Icelandic Vicia LOTUSWEI flower essences


We collected the Icelandic Vicia next to a massive waterfall and boiling hot springs off the beaten path in Fosslaug, Iceland, where it grows wild in huge patches of soft purple. Icelandic Vicia encourages us to relax and totally let our guard down. It enhances our ability to soften, let loose and experience our own magic. It dissolves resistance, tension and worry, and helps us feel loved. Without resistance, we’re more able to enjoy being in the moment and feel free. Read more about the magic of Icelandic Vicia here!





Icelandic Vicia Tablet Wallpaper LOTUSWEI flower essences





By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

I am free.
I am magic.

Resting feels good.

The world around me is magical.
Doing absolutely nothing ~ is magical.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, discovering the magic within. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!

Katie Hess Icelandic Vicia Field LOTUSWEI flower essences



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Click here for the 'Magic Part 2' transcript



When do I experience resistance or tension?

When does my heart feel closed off or hardened?

When have I felt magical?

When have I felt that the world around me was magical?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with questions, practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Icelandic Vicia Support Guide here.

Icelandic Vicia LOTUSWEI flower essences



Take time to rest + do nothing.

Pour a bath, hang out in the sauna or go to an Asian-style bathhouse to relax your muscles, dissolve tension + nurture yourself.

What makes you feel like you are surrounded by magic? Do more of that.

Decorate/update your bedroom or living area in a way that feels magical to you. Choose the colors that are the most nourishing to you right now! Enjoy the freedom of wrapping yourself up in what expresses YOU!

FLOAT! Float on your back or on a floatie in a pool or body of water ~ let your ears sink below the surface so that the only thing your hear is the sound of deep inhales + soothing exhales.

Icelandic Vicia LOTUSWEI flower essences






Icelandic Vicia Collection LOTUSWEI flower essences


Icelandic Vicia ~ Essence

So you are about to, or you have started taking, the Icelandic Vicia flower elixir. I wanted to just take this opportunity to describe the place from which the flower comes from, because that could give you an idea of the some of the qualities of the flower and what you’ll be feeling over the next few weeks.

I was in Iceland, traveling with a couple of friends, and we were driving around looking for a hot springs. And it was a little hard to find – we were driving through fields and farms and over bridges and down little gravel roads, and we couldn’t figure out where this hot springs was! We discovered a lot of cool things along the way, but we couldn’t find it. So we ended up just driving to the nearest house and asking the farmers where to find the hot springs. We got the directions and we drove down this little road, stopping along the way because there were wild blueberries just right alongside the dirt road. In Iceland there aren’t, as far as I know, any poisonous berries, it’s like one of the safest places – there aren’t any predator animals, even the berries, you can eat all the berries and you’ll never get sick!

So we piled handfuls of blueberries into our mouths, and then we kept driving and found a place to park. We could see off in the distance this cliff and what seemed to be the beginning of a waterfall. So we ran off across the grass, and, sure enough, we came to this opening and there was this massive waterfall. The water was rushing over the rocks. The pathway took us in this sort of circular motion, almost as if we were walking around to the back or behind the waterfall and we went over this little hill. As we were coming down, we could see these little pockets, or pools, of water that were steaming. Literally, there were these teeny tiny little hot springs that could fit, like your foot into them, but they’re boiling so you wouldn’t want to touch them! And then there was the ‘official’ hot springs that the local Icelandic folks would get into and soak in. And it was where this boiling hot water was coming up from the center of the earth and then the freezing cold, icy cold glacier water coming from the ice melt in this river would meet, and then it would create this perfect temperature to soak in, like a hot tub. Then as the freezing water kept rushing down the river, it would go over the edge of the rocks in that waterfall.

It is one of the most magical places ever. We saw one of the locals getting into the hot pool and then – he’d just hurt his leg, broken leg or sprained ankle or something – so he hobbled over on his crutches out of the hot springs, went into the freezing, rushing cold water, did a push up, and then got back into the hot springs. Amazing!, this hydro-therapy, hot-cold-hot-cold, just right there from Mother Nature.

