opened up the possibility later for him to work with some herbs that were really helpful. But in the beginning, really it was just, clearly his higher self was saying, "All I need from you is this. I just need your love. That's the most transformative thing you can give me in this moment."

And so, I hope that serves as an example, to show you how simple and how easy it is to connect with someone's higher self and ask for an answer. You just trust the answer that you're getting in your mind and if you ... It could also be that they don't want to talk to you. So one of the first questions might be, "Could I connect with your higher self?" And you'll get a 'yes' or 'no'. If you can, then you can ask your question. With some individuals the answer may be, 'no' or 'not right now'. And, that's okay too.

So, this week, if you want to try it out and practice. You can think of one person that you have a question for or you can even just think of someone that you are close with, to test it out. Tune in and connect to their higher self and ask them a question, see what answer they give you. And if it's someone you know, you can corroborate your answer. And, if it's someone you don't know you can, wait and see.


Recording 3 - Beyond Time + Space Communication

Another form of communication that I use that is not verbal is sort of like a stretching time and space type of communication that is like a command. That's very effortless and really purely based on intention.

And all of these forms of communication that I'm talking about are things that you can put into practice in your own life and test out, and see which ones work for you and don't work for you. And which are forms that you can rely on or lean into, and which forms aren’t helpful.

This particular one is like a command and it's just something that pops into my head. If I'm going to be in a meeting that's a little bit tricky with somebody, or I will be giving a talk in front of 50 people, or approaching a new group of people or a new industry. It could be business, it could be personal. Typically, I employ it when I don't have a lot of time and I'm trying to bridge some sort of gap.

That would be a reminder, that's funny I just said the word reminder. I don't mean reminder, but maybe that word is really important so we'll keep reminder in the backs of our heads. ; ) Perhaps, it's a reminder that there's no separation ultimately. Having that as a reminder, it would be very easy by intention to bridge gaps of time and space by intention.

What this means is, in an example, I can actually share the example of the Fringed Orchid and in terms of finding it. It's a super rare orchid, as you guys all know already. Probably we could have looked for weeks and weeks and weeks, and crawled on our hands and knees and never found it for days and days and days and days.

For knowing how rare it was, for a month in advance I would just throw out there as I was doing my morning meditation practice, I would tune into the place where I would be in the future able to have contact with it. I would ask the land, I would ask the flowers, I would ask the flower devas, or earth spirits, or whatever was present that it bloom at the right time so that I could find it. That it show me the way, that it be easy, it be effortless because my intentions were pure, my motivation is pure.

My wish to benefit millions of people throughout humanity and spread a positive ripple effect of goodness and purity and joy. That being my motivation, that I was putting it out there, "Please help me, please help me find you. I'm coming, I'm coming soon. This is the time that I'm coming, please help me find you, please welcome me if it's in alignment with my motivation."

Then having zero attachment to actually finding it, because if I didn't find it that would simply mean that the timing wasn't right or that it wasn't in the highest benefit for some particular reason.

Having listened to the story of how I found the flower, you'll understand how incredibly magical it was and how that type of communication through time and space is very instrumental and powerful. And it works and you are heard.

Another example might be if I'm going to have a meeting with somebody that I think maybe we won't understand each other or there might be differences of opinion, or there could be difficulty or conflict, then I just send out a mental note before I meet that person. It could be days or weeks, typically it's a couple hours before I meet them, or it could be the night before when I go to sleep.

In the case that it's before I go to sleep, I just ask that my higher self and their higher self connect in the sleep time where it's easier to get things done, so that we lay the groundwork and the foundation. That by the time our physical forms are together and we're meeting, we're already on the same page, we're already in alignment. And it makes the communication really effortless and easy, and we can come to an agreement, or solution, or alignment automatically and naturally because we're already there.

If it's not in the case of sleeping, then it's asking those parts of myself and those parts of that other person involved to do the work across time and space in those hours before I meet them.

Let's say I'm going to meet someone in three hours from now who I think there could be a potentially sticky situation or just simply that there is a minor mountain that needs to be moved that really truly is in the highest benefit, and my motivation is pure, and I come at it with a pure intention and unattachment. Knowing that that's my position and where I'm coming from, then I would say as I'm driving around, or driving to the office, or it could just flood through my mind, this idea of connect with this person now and over the next three hours so that by the time we actually meet in physical form, we are already on the same page.

You could do this with people you've never met before. Let's say you have a meeting that's really important. Let's say you're having a custody battle with your kids in court, you could do this with the judge, or your ex-significant other and your children.

Let's say you have a business meeting that will facilitate some grand and beautiful forward movement in your business and in the world. You can send that out to the person that you will be meeting with so that there's already alignment by the time that you meet up.

These are just a few mundane examples. It could even be with, let's say you're not getting along with your significant other and you really want to have a conversation about it. It's something really uncomfortable, it's hard to talk about. Ahead of time you can put it out there that you just get on the same page or have your higher selves connect in some way. Whatever parts of you that can connect, that they do so before you actually get together in physical form.

I actually do this on the podcast every time I record. If I'm interviewing someone else, then we do a little meditation before I hit record. We do a little meditation together, I say a prayer. And part of that prayer is that “may the highest purest part of me connect with the highest purest part of you on any level necessary so that we may say the things and transmit exactly the things that the listeners need to hear to be the most transformative or insightful experience for them listening.”

That just sort of opens the door for magic, and it opens the door for awareness and extra-sensorial perception. And trusting what comes into your system, and your field, and your mind, and your speech. Trusting that that’s what is indeed of highest benefit in a way that everything is so unknown, we can't control anything.

The example of the podcast, I don't know who's listening or how many people will listen. We have listeners in over 61 countries, so I don't know most of those people who are listening. And so those are all the things that I can't control and that are unknown, but I can make the intention. I can intend and command in a soft and loving, unattached, purely motivated way that the intention is to benefit.

It's like, "Turn on my extra-sensorial perception, turn it up. Turn up the volume so that I can really do and say those things that are most beneficial for others, and myself, and the other person involved and everyone as one big mass of interconnected beauty."

If you want to, you can practice this week. Just sort of throw that out there into the wind as if you're throwing petals up as an offering before you meet with someone to have a conversation, or a meeting, or to get something done. Send out whatever parts and pieces of yourself that are capable of doing that and meeting the parts and pieces of the other person or people involved, so that you can already be on the same page when you get together in physical form.