March 14, 2018


This is an extra special episode! This is the second episode of our new series every month called MOONSHINE, where we invite special guest Kristina Wingeier, an intuitive astrologer, to share her wisdom with us once a month, by providing a cosmic forecast for the upcoming lunar cycle. We will also be providing flowers + rituals to help you navigate through it!




 New Moon in Pisces (dreamy, sensitive, poetic) moves to Aries (fiery, direct, independent) 

New Moon in Pisces 3/17 - Saturday:

Challenging aspects:
Squares to Mars + Saturn might make you feel like things are not going your way.
Sun conjunct to Chiron might make you want to cry all day about it.

Breathe deeply, soften, use Infinite Love and rose quartz crystals. Buy yourself flowers, get a massage, or otherwise do something for YOU.
Connect with Venus and the Moon in the sky after sunset!

*March 20th - Spring Equinox!*

Mercury in Aries - usually very direct, frank communication. May not be as easy to access this, look to Mars (Aries ruler) in Capricorn for strategy. Think slow and steady.

Find the beginner’s mind - open your mind to exploration and play.

Invitation to get back to the purity of your childlike self.

Where is Aries in your chart? Look at the last seven years of your life where Aries has been. Uranus moving out of Aries; use the retrograde time to review those areas before Uranus moves out of Aries and into Taurus. Find out where Aries is in your personal chart and review the last seven years of your life in that area.

*Instead of getting hot-headed and impulsive, chill out + wait it out. If you notice the fiery energy rising to your head for a walk, go to the gym, jump on the trampoline or do some kind of movement to keep the energy moving and channeled in a constructive way. Let irritations pass before you open your mouth.*

Also, this time is about getting your needs met while finding harmony in relationships.

First Quarter Moon in Cancer 3/24 - Saturday:
Moon in Cancer all Weekend

Weekend rituals:

Enjoy comfort food and time at home. Make a nice meal with someone, pop some popcorn and watch a movie at home. Have a potluck - share nourishment and connect with loved ones. Feel your feelings, don’t stuff them away. If you get ‘crabby’, soften.  

Full Moon in Libra 3/31
Blue Moon Full Moon in Libra, ruled by Venus.

Spend quality time with friends or loved ones. Consider how you relate to other people in your life. A T-Square with Mars/Saturn may bring up some friction or struggles. How can you soften any rigidity? Venus is moving into Taurus to help smooth over any rough patches. Soften to create more harmony.

Weekend Rituals:
This weekend is a great time for beauty rituals - like a face mask!

Kristina’s favorite face/body mask: Avocado, honey, coconut oil (you can eat it too!)

Katie favorite face/body mask: Green clay with coconut milk (detoxifying + deeply nourishing)

Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn 4/8 - Sunday:

So many planets in Capricorn! Us the energy to take a social media break, let go of distractions, get into your zone. Do a tiny solo self-retreat to focus on your contribution to the world.

Weekend Rituals:
Consider vision boarding or planning the 2nd quarter of the year: April, May, June. Cut out excess activities and get focused in and clear about the structure that you’ll want this spring through June.

April 15th:
Mercury goes direct

Flower Elixirs mentioned in this episode:
Fierce CompassionInfinite Love, Wild Pansy, Shell Ginger

Instagram: @KristinaWingeier
Visit her website!

Follow her on Instagram: @iamkatiehess @lotuswei
LinkedIn: Katie Hess
Media Kit: Katie Hess, International

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