And as you walked up the hill, to the very top so that by looking down you could see both the hot springs and the waterfall, this huge, sort of canyon where the water went down, it was lush with this flower, with the Icelandic Vicia flower. It’s a vine, but it’s not the kind that chokes things out. It’s really gentle with beautiful, little curly tendrils, that grows to about two feet high. So everywhere around you see these beautiful, light purple flowers. And you can lie down in it! It’s really soft, so you can lie down and look up, and you see two feet above your eyes, all of these purple flowers. The sensation of being in the field, in an expanse of the Icelandic Vicia flowers, is like the feeling, say when you’re on vacation and you allow yourself to just take a nap, take a break. You have a moment to just completely let go, relax. All of the faculties of your body and your mind, everything just melts and dissolves, any concern just melts away. And you feel totally at ease, totally connected in with your body, rooted in the ground, like the earth is just holding you and you’re sinking into it. Like you can totally just let it all hang out, like everything is just OK.

There is no time – it’s timeless time – there’s nowhere you have to be, there’s nothing you have to do, there’s nothing you have to fix, there’s nothing you have to solve. It’s just like the present moment in perfectly exquisite and you can just melt and let it all hang out. Experience ease. And everything about that moment, and you, is just in the perfect place. There’s no anticipation of any future, it’s just pure enjoyment and ease, delighting in the deliciousness of how your body feels as it completely lets go.

All of us that were traveling together, just sort of intuitively lay down in these flowers and just stared up at the sky, drifted off into a little nap. Letting the flowers reset our bodies, reset our minds. And that, is exactly what will happen with the Icelandic Vicia flower elixir.

I’ll just add a question for this week: If you could take 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 minutes, here or there whenever you felt like it, to practice just allowing yourself to let go, to relax, rest, have a break, have a nap, what would that look like?



Icelandic Vicia ~ Magic {Part 1}

Let’s talk about Magic! And for this conversation, lets get out paper or your notebook, and a favorite pen – markers, pencils, whatever you like to use – and grab a cup of tea or coffee or any beverage of your choice! You can make this exercise as long or as short as you like. It can be rapid speed fire bullet points with a-ha moments, or it can be really lovely, luscious, long drawn out free writing session where you really dive into some of the most magical experiences you’ve had in your life. Then you draw the correlations and the dots between them. It’s totally up to you, how much time you put into it! Either way, you’re going to get something out of this exercise.

So I’m going to ask a couple of questions, and the most important part of this exercise is not to edit yourself, to really just allow stream of consciousness writing. You can just jot down your ideas as they flow into your mind, you can either really quickly write down a bullet list and then expound on and describe each one in more detail later. Or you can take each one methodically and describe one by one, it’s totally up to you!

First question:
When in your life have you felt like you are absolutely surrounded by magic? Like you’re just living an absolutely sparkling, magical experience? And write down as many of these times that you can think of, whatever the time or age in your life, when you’ve experienced pure. magic.

{long pause to allow you to write}

If it helps jog your memory, you can think about some of the details of what you were seeing around you, who you were with. What you were feeling, seeing, tasting, smelling.

If you have a list of magical experiences you’ve had in your life, you can go back to each one with some more details about what you were feeling, what about it was magical to you. What was your state of being at the time?

{long pause}

Second question:
If you look at this list of magical experiences that you’ve had in your life, is there any overlap? What can you see that is in common with each of these experiences? What dots can you connect, what correlations can you make? Is there some element that was similar in each of these magical experiences? Is there something that you were experiencing or feeling? Are there any themes?

{long pause for exploration}

Do any insights or a-ha’s arise in your mind, when you look at this list of magical experiences?

Last question:
I realize we’re referencing past magical experiences, but going forward, if we were to try to pull some of that magic into our everyday lives … jot down a couple of things, stream of conscious, that you may be able to incorporate into your everyday life, really simple easy things that don’t require a lot of effort or time or commitment. To give you a state of being that opens up to more magic.

That’s the question that I’ll leave you with ~ what little things or rituals can you do this week to weave more magic, a sense of magical experience into your everyday life?



