Embracing the Mystery - From ICU Nurse to Energy Work

October 15, 2019

EP #114: Embracing the Mystery - From ICU Nurse to Energy Work with Karen Betten

In this episode, I talk with energy medicine practitioner Karen Betten of Limitless Living about her transition from ICU Nurse to energy work. She shares how certain emotions can cause physical issues, why Body Talk + the Franklin Method are instrumental in her practice + life, and how fight or flight stress can get locked in the body when you exercise.

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We talk about:

  • How while working for a surgeon, she noticed the link between digestive system and emotional state of mind of the person 
  • How she saw some Physicians using intuitive abilities to diagnose problems, and how that relates to her work with Bodytalk
  • How her own experience of pregnancy helped her realize how much power we have with our bodies
  • How her body fell apart with yoga -- and how physical movement practices like the Franklin Method and Bodytalk were instrumental for her
  • How fight or flight stress can get locked into the body when you exercise  
  • Her experiences with flower essences and her clients
  • How our emotions affect the physical body and how to shift the communication that occurs between body parts
  • How certain emotions can cause physical issues, i.e. knee pain (drive yourself due to fear of failure), liver/gallbladder issues (anger), kidney stones (balled up fear)
  • One practice for being able to release intense emotions - how to locate it, give it a color, texture and how to listen and learn from it
  • How Bodytalk got rid of her son’s cavities
More about Karen:

As far as titles go, Karen Betten has a few. She is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner with a Masters in Science from the University of Pennsylvania. She's also an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Yuen Method Practitioner and Franklin Method Instructor. Many of her most recent studies have no certifications - they are explorations and mastery of ancient wisdom from a variety of traditions and practices.

Karen founded Limitless Living for those seeking to explore the seen and unseen/known and unknown parts of the human experience as valid paths for transformation. Her work is an ever evolving practice in creating deep presence with all aspects of the human expression. She does this through an integration of a variety of cutting edge science, philosophies, ancient wisdoms and modalities to co-create a deep remembering of our own inner wisdom that is the guiding force creating our life experience.

Explore her work at karenbetten.com.

Karen's Favorite Botanical: Lily of the Valley

Her words to describe Lily of the Valley, which also perfectly describe how she brings her gifts into the world: 

Vibrant, sensual + powerful.


Follow her on Instagram: @limitlessliving_kb
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