Cooking is like Sex + Other Plant-Based Chef Tips

May 07, 2019

EP 88: Cooking is like Sex + Other Plant-Based Chef Tips with Summer Sanders

In this episode Summer shares how the raw vegan diet can make you more rigid. She also shares her favorite superfoods, why cooking is like sex, how to listen to your body & tips for running your own business.

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We talk about:
  • How to make cooking fun + enjoyable when you’re exhausted (hint: cooking is like sex)
  • Why the raw food diet is a great cleanse, but not a lifelong diet + why - from Summer’s personal experience
  • How eating only raw food can make you more rigid in all areas of your life + the dangers of that for your body + mind
  • Why there is no set diet that works for everyone + how 100% Vegan is also not the answer
  • Summer’s all-time favorite superfoods + why: the benefits of cacao, collagen, cordyceps, pine pollen + barley/wheatgrass shots
  • Most popular delicious treats at her business: Local Juicery in Sedona + Flagstaff
  • Pregnancy + postpartum tips (Interested in flower essences for motherhood? Go here.)
  • How to really listen to your body
  • The cleanse that resets your body so you can trust your cravings
  • Craving vs. what you need
  • Sweet juices vs. green veggie juices
  • The importance of blessing your food + state of mind while cooking
  • Top 3 tips for running your own business
  • Raw + Radiant Book: quick recipes + desserts
  • New book coming out this year on June 21st: inner work, beauty recipes
  • Anxiety + one method to relax it
  • ***Yummy recipes on her blog include: Cordyceps + Rose Chocolate Almond Butter Cups, Chocolate hazelnut tart, Pumpkin hempseed milk, cleansing tonics, smoothies
More about Summer:

Summer Sanders is an author, plant-based chef, raw food enthusiast and founder of Local Juicery, an all organic cold-pressed juice bar and superfood kitchen located in Arizona. She is passionate about helping people bring more vibrant plant-based foods into their diets in a delicious and exciting way. Summer is known for her innovative recipes and simple, laid-back cooking style. She believes food should be fun, sensual and filled with love and greens.

She has contributed to The Chalkboard Mag, Our Body Book, Sakara Life, Mind Body Green and many more. Summer lives in Sedona, Arizona with her husband and 5-year-old son Henry. For fresh recipes and unique spins on healthy living, full body + mind wellness and motherhood, visit her website

Heather's Favorite Botanical: Morning Glory

Her words to describe Morning Glory, which also perfectly describe how she brings her gifts into the world: 

Vibrant, shy + medicinal.


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