Listen To Your Gut

October 26, 2017

EP #2: Listen To Your Gut with Jini Patel-Thompson

Have you ever had a gut issue or know someone who is living with a condition like IBS, Crohn's, Candida or Ulcerative Colitis? Truthfully, I think it's safe to say that we all know at least one person who is looking for an alternative approach to healthy freedom + gut relief. Jini empowers her people with the knowledge needed to face such life altering conditions and the means to connect with and listen to the amazing wisdom contained in your own gut.

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  • How Jini beat the odds after being told she will never be able to have kids or keep a career
  • How to identify what your gut could be telling you
  • Fusing conventional medicine + natural substances for true healing + balance
  • The connection between your mind and body and how nurturing this balance leads to business success
  • The best immune boosting unconventional substances
  • Communicating with your higher self to exist in pure joy
  • Using bone broth to soothe your stomach (for some of our favorite recipes click here!)
  • How to learn from animals + their greater wisdom
  • The Rainbow Paradigm of life

Jini Patel-Thompson is the author of 17 books and an internationally recognized expert on natural healing for digestive diseases. After healing herself of widespread Crohn’s Disease, people kept asking her how she did it. That led to her first book, Listen To Your Gut; which turned into 16 more books, over 300 health products and readers/customers in 60 different countries worldwide.

She has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows in the U.S. and Australia – giving people hope and vision for how they can heal their Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Jini has been completely drug and surgery-free for over 20 years now and over 80,000 people have used her program to heal their colitis, Crohn’s, diverticulitis and IBS using entirely natural methods.

Her success in the health arena, combined with 3 children and hobbies like painting, yoga and horses, led to her readers repeatedly asking her: “How do I get a life like yours?” An email from a former Navy Seal who was stone broke after selling his house and car to pay for medication that didn’t work, was the tipping point that spurred Jini to develop a program that teaches others how to build a successful Internet-based business – based upon their top talent, skill or field of interest. Her Listen To Your Freedom program was devised so that people with chronic illness, or young children, or who already have a job, can work at their own pace and gradually implement the building blocks of a successful online business.

Along with her businesses, Jini’s passion is her herd of 5 horses and she has built a vibrant community of Horse Listeners who gather together to share knowledge and stories of horses as fully sentient beings. Although Jini started the site for fun, it has grown to include four regular writers, a Facebook page, Instagram, a YouTube channel and many stimulating conversations on the blog.


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Follow her on Instagram: @iamkatiehess @lotuswei
LinkedIn: Katie Hess
Media Kit: Katie Hess, International

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Jini Patel Thompson
Jini Patel Thompson

October 27, 2017

Thanks Katie! I SO enjoy dialoguing with you because you are so open – in addition to all the experience and wisdom you bring to the conversation. Can’t wait to share this with my readers! xox


October 30, 2017

LOVE getting to speak with you! You’re such an inspiration and joy. Much love to you! xoxo

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