Icelandic Vicia ~ Magic {Part 2}

In Part 1 of this conversation, we talked about Magic. And we talked about the different kinds of magical experiences that we had in our lives, what they felt like and what some of the correlations were; what were the ways that some of those magical experiences overlapped. What were some dots that we could connect from the range of different magical experiences we’ve had in life …

When I did this exercise, I wrote down 12-15 different times in my life where I just felt like everything around me was magical; whether it was some of the flower essence collection trips I’ve had, or being in India and meeting some of the greatest meditation masters; being in really special places around the planet, seeing the sky full of non-stop shooting stars. And one of the correlations that I made – I wanted to share this, because you might have made the same correlation – is that in each of the magical experiences that I had written down, in each of them I could describe with absolute intricate detail the sensory experience that I was having. So like, I remember when I was 21 years old and I was in this park north of the city in Madrid; and I was with the boy at the time I was super duper in love with. And I remember – it’s almost like I can look down and see – I was wearing this really long, bright yellow skirt, and we were sitting in the park and it started to mist. There’s a word in Spanish called llovizna – which means mist. It wasn’t actually raining, there weren’t actually drops, it was literally like a cloud was just misting, the lightest finest mist over the top of us. Like it doesn’t even disturb you. And it’s almost like I can look around me and see the trees and all of the details are registered in my consciousness.

When I looked at all of the different magical experiences, there was a similar theme; which led me to believe that, for some reason or other, whatever the trigger was, in those instances that I would describe to you as my most magical experiences, the reason I could describe to you at this moment and time the experience with such intricate detail, was because at that the time it was happening I was 100% fully present. And my guess is, whatever it was that triggered me, it triggered me out of this thinking, figure it out, analytical, intellectual mind, into a different part of mind-state. Which is a more spacious, perceptive, feeling state. Feeling, not as an emotional, but perceiving things and space and people and time in a completely different way than I would normally.

And what I find so interesting about this, is that if that’s the case, then what we’re really talking about is that magic is actually accessible in every single moment. That, in fact, when we look at our list of magical experiences, there may be people we that were with or certain times in our life or places that we were that were absolutely wondrous and beautiful that would be hard to replicate, like on demand, today, right? So like being 21 years old, exploring the country of Spain with someone that I had fallen in love with, being misted by the clouds, in a park – ok, that would be difficult to replicate, right now {laughs}. In Phoenix, in the desert, outside {laughs}. But what can be replicated, over and over and over, and actually we have access to it in every moment, is the ability to loosen up the hold of our thinking, analytical, monkey-mind brain. The mental to-do checklist that’s just constantly on us, right? To loosen that and really sink into a deeper awareness of what’s happening in the moment. Where you are, how your body feels, what you’re seeing around you, what you’re hearing. Right now I’m sitting outside and there’s quite a strong breeze and it’s blowing the leaves in the trees, and there’s a flagpole that keeps clanging in the breeze. The birds singing.

So what is it that you hear? What do you see around you, what do you feel? And letting go of that thinking mind to just perceive. What do you smell? What is the temperature of the air on you skin? And though we may be in very different circumstances in this moment than in the moments of the magical experiences of our lives, that we wrote down in the exercise, we can very easily bring a more magical sense into our every day lives by taking moments, really. It could be about taking a break, but we don’t even have to take a break! It’s more like, a split second stopping and really just tuning in with what’s happening on a visceral level with your senses. Hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling. And that that’s an access point or gateway or doorway to feeling all the time like our lives are full of magic! Like life is one big magical experience from beginning to end. I think the more we can invite in those split second moments of reminding ourselves to tune in with the way that we’re perceiving the world, to actually perceive, instead of think-think-think-think-think-think-think, that that’s a valid practice and method to invite more magic in.

For this week, the question is: “In what ways could I take split seconds, in any of the activities that I engage in, day or night, and just sink into a more perceptive mode? Perceiving what’s around me. Feeling through my senses. Letting go of the thinking mind to hear, smell, taste, see, feel what’s around me, in order to invite in more magic.”