Frog Orchid Elixir

  • Delicious honey elixir infused with flower essences. 5 drops, 5 times a day, under the tongue.

    After searching for this rare, wild orchid across Iceland, we finally found it at the base of one of Iceland’s largest and most beautiful waterfalls. The Frog Orchid is otherworldly, rare and exotic, appearing almost to hide from plain view. Its elixir activates the pineal and thymus glands, connecting the crown, third eye and heart centers, stimulating love without attachment, clear seeing and states of deep peacefulness.

    MAGNIFIES: Love without attachment; deep peace; state of non-thought; being 100% present

    DISSOLVES: Panic or dread, negativity, brain drain, exhaustion 

  • USE: Enjoy 5 drops sublingually 5 times each day regularly until bottle is finished; or put a dropperful in your water bottle each morning and drink throughout the day.

    GET CREATIVE: Morning coffee, party punch, restaurants, water bottle, child’s water or juice, pet’s water, cocktails.

    FEEL A DIFFERENCE: Most people feel a dramatic difference in their everyday state of mind within 2-3 days, with a cumulative effect over time. If used regularly, bottle lasts 3-4 weeks, enough time to experience a significant shift in mood and everyday life. Safe (& excellent) for children over 12 months of age.

  • INGREDIENTS: Purified Water (Aqua), Ethically-Sourced Honey, *Vitis vinifera (Grape) Alcohol, Dactylorhza Viride (Frog Orchid) FEssence,  Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence, and Nelumba nucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence.
    *Certified Organic

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I love the Frog Orchid essence. I feel like it’s really opening my mind to notice things around me. At first I was unsure… like is this making me too sensitive but then I realized that I am very in touch with my emotions. Sometimes it does take me a while to process things. I’m loving it and continuing on my journey. I am also using the Wild Abundance drops.


I love this elixir, it is one of my favourites. When taking it, I felt a felt a deep sense of peace and trust. I felt a sense of knowing and alignment within. I felt so aligned and felt as if inspired actions or words arose from my heart with a deep and solid trust in myself. Beautiful essence all should experience.

Allowing Flow

I do so love how this elixir has helped me with my tensions, worries, and need to ask myself “what if?” I had been wanting to work on trusting my own decisions, and with just a couple weeks of use, I’m finding myself much more in the moment, free, and based in a more realistic mind frame… I don’t have to figure it all out! I can’t even if I try! Breathe! Thank you so much!


I’ve enjoyed this elixir. I feel the biases and pains and wounds that have distorted or led me to close my “inner eye” or perception to all around me came up to come out and dissolve. I felt a sense of greater clarity and inner seeing, inner knowing. However, it was seeing and knowing in an entirely new way, without the stories and clouded emotions obscuring or distorting it. I felt I saw, perceived and knew clearly with a sense of neutral observation free of judgment and stories.

Ariel Hafeman

I enjoyed this elixir. It was gentle but powerful. For me, it gave a sense of peace and non-attachment.