September 17, 2019


In this episode I welcome a colleague and a very dear friend of mine, women’s health psychiatrist, Dr. Kelly Brogan. I previously interviewed Kelly in one of my all-time favorite episodes titled, Ep 15: Telling the Truth in a World of Lies. This week Kelly releases her second book called Own Your Self, in which she explores what she calls the “five reversible physical drivers of so-called mental illness” and how to take a “deeper dive into the spiritual awakening and expansion that comes from reclaiming yourself from conventional medicine”.

In this episode she shares tips from the trenches related to her own life and practice. We talk specifically about getting curious about your wounds, understanding your defense mechanisms, and putting more value and importance on practices that amplify your radiance as opposed to productivity and intellect.

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We talk about:

  • How her move from NYC to Miami changed her life/work and helped her see her own inner turmoil: “I couldn’t blame the dark night of my soul on the winter, the subway, or some nasty New Yorker.
  • Our tendency to distract ourselves by staying busy in order to feel safe
  • Importance of sacred ritual, self-care, creativity and FUN
  • How making dance a priority uprooted her subconscious causes of physical pain, improved her mothering and spiced up her romantic relationship
  • The kind of terror that can surface when we try to become an adult and the practices she turns to for tending the heart
  • The importance of putting more value on radiance -- instead of productivity
  • How to work with your inner child to diffuse and heal triggers
  • Shifting the narrative of physical dis-ease from pharmaceutical medicine to: ‘this is me trying to tell me something.
  • The single most game-changing solution she’s seen in her clients: wheat and dairy
  • Other things to look for: blood sugar instability, thyroid dysfunction, B12 deficiency, micronutrient deficiency, medication reactions
  • How she recommends a one-month detox (eliminating sugar, wheat, dairy, processed foods, refined carbs, soy, corn)
  • People who can’t do a strict one-month detox can join her Vital Life program where they do one challenge each month for seven days together.
  • Turmeric latte and matcha examples of medicinal food
More about Kelly:

Kelly Brogan, is a Miami-based holistic women’s health psychiatrist, author of the NY Times Bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own,Own Your Selfthe children’s book A Time For Rain, and co-editor of the landmark textbook, Integrative Therapies for Depression. She completed her psychiatric training and fellowship at NYU Medical Center after graduating from Cornell University Medical College, and has a B.S. from MIT in Systems Neuroscience. She is board certified in psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, and integrative holistic medicine, and is specialized in a root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric syndromes and symptoms.

Dr. Brogan is on the board of GreenMedInfo, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, Functional Medicine University, Pathways to Family Wellness, NYS Perinatal Association, Mindd Foundation, SXSW Wellness, and the peer-reviewed, indexed journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. She is Medical Director for Fearless Parent and a founding member of Health Freedom Action. She is a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher and a mother of two.

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