In the modern world, we’re often in a state of depletion and distraction. We cannot thrive because we’re constantly trying to meet our basic needs + find balance. Cacao helps us realize what we require in order to feel deeply nourished, supported + abundant, so we can feel replete and whole -- that our every need is met. When our needs -- even seemingly simple needs like eating, drinking, sleeping, resting, taking breaks, and getting fresh air -- are consistently met, instead of sacrificed, we can truly flourish and be prolific.
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FLOWEREVOLUTION · Cacao Flower Awareness Anchor



By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

What’s best for me is what’s best for everyone.
I’m most prolific when I’m nourished.
I’m worthy of being cherished.
I’m worthy of nourishment.
There’s nothing more important than my body’s basic needs.
Taking care of myself helps me flourish.
Self-care leads to thriving.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, feeling light and free. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!



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Katie's Experience with Cacao Flower.





What nourishes you?

When do you subtly self-sacrifice your needs?

How can you take care of yourself even more?

When are you most prolific and insightful?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with the writing prompts, exquisite practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Cacao Flower Support Guide here.



Drink more water. Add lemon/lime and chlorophyll if desired.

Enhance your self-care routine with dry brushing, gentle stretching or movement

Acknowledge each time you delay eating when you’re hungry, don’t go to the bathroom when you need to or stay up late when your body is tired.

Notice the rhythms and cycles of your body. When are you most productive, when are you most creative, when does your body want down time? What intervals of work/rest does your body and mind need to operate at capacity?

What foods and beverages nourish you? Make a list.




Anointing Oil LOTUSWEI flower essences



Bloom into Yourself.

I will help you:

  • Take risks with confidence
  • Step fearlessly into the unknown
  • Create the life you want to live

Use me when:

  • Insecure about what you offer to the world
  • Fearful of taking the next big step toward what you want
  • A lack in confidence that you have what it takes



    Teaching 1 - Nourishment as Transformation

    Hi there. I'm so excited to announce that our Flowerevolution program is now open to everyone! For a long time we kept it under wraps, secret club exclusivity, and now we're opening it to everyone. I'm really excited. And we're going to be sharing a series of videos this month about the elixir of the month and the flower of the month. I'm going to do some teaching about the flower, and also really dive deep into what the magic superpower of this flower is going to do for you. If you've been in the flower evolution program for the last five years, thank you, and this is going to be an amazing ride. And if you're new to the Flowerevolution or you'd like to become a member, you can now join even just for a month, to try it out.

    This month we're working with one of my favorite flowers. It's so beautiful and exotic, and it creates one of my favorite fruits, and that is the Cacao blossom. So many people love chocolate. I know I'm a huge fan of chocolate for practices of transformation. Actually in our retreats in Costa Rica, we would calculate, what was it, a bar per person per day that we would consume because of the minerals and magnesium. And we just found it to be a particularly grounding substance when working with some of those really intense Costa Rican orchids.

    So chocolate as a substance is already... We know it's a magical substance. So many people are doing cacao ceremonies, and this is the Cacao Flower elixir. It is a twist, right? So it's all of those things that you could imagine of eating a chocolate bar, or a piece of chocolate, or doing a cacao ritual, but in the form of a flower elixir. So it is much more subtle and vibratory language of hummingbird style. It is a flower that grows in the tropics. So most of my experience with the Cacao Flower is in Costa Rica. We spent some considerable time there and visiting a small family farm where we really got to see the whole process of what it's like to make from tree to bean, and then eventually to bar, for chocolate.

    But just to see the life cycle and how it grows, Cacao Flower is so beautiful. It grows right off of the trunk. It's so unusual in that way, and it is one of the most powerful elixirs in our collection for a few different things. Nourishment, like being able to have much more acute awareness into what is it that your body needs and allowing yourself to get into the state that what is best for you, is best for everyone. I know so many of us, in our busy lives, we will self-sacrifice a lot. Whether it feels in the moment like a little thing like, "Oh, I'll get lunch in an hour. Oh, I'll get lunch in two hours." Pretty soon, you know what, our blood sugar has dropped to the floor and we're frantically looking for something to eat. Or something as silly as like, "I need to go to the bathroom. Okay, I'll go in five minutes."

