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After searching for this rare, wild orchid across Iceland, we finally found it at the base of one of Iceland’s largest and most beautiful waterfalls. The Frog Orchid is otherworldly, rare and exotic, appearing almost to hide from plain view. Its elixir activates the pineal and thymus glands, connecting the crown, third eye and heart centers, stimulating love without attachment, clear seeing and states of deep peacefulness. Read more about the magic of Frog Orchid here!




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By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

I embrace the unknown.
I am open to what is possible beyond thought.
I am unafraid of the spaciousness beyond thought.
I open my perception to reality beyond thought.
What is life like when I am aware of now?

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, going beyond thought. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!

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Click here for the Frog Orchid Collection transcript.

Click here for the Being in Nature + Your Body's Elements transcript.
Click here for the Blowing Your Mind with Tiny Spaces transcript.


frog orchid Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



When do I find myself trying to ‘figure it out,' mentally, with life’s challenges?
Instead of ‘being with' or observing what arises and how the situation evolves?

When or in what areas of my life do I love with clinging, wanting or attachment?

If I typically do not get ah-ha moments by ‘thinking,' what am I doing when I get them?

What are the practices, places, experiences and people that most encourage me to be in a ‘being’ state vs. a ‘thinking’ state?

With a constant dedication to bringing myself back into a moment-to-moment awareness, what is possible?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with questions, practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Frog Orchid Support Guide here.

frog orchid Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



Practice mindful-awareness meditation daily - even if only for five minutes! Set a timer and simply commit.

When you find yourself going into ‘figure it out’ mode in your mind, relax your body, take a deep breath and notice the world around you. Keep your awareness on releasing tension in your body, breathing and observing to release the mental propensity to think-think-think, creating tension and exhaustion in the body.


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frog orchid LOTUSWEI flower essences


Frog Orchid Collection Story

One of the main reasons that we went to Iceland in the first place was because I was really excited about the prospect of finding wild arctic orchids. It became really a focal point when we were in Iceland to find these wild orchids, it was a big challenge for us, we were hunting for these orchids all over the country. I had done research online, but wasn't quite sure actually where we might find them and because their growing season is so short in Iceland in the summer, you're never quite sure where things might be popping up.

I guess one of the most important lessons that I learned through hunting for these orchids was that; you know how we do that thing, where we really want something and so we're really searching and looking and it gives us a level of tension or tightness? It's the wanting and the searching and then you start going like, "What if we don't actually find it?" Then you get worried and you kind of have that feeling of running around with your head cut off, looking, looking, looking, looking, and what if we fail and what if we actually don't find them? I mean, it's so dramatic just about some wild flowers.

What was so interesting was that I realized I just had to let it go. Just let it go, just totally let it go. Leave it up to the magic of the fabric of the universe - if you're meant to run into them you will. It doesn't mean you don't keep your eyes open and that you don't walk with awareness + looking + following your intuition but it just seems like it's kind of how life works, right? We want something and then we go after it and we kind of try to control the outcome and we realize we can't control the outcome and we try to make it happen but we can't. Then we worry about not being able to make it happen or worry about being a failure or whatever those things are.

So in the end you just sort of let it go. And on our Iceland trip that was exactly when we found the orchids. The hilarious thing was that when you look at these orchids online all the photographs that you see are huge ... You don't know it, but as you're looking at it it's a macro photo so it makes it look like these huge things that you might see in Thailand or something or Costa Rica. When, in fact, they're arctic orchids so they're just tiny in reality, they're very, very, very small.

The growing season is so short and it was actually Lisa, one of the traveling partners, the woman who runs Wei of Chocolate, who was traveling with us who spotted them first. We were in the north - we'd already been in Iceland for maybe six days or so - and we were at the base of one of the largest waterfalls in the northern part of the country. We were walking around and, sure enough, in this area where no tourists were going, it was so bizarre. Nobody was going down in this area, it was full of wild orchids.

And they're so hard to see, it's almost like they're almost invisible to the eye. They're actually not, they grow about six inches tall, they're not that tiny. They're formidable flowers, but it's almost like they're outside of the field of normal vision. You really have to be in tune and aware to find them and run into them. They're just extremely powerful and the effects are extremely powerful. In fact, during the download, making the flower essence, it was really apparent to me that it would be unwise to just have people who it's their first time taking flower essences ever work with these orchids. It should be people who are, have been taking them for, using flower essences for several months at least and but if you're in the Flowerevolution program it's all good.

If you're in the program ... There's no way you would be in the program if you weren't ready for it. It just wouldn't appear on your radar, just like those orchids! There was nobody there, no one was looking at them, no one was around and this waterfall gets tons of tourists.

I just kind of love that story of just life, when you really want something and you just can't make it happen, you just can't. You can't MAKE it happen. Then when you finally let it go and relax then it just magically, effortlessly appears on your path.

