OCT 2018: Moonshine Lunar Forecast

October 01, 2018


We've invited our dear friend + intuitive astrologer, Kristina Wingeier, back onto the #FlowerloungePodcast for the 9th episode of our MOONSHINE series + 52nd episode! 

On this episode of our MOONSHINE series, Kristina Wingeier + I dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar, rituals + flower elixirs I recommend for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!

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  • Listen to your heart
  • Healing old wounds
  • Taking care of your body (more than usual)
NEW MOON in Libra on Monday, October 8th
Theme:: Revealing truths + assessing nourishment in relationships
Illuminates:: The balance of receiving + giving in relationships 
Shadow-side:: You might experience loss
Rituals:: Can you speak your partner's love language (according to Gary Chapman there are five- find the book here!)? Are you able to articulate your own love language? Are you feeling nourished in relationships that you're involved in? Dive deep into understanding your relationships by asking these important questions. This is the perfect time to revisit past experiences (the ones that you usually shy away from thinking about, yep those ones) + assess how they're affecting your current relationships. Is there an old wound that hasn't fully healed? When these feelings surface, we recommend trying vocal expression to move you past the energy that you haven't let go of. Try humming to yourself or singing a song as loud as you can in your car, or reading your poetry aloud!


FULL MOON in Taurus on Wednesday, October 24
Theme:: Be with your five senses
Illuminates:: Speaking the truth of your heart
Shadow-side:: There's going to be a pulling of energy in different directions. You can experience joy + also grief by paying closer attention to these areas of your heart.
Rituals:: Take care of your body- okay, no-brainer right? But it's exceptionally crucial to take care of yourself during this time period. Now is the time to take a long walk in nature (without your phone) (but safety first- so tell someone where you're going), take a nourishing bath... you get the idea! It's also important to fill your body with nourishing foods. Energy you put in is energy you get out so be more mindful of what you eat throughout the day.

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To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:



Magnifies: Deeper understanding of vocal healing / Vocal expression. Making an impact with your voice / Sound healing.

Dissolves: Stuck energy in the throat. Inability to express oneself. Shyness/pain/suffering/violation stuck in the throat. Verklempt.

Superpower: Liberation through sound.

It helps us more deeply understand the healing qualities of sound, and makes us more aware of the effects of different sounds on ourselves, others and the environment. It enhances our ability to be better listeners as well as more aware of the effects of our vocal expression. It expands our potential as healers + change-makers by helping us explore the ability of sound to expand our auras. We also become more aware of the healing power of the sounds in our environment, such as birds, insects, frogs and cicadas.

stream orchid LOTUSWEI flower essences


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Flashes of insight, space for inner wisdom to arise, healing old traumas, divine timing
Magnifies: Mindful-awareness; fresh perspective; synchronicity; compassion + open-heartedness; spiritual awareness + awakening
Dissolves: Impatience + frustration; attachment + longing; feeling disconnected, especially from your spiritual life; negativity, despair + darkness



boundless wisdom LOTUSWEI flower essences


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