In Katie’s Ted-Talk-on-Steroids-style presentation, she talks about:
  • Invisible energies & botanical floral wifi
  • Different miasms in the world of energy medicine: Inherited (generational patterns), acquired (things we’ve learned from our experiences), planetary (collective consciousness)
  • Different practices, rituals & methods around the world where Mother Nature energies are used to heal the body
  • How we are like crystals and can amplify the energy of flowers
  • What she saw was possible with flower essences 10 years ago … and why she went a little crazy
  • Shockingly good before & after photos of people that take flower essences regularly
  • Why we only need 3% of the world’s population to work with flower essences to make a difference in the world
  • Why just YOU taking flower essences will also improve the lives of those you come into contact with