Fierce Compassion Elixir

Activate softness & compassion. Heal wounds of the heart.
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Red Rose





Pink Lotus

Are you critical of yourself, or experienced a recent heartache? Fierce Compassion softens heartbreak & dissolves fear of loss, betrayal and abandonment. Experience deep healing of hurts and develop more compassion for yourself & others.

MAGNIFIES: Love, tenderness & nurturing; healing of emotional wounds; confidence in relationships; acceptance; kind thoughts instead of critical ones; being gentle and honest with yourself and others; acceptance of tough realities.

DISSOLVES: Feeling that life is a struggle; worry about relationships; fear of loss, betrayal or rejection; heartbreak or heartache; unprocessed pain and grief

Purified Water (Aqua), Ethically-Sourced Honey, Silver Hydrosol, Vitis vinifera (Grape) Alcohol, Rosa (Rose) Flower Essence, Alcea rosea (Hollyhock) Flower Essence, Mandevilla sendari (Mandevilla) Flower Essence, Rhododendron ferrugineum (Rhododendron) Flower Essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence, Nelumba nucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence and Rose Quartz Gem Essence.

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G. P. J.
Literally Lovely

I recently started using Fierce Compassion and have been beautifully satisfied with the experience thus far. It is everything it says and then some. I’m still learning, but it has definitely brought about healthy and deep shifting in my life. Looking forward to trying more of the Lotus Wei products! Or all of them!

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Hilarious observation and dissolving of a core fear

I am a live in care giver to a female elder and her adult son. I chose to work with them because they are open to all of the healing art skills I have to share. Flower essences work with precious, immediacy, with the elder, I care for. I will give her a single flower and she will, after putting the drops on her tongue… almost exhale immediately, and say a sentence that describes the healing qualities of the flower without knowing what the flower is. It’s extraordinary to observe as a flower essence practioner and to simply be a witness too.
That said, one night we were all sitting on the patio and I came out with a new bottle of Fierce Compassion. I gave some to all of us by tongue and then put drops in our beverages we were drinking, It. Was. Hilarious.
Within minutes of being given Fierce compassion my elder looked at her son with the fiercest of love and professed “I LOVE you heaps and bunches and (I can’t remember the third adjective). She has memory loss so she would turn to him every few minutes and profess the fiercest of love. Her son had a giggle about the flowers acting so quickly every time she interrupted his story he fell into. Meanwhile, he started in on a story that turned into a 45 minute journey. Where we all wept and laughed as he reminisced about when as a single father he began to make good money he and his boys bought lots of toys at Christmas time and for years this became a tradition, of finding out by word of mouth, a few families that might be having a hard time and knocking on their doors, in a Santa suit and his sons dressed as elves, with a big sac of presents to deliver gifts to the whole family. Essentially, he ended up sharing the fiercest compassionate act he and his children did for years at Christmas time. It was a hilarious scene on the patio that night and so magical to observe observe as a flower essence practioner.
When I pointed that the story he told us the night before was essentially the fiercest act of compassion he’s ever exhibited the next morning; we had a good giggle.
His mother also the next day slipped into the beginning stages of the dying process: fierce compassion I believe deeply dissolved this core fear and ego Will around not being able to accept this next stage in her process. Sooooo beautiful and what a way to slide into the realm of hospice for us all? Fierce compassion is like inviting a deep blessing upon yourself and others.
I then ordered inner peace and sacred heart for hospice times more reviews to come…flowers are magic in the death process🌷🌹🌺.

Soft and transformative

I started using fierce compassion elixir, spray and serum about 4 weeks now and I can truly feel a shift. My boyfriend also using this now + our dog gets some spray and serum. Wow - the first weeks I got thru some healing crises, and a lot of stuff where coming up for both of us. Some patterns, communication issues, inner wounds and a lot of information. And to truly see what we need to work on with a loving awareness, and it’s become more deep and still.
So much love in seeing this, and to accept this as a soul study. Mirror each other, and the full potential we can unlock. I also notice the softness in my, and my inner dialogue change. I see my self and people with more love and compassion, and see they wounds and the soul study they are in 🌺

Soft and powerful

I have been doing self-help type work for a few years but was hitting a wall and couldn't process things that I knew to be true. Like I couldn't feel them to move through them. Within the first five minutes of taking this elixir I was able to remember memories I had long since tucked away and feel feelings that were so buried. It was excruciating and very painful but freeing in an exquisite way. I am so grateful to have found Lotuswei and I will be a forever customer. Thank you so very much.

Bridget ODonnell

This essence brings an element of acceptance without the feeling of carrying a burden. Due to this release I have found it energizes me on a different level, my energy is lighter and I do not feel as fatigued.