    Or not drinking enough water and not sleeping enough, or not getting enough fresh air or sunlight. All of those things. They seem like really simple things, but actually they're the most basic fundamental needs of the body in order to flourish. And when the body's happy, it can create a foundation for us to constantly evolve and shift. And so Cacao Flower helps us really gain an awareness into what is it that we need as individuals to thrive and to flourish. Not just survive and get by, but really to thrive and flourish, and to create a strong foundation so that we can be stable enough to handle a more accelerated rate of evolution or personal growth in our lives, so that we can handle a faster rate of having access to our own self-arising wisdom, as well as insights from the earth.

    This particular elixir actually was not collected from a tree in Costa Rica. It was collected from a Cacao tree in Singapore, which is in Southeast Asia. It is an island that flourishes, is thriving in every sense of the way, as a people, as a culture. Financially, they're one of the only countries in the black, and they're a small island, like a city Island. So it also contains not only the essence of the Cacao Flower, but also of the place in Southeast Asia where things just... You see junglelicious plants growing out of the wall. It's so prolific there, and that definitely comes through in this elixir.

    So what is it that you need to be your most prolific, thriving, flourishing, self? Cacao flower elixir will reflect back to us anything and everything that may be standing in the way so that we can embrace more of those aspects of ourselves.

    Together with the cacao flower elixir as the catalyst elixir comes the full bloom anointing oil as a support, and this is going to support any sort of... I don't really tend to see a lot of healing crises with the Flowerevolution elixirs but if so, it can help support you through that process, but also just to really amplify the effects of the catalyst elixir, and if you're familiar with Full Bloom, it's about taking huge leaps -- not just taking baby steps. It's usually for those times in our lives when we are willing to just drop a ton of fears and self-limiting beliefs so that we can take a huge leap in our personal growth.

    So it's interesting. There is this sort of expansion piece, as well as what are those things that keep us stable and nourished so that we can do the work of the transformation. And then also this month, because the theme is Cacao, we're also sending out packets of Cacao Rasa. It is the best. It's the beverage of choice. I drink it every day. It's an adaptogenic brew, so it's got multiple different herbs and mushrooms and cacao for helping your body better address stress, and adapt to stress, and keep it cool, and keep all your systems functioning really well, and keep you young and vital on the inside and outside.

    So this is the first video that we'll do in the series of Cacao Flower. So I want to leave you with a question. Question of this week and related to the Cacao Flower is: what are the conditions that you need in order to thrive and flourish? If it's helpful, you can think back in past experiences when you really have felt like everything's been falling into place and you've really been thriving and flourishing. What were the conditions at that time? What is it that you need, your body, your basic needs, your mind needs, to set a strong foundation to thrive and flourish.

    Teaching 2 - What Nourishes You?

    Today, I'm going to talk about the super powers of Cacao flower elixir. And I just really just ask you some questions. I'm going to add some to my tea because I've been adding all my elixirs to beverages. I take them in the mouth as well, but I just love putting them in coffee, tea, water. It really helps me hydrate more. I am one to forget to drink enough water. We calculated out the other day how many glasses of water you need per day per weight, and I'm definitely not drinking enough water. And so it helps to add your flower elixir to the water so that you will actually hydrate enough. But one of the aspects of cacao flower elixir is to really get a deep understanding of your basic needs.

    And so some of the questions that I have for you today are:

    What are the beverages, for example, that nourish you the most? Do you do lemon water in the morning? Do you have a special drink, a smoothie, Chinese tea, Korean tea, herbal tea, something like Rasa Adaptogen tea, coffee? What are those beverages that nourish you the most? Some people like Collagen. And then what are the foods that nourish you the most? You might even want to make a little bullet list. What are those things that nourish your body? Just, they just feel so good right now in this season. And you can take a look at, are you actually consuming those things? Are you actually eating those things on a daily basis, drinking those things on a daily basis in a way that feels yummy and nourishing, not like a chore or a regimen, but things that are just, they feel good to you?

