Living Life with No Regrets

January 16, 2019

EP 69: Living Life with No Regrets with Sean Tierney

In this episode I meet up with an old friend visiting from Lisbon. We talk about the year he spent working + living in 12 countries + visiting 61 cities in 12 months with a group of 75 strangers who became his best friends. He talks about the nomadic lifestyle + walks us through ways to work remotely while living or traveling abroad.

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In this episode, we talk about all kinds of things:

  • The nomadic lifestyle + how the practice of living outside of your home country can accelerate personal growth
  • Remote working + the joy of traveling to make you laser-focused when you work
  • Minimizing regrets + living your ‘WHY’
  • Noticing when you’re in a rut + using travel to break you out of what’s not working
  • Gratitude, resilience + patience as outcomes of living in another country  
  • Daily meditation practice as compared to playing instruments + ‘finding the instrument that works for you’ 

More about Sean: Sean Tierney is host of Nomad Podcast, founder of Nomad Prep E-Course, alumni of Remote Year and director of sales for He’s traveled to 24 countries in the last two years + in his free time he goes kite-surfing, plays guitar + practices an Israeli form of self-defense called Krav Maga. 
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