NOV 2018: Moonshine Lunar Forecast

October 31, 2018


We've invited our dear friend + intuitive astrologer, Kristina Wingeier, back onto the #FlowerloungePodcast for the 10th episode of our MOONSHINE series + 57th episode! 

On this episode of our MOONSHINE series, Kristina Wingeier + I dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar, rituals + flower elixirs I recommend for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!

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  • Change. Change. Change. 
  • Feeling: We've got a new vehicle; we're figuring out how to drive it
  • Antidote: Stay present + adapt
NEW MOON in Scorpio on Wednesday, November 7th

Theme:: Purify, generate, alchemy
Illuminates:: What is nourishing about our relationships?
Shadow-side:: I want it my way. I need to initiate this.
Rituals:: Bullet list of deep introspection. Review last year: what are the ways you got familiar with your own depths and roots of patterning (including manipulation)? What are you letting go of?


Jupiter moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius, from deep introspection to wisdom, blessings + possibly overindulgence. Look at your chart to see what house Sagittarius is in to find out what you might need to fire up or tamp down.

Thanksgiving in U.S. on Thursday, November 22nd

Sun goes into Sagittarius inspiring folks to be extra-indulgent (watch out for your belly!).The best way to maneuver Thanksgiving week snafu’s is to adapt and be playful. Mercury is retrograde, so folks will show up late, and there will be miscommunication. If the food isn’t ready, order Chinese!  Make jokes, sing and be the hummingbird that cheers people up. Let your inner child play. Be the trickster, because Full Moon in Gemini coming.

FULL MOON in Gemini on Friday, November 23rd

Theme:: Adapt, play, let your inner child out.
Illuminates:: Find new ways of communicating 
Shadow-side:: Watch out for the 'edge' in your jokes; make sure humor stems from joy + connection rather than sarcasm.
Rituals:: Take a bath. Soak in water. Enjoy the holiday weekend. Play more!

Neptune goes direct on Saturday, November 24th 

Neptune has been retrograde for 5 months. The planet of inspiration, Neptune magnifies intuition, beauty + big dreams! Now is a perfect time to dive into new creative projects!


To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:


Magnifies: Clear boundaries. Ability to draw the line. Mental sharpness. Fierce awareness. Knowing your worth. We’ll look at what is draining our time and energy ~ this flower elicits our fierce strength and beneficial lack of tolerance. Sharpens our tongues

Dissolves: Self-doubt, overwhelm, being taken advantage of, someone/thing draining you.

Superpower: Ability to detect subtle energetic disturbances, when someone is draining you (they may not even know that they are); being able to do or say whatever necessary to cut that drainage; can even maintain the relationship in some cases because you’ve removed the harm from it.

How the flower will help us make the most of the astrology: Neptune direct clears confusion about boundaries. Helps us express the truth of our soul. Venus direct brings forward the new or refreshed value system explored during the retrograde. Jupiter moving into Sagittarius wants no boundaries, wants freedom. Liberates honest/blunt communication. Shift of collective focus with the nodal shift, North Node in Cancer wants safety (boundaries) and emotional nurturing. skyrocket flower LOTUSWEI flower essences*This elixir is only available in our 6-month Flowerevolution Program if you sign up before October 14th. 


Magnifies: Motivation; insight; fearless creativity

Dissolves: Procrastination; creative blocks; shyness of ideas

How the flower will help us make the most of the astrology:Helps us spring into action, magnifies clarity and trust in our intuition. Being okay being decisive with no other reason than intuition. Get more and more comfortable with trusting your own intuitive decision making + wayfinding. 

inspired action set LOTUSWEI flower essences

*Experience Inspired Action with a flower elixir, aura mist, balancing serum+ anointing oil!

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