    Are you getting enough sleep? What is the amount of sleep that you know is just perfect for you? What's the general time? If you get to bed at this time, you do really well. If you get up at this time, you do really well. Taking breaks. How often do you take breaks? What do you typically need for downtime in the morning or in the evening? What is it that you do during your downtime? And is it revitalizing you? How much time are you spending on electronics? And is that the right amount for you?

    These are questions, I think that if you are working with the cacao flower elixir, you will become acutely more aware of them. It's almost like they get magnified. As you're taking the flower essence, they get magnified, so you can see them even more. And you will notice yourself making steps to nourish yourself even more. So you might notice that you make sure you get lunch in a way that you weren't doing before, or you might notice actually that in the beginning and the first week, you do everything wrong, like you stay up until 3:00 in the morning every night of the week and you eat lunch at 3:00 PM every day. It's almost like the elixir is pulling out all of those bad habits so they can come up to come out. And as they're coming up to come out, they're being displayed at an extreme measure in your life.

    So this isn't in any way, shape or form a reason for you to be self critical. It's really just getting to know. And sometimes we swing from one end of the pendulum to the other to find the middle ground, which is totally fine and totally okay. What kind of movement is nourishing and nurturing to you? During the first week of working with the Cacao Flower elixir, I personally came to this realization. I had been running two miles every morning and it was... I really just started it like, I just need to move and I want to be in the neighborhood and I want to be seeing the flowers and I just want to pound on the pavement. And after a week of taking the Cacao, I realized, oh, there's a different way to do this. I can make this my meditation. I can make this my body awareness practice.

    I can make sure that every step I take, rather than it being impactful and messing up my joints, people say that oftentimes if you run, it's really hard on your joints if you're running on pavement or hard ground. I can actually with awareness, make this practice be really nourishing for my body. So as I'm running, every step I take in the morning, I'm allowing it to jostle my pelvis and my hips and my lower back even more into place. And I consciously, every step I take, it's like I try to relax and relax my body even more and more and more and more. And I really closely observe. When does my body want to slow down? When do I want to stretch? When do I want to express some intensity and pound it out a little? And just really trusting that my body knows exactly what it needs to be at optimum performance. And sometimes we need a break and sometimes we need to really push it. I'm just stressing that my body will show me if I'm really paying attention.

    So you can think about what types of movement are nourishing and nurturing for you. And are you engaging in those types of movement? And they often change in life. So if we were to wrap this all into one package, really one question at the end of the day, it is what are those practices that you are engaging in? What beverages, foods, sleep, electronics use, movement, meditation, quiet time, downtime, what are those practices that you are engaging in that are nourishing to you?

    Teaching 3 - Making Yourself Priority #1

    I've been talking a lot this month about nourishment and what it takes for you to be thriving and flourishing. And we've been working a lot with the Cacao flower elixir. And something that I want to talk about today is creating the proper foundation for alchemy to occur. And what this means is -- do you have the proper stabilization?

    So like if you looked at what are those things that nourish you, and the right foods and the right things to drink. And you're exploring how much sleep and movement and all those things that really support you in terms of basic physical needs.

    Then we can look at what is it that you're working on? What is it that is transforming inside of you? What is evolving? What parts of you want to be seen? What parts of you are emerging? Is there anything that has been hidden that has come to the surface? What is on your mind these days? What is transforming inside of you?

    And remembering that, it's almost like a tether, like a tether back to stability that eating the right foods and drinks and sleeping and moving is all a form of reminding yourself that you can trust yourself.

    Reminding yourself that you are your number one priority, that nothing comes before you. And when all of the parts of you can really trust you not to self sacrifice, that you will always make you number one priority, then it creates enough spaciousness for whatever is the next thing to emerge rather than going back into more of a survival mode of just get by, get by, get by, get by.

    We do that a lot. So allowing yourself to be nourished and creating a really positive and powerful dynamic of self trust, you are constantly reinforcing this month that you make yourself a number one priority. That what is best for you is best for everyone. And when that occurs, when there is that innate self trust, what is it, then, that emerges? What is happening? What is shifting inside of you and what wants to be seen?