FEB 2019: Moonshine Lunar Forecast

January 31, 2019


We've invited our dear friend + intuitive astrologer, Kristina Wingeier, back onto the #FlowerloungePodcast for the 13th episode of our MOONSHINE series + 72nd episode! 

On this episode of our MOONSHINE series, Kristina Wingeier + I dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar + flower elixirs I recommend for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!

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  • Practical mapping from the inside out

  • Air/Fire shifts to Earth/Water this month: do all your active planning + strategizing during the early part of the month, as things will slow down a little

Fri, Feb 1: Get things done during the early part of the month while Mars is still energized 

Sat, Feb 2: Fire Trine Venus + Uranus 

Sun, Feb 3: Venus moves into Capricorn until March 1st 
***Pay your taxes early!***

Mon, Feb 4th: NEW MOON + Chinese New Year’s Eve of Earth Pig Year 
Theme: Hope, creative tension, coming out of a stuck thinking, consider the balance of self + others: ‘what I want’ vs. collaboration/compromise.

Illuminates: Discovering your unique way of seeing the world + planting seeds for the future. 

Shadow-side: ‘What I want’, over-giving, overtaking

Venus in Capricorn: Reflect on vision + legacy in the areas of money, relationships + values

Links back to August 7th, 2017: think about what was happening during this day -- or around the day -- for a theme for what is happening, or what you’re revisiting Feb 4tH

Sun, Feb 10: Mercury moves into Pisces. Usually when Mercury moves through a sign it takes three weeks, but this time a retrograde is happening, so Mercury will be in Pisces for two months (going back and forth). What does this mean? INTUITIVE BOOTCAMP. If you can’t figure it out, go inside and feel your way through it.

You may feel overwhelmed with emotion or in a brain fog in terms of cognitive thinking. Alternatively, you may feel super creative and inspired.

Write poems, pick up old writing projects and work on concepts, dreaming and being inspired (not detailed editing).

Tues/Wed, Feb 12/13:  Mars Aries Uranus Conjunction gives Rocket Fuel - it will be action-packed + intense.  
There might be a little “I want …

Thurs, Feb 14:: We enter the Lotus Swamp as fire/air energy shifts into water/earth as Mars moves into Taurus. A bit like getting stuck in the mud … now we’ll slow down and pay attention. 

Tues, Feb 19: FULL SUPERMOON in Virgo
Theme: Practical Mapping from the Inside Out; finding structure + form 
Illuminates: Fresh insight, fresh reveal in the realms of practicality, organization or health + wellness. 

Mon, Feb 18: Intuitive Bootcamp heightened: Sun moves into Pisces + Uranus finally moves out of Pisces into Aries for the next 7-8 years, so we can all work on identity wounds. 

Mercury + Neptune in Pisces - 3-part play 
Go in and feel your way through. Be the surfer + ride the waves. Just be. Sensitivity will be heightened. Pay attention to dreams. Devote yourself to your spiritual practice. Be careful not to get wrapped up in illusion/delusion. Observe, observe, observe. Notice your personal growth or spiritual evolution. 

3-part play of Mercury + Neptune in Pisces 

  1. Feb 18: Mercury direct
  2. Mar 24: Mercury retrograde 
  3. April 2: Mercury direct 

Fri, Feb 22:: Vast, hopeful compassion with reality (figuring out: how do we make it work). 
Pluto Venus Conjunction: clarification, cleaning out, solidifying relationships, money, values + get down to business. 

Links back to Jan 9, 2018, last time there was a Venus Pluto conjunction. Big clarification. Revisit things in a conscious way. Activation of the south node means that there will be a letting go + a deeper mastery level. Also: see your chart where is 22 degrees Capricorn to see what kind of karma you’re clearing out. To be clear: you’re not re-experiencing or revisiting a particular emotional experience, rather that you’re asking yourself: how did I grow? 

Sat, Feb 23:: You may have the sensation of: “I understand now.” 

Wed, Feb 27:: Receive a little kick of energy, during the waning moon 


To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:


Magnifies: Electric action; attraction, clarity of purpose

Dissolves: Hesitation; lackadaisical attitude; getting caught in busy-ness


Magnifies: Determination, confidence, collaboration, realizing hidden strengths + talents, intuitive leadership, rapid expansion + growth; a leap toward your full potential; making the impossible possible. 

Dissolves: Limitations, fears around potential, compatibility issues, feeling like something is impossible, insecurity around capabilities. 

venus fly trap LOTUSWEI flower essences

*This elixir is only available in our 
6-month Flowerevolution Program 


Magnifies: Deeper appreciation for the preciousness of life; recognition of your own beauty. Openness, fearlessness + purification of limitations from the inside - out

Dissolves: Old habits + patterns; illusions, negativity, fear + attachment

 full bloom LOTUSWEI flower essences

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