How incredible is that and what actually is that, what the heck is that? Other than being aware of the fact that we are a part of a highly and deeply interconnected world. In fact we're a part of this huge fabric, we're a thread in this huge fabric and there's so much magic to it and so much effortlessness involved that something can just appear on our path once we've let go of it.

Enjoy your frog orchid, it is an exquisite orchid, I love it so much, it's so beautiful. It's green and maroon and very powerful and, like I said, grows in the moss at the base of this massive waterfall in the northern part of Iceland. It is incredible. Enjoy.

'Being' in Nature + Your Body's Elements

One really powerful practice to accompany the Frog Orchid Elixir would be to make more time for yourself for just being. For me personally, it's easier to do this when I'm in nature. Weather permitting, the ability to sit outside, and just feel the breezes, and have my feet on the earth, feel the sunshine, just being outside makes it easier for me. I think that when we're exposed to this big, wide world, when we remember that we're a part of this huge, vast planet, it somehow makes our stresses feel smaller and more insignificant as we tap into this hugeness of Mother Nature and our inseparability. And being outside, we can see beyond our own minds.

Our minds can be as spacious as the sky. We can be as grounded as the earth. We can be as flexible and powerful as water, or a stream, or river, as peaceful as a lake. We can be as activating and sparkly and warm as the sunshine.

Even just a really simple practice that we can do while being outside, while being outside - engaging in the practice of being outside - is to notice how the elements affect our body. So as we're spending time outside noticing how the spaciousness around us, or the spaciousness of the sky affects how we feel. Noticing the space within our own bodies, even just, though there a lot of sounds in the environment around here with me, even sometimes just listening to those sounds help me become aware of space and spaciousness. You can tune in to that element inside your body and notice which elements you may have a deficiency in, a temporary deficiency.

For example, you may feel dehydrated if you're not getting enough water element into your body. Or if you have too much water element, you might need movement, or warmth, or music, or something more stimulating, spices. Simply by just allowing yourself to be and notice how your body feels, and sort of tap into the elements inside your body, you can gain a really practical awareness of some things that you might need more or less of on a daily basis.

I'm just having that sense that we embody all of the elements, you know? That the entire universe is in us, inside our body, that we're a reflection of the earth. It is such a healthy approach.

So, the question for this week is:

Can you make a little time each day to spend some time in nature, and just be? Can you take a few minutes to tune in to the elements of your body and see if any insight or wisdom comes to you about things that your body may need?

Blowing Your Mind With Tiny Spaces

One of the most powerful practices you can do while taking the frog orchid elixir is to make sure that you set aside time each day to spend in nature. I know I talked about this already in a previous recording, but I wanted to emphasize this and really encourage you because I've been doing this everyday for ... it depends on the day and how busy I am, but it could be anywhere from nine minutes at the very least to 20 to 30 minutes and I basically just go to whatever my favorite nature place is. I mean, literally like a block away from my house. Something really easy, really accessible, really easy to slip into my schedule or it could just be like sitting outside the office under a tree or just being outside. If it's freezing cold where you live right now, then just find a comfortable place inside and you can do the same practice. And that is to just put on whatever amount of minutes you feel comfortable with on your phone and just set a timer. So that you can just fully sit and not worry about the time and then sit until the timer goes off.

And I've been noticing some interesting things during these specific meditations and that is that as I'm doing them, I feel the same sensation in between my head and my heart that I did when I was collecting the Frog Orchid elixir. So when I was collecting it, I had this very bizarre sensation and was sort of wondering ‘how was I going to articulate that’ and ‘how was I going to tell people about that’ and ‘were other people going to feel that’ and was it just a momentary thing that would occur during the collection process or would the elixir itself actually sort of induce that state of mind.

And so, as I've been taking the flower elixir regularly, and working it into my daily life, I've been, like I said, pairing it with these daily time periods to just sit quietly and it's different than my daily mediation practice. I also do a daily meditation practice, but this is really just a space in the schedule where I set the timer and just allow myself space and I'm not using any particular method other than just mindful awareness and just sort of intending to tune in to Mother Nature.

And so, this sort of mind-blowing effect, this sensation of having your mind blown in a sense, is the best way I could describe it, is what is occurring in these time periods. So I recommend doing it, I'd love to hear your feedback, and what you're experiencing. And to me it almost feels like, this may sound very silly, but it almost feels like a particular type of download from Mother Nature.

So, question for this week is:

How can you carve out, make sure that you carve out a little space in your daily routine, to either sit in nature or if it's freezing where you are, to sit indoors, but making that really clear and strong intention to tune into Mother Nature. Whether it's looking out the window at a tree, at the snow outside, or whatever it is that sort of helps you tune in from the inside out, and what is it that you experience in that space?