JAN 2019: Moonshine Lunar Forecast

January 02, 2019


We've invited our dear friend + intuitive astrologer, Kristina Wingeier, back onto the #FlowerloungePodcast for the 12th episode of our MOONSHINE series + 67th episode! 

On this episode of our MOONSHINE series, Kristina Wingeier + I dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar, rituals + flower elixirs I recommend for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!

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  • Conscious commitments 

  • Taking responsibility for the life we're creating

  • Humanitarian perspective + nurturing the whole

  •  Staying on path + building

  • Eclipse season: weird endings, flash beginnings, surprises, pressure for our growth
Tuesday, January 1:: Moongate.
Venus + Basalmic Moon in Scorpio ~ if you wake up early on the 1st, around 5am, look to the eastern sky to see the moon + Venus very close to each other.

First week of January:: Let go.
Be aware of what you are physically + energetically leaving behind.
Tue-Wed, January 1-2:: Radical responsibility.
You may experience a slight heaviness (Sun Saturn conjunction) as you look at taking responsibility for your actions. Focus on what you're building by looking at what you'll NOT do anymore.
Friday, January 4:: Flash!
Experience a flash of insight (Mercury/Uranus/Aries)

NEW MOON on Saturday, January 5th: partial solar eclipse
Theme:: Consciously committing to 2019; Rethink, Re-write, Transform. 
Illuminates:: Letting go of structures or rules that don't work. Focus on the long game. Hone your daily nurturing disciplines. What structures will serve you? As North Node is in cancer during this eclipse, we'll be drawn to tending to our roots, as well as healing arts and love of humanity. 

Shadow-side::Overworking, keeping your head down so far that you aren't aware of the greater picture; self-sabotage.
Rituals:: Smoke offering or offer herbs to the earth (instructions on the podcast).

**Mark your calendars for July 16th (partial lunar eclipse) as a good day to check in with your progress (6 months to the year) to check alignment with intentions/beginnings from this new moon!

Sun, January 6th:: Momentum
ALL planets are direct. No excuses now! Use the energy to move forward. 
Astra inclinant, sed non obligant: the stars incline, but do not compel. 

Mon, January 7th:: Spicy!
Venus moves into Sagittarius: love life might get spicy ~ or go salsa dancing ;)
Tues, January 8th:: Tension of opposites.
Overthinking v.s. taking action. You're in a tug-of-war battle of wills between planning/overthinking + just taking action. Moving/being physical will liberate the tension.
Thurs, January 10th:: Extra dreamy.
Super awesome dreamy energy ... and "why did I walk into this room?" type spaciness. 
Fri, January 11th:: Deeeeep dive once/year.
Sun + Pluto conjunct for a subterranean discovery ~ shining light into the deeper recess of yourself. Treat your body well + be aware of the potential for power plays. 
Sun, January 13th:: Beginning of 3-part series in Misplaced Optimism.
Jan 13th, June 16th, Sept 21st -3-act play of (Jupiter, Neptune, Pisces) realization + understanding around illusions, delusions, fantasy, wanting things to be a certain way (but in reality they are not).
Mon, January 14th:: Energizing or stabilizing energy (or both). 
1st quarter moon in Aries.: midway point between eclipses.
Fri, January 18th:: Deep healing + very fiery.
Venus in Sag; Mars in Aries: Fire!


**See this eclipse from anywhere in the world as long as it's dark enough!
**January, February + March will all be huge super-moons!
 Final big test of courage to shine your light + follow your heart. What do you need to shed in order to embody your full capacity?

Illuminates:: Quick fulfillment of wishes. Courage to be seen. Tending your inner child.
Shadow-side:: I'm not getting what I want. Inner child wounds. 
Planetary Influences:: North Node in Cancer = Move toward nourishment.
Rituals:: Just be ... experience the energy of the full super-moon eclipse. If you feel drawn to looking at it, look at it. If you don't - take a bath, meditate or sit quietly + just experience it. 

Mon, January 21st:: Eclipse hangover - tension of fire/earth. 
Tension between your will and your responsibility (Mars in Aries + Saturn in Cap square)
Antidote: move your body if excess energy OR take a nap if depleted energy.
Tues, January 22nd:: Lucky day!
Buy a lottery ticket! Think outside the box and take your chances. Circulate + get into action - this is very lucky energy! (Mercury in Aquarius)
Fri, January 25th + all weekend:: Surge of confidence.
It's your time to shine! Let the fire strengthen you + shine, baby!
Tues, January 29th:: Ah-ha! Insight.
Mercury Cazimi: Write down all your ideas + insights. Be visionary. 
Thurs, January 31st:: Effortless Beneficial Creative Support.
3-act Play: Jan 31st, June 18th, Nov 8th
Last time this happened was 1995-1996! (Saturn in Cap; Neptune in Pisces sextile).
Theme: Unity of Spiritual + Material World. Make dreams a reality. Stick to what's important to you. Have faith in yourself. You can do it!


To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:


Magnifies: Directness, address priorities head on. Sudden insights.

Dissolves: Isolation, withdrawal, introversion, + lone ranger/avoidance patterns. 

Superpower: It teaches us how to say-it-like-it-is without hesitation.

silky fringe flower LOTUSWEI flower essences
*This elixir is only available in our 
6-month Flowerevolution Program 


Magnifies: Speaking your mind fearlessly.

Dissolves:Insecurities, hesitations, + fears.

Superpower: Helps us be more confident to ask for exactly what we want. 

truth teller elixir LOTUSWEI flower essences

*Experience TRUTHTELLER in BOOM collections in mists + bath salts! 
(Entire collection not available until February 15th)

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Whether you want to establish more efficient business practices, launch a program, write a book, plan for a major event or simply want to cultivate more in-tune-ment with your natal chart & celestial timing, aligning your actions with the lunar cycle can help you achieve your goals.


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