When was the last time you laughed until tears came streaming down your face?

When we were kids, playing a simple game of hide-and-seek could fill a whole room with laughter! As we get older, so does our number of responsibilities.

Life can become a routine schedule of what we have to do, with little time left for what we want to do, leaving us tired, overly-serious, and unfulfilled. As adults, we lose sight of the importance of play. But it is vital! Play reduces stress, increases creativity, enhances your connection with others and leaves you with higher energy.

Reconnecting to the joy you felt as a kid is totally possible - and we know just the flowers to help!

In this flower guide, you'll discover:

  • The top five flowers we recommend for more fun, play + light-heartedness
  • Exquisite rituals to inspire uncontrollable laughter + effortless optimism
  • 20+ tips on how to dissolve burdens of the heart and trigger euphoria, spontaneity + freedom!
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