December 05, 2019


In a country where one of the leading causes of death isproperly prescribed medications, the fact that there are 200 years of recorded safe use (zero harm) of homeopathic medicine is incredibly meaningful. 

In this episode I talk with Ellie Whalen, founder of Sprayology homeopathic remedies for the last 20 years. We talk about the most important remedies for preventative health and wellness, including for digestion, hangover, stress, lack of sunshine, cold/flu, environmental toxins and sleep. She describes where homeopathy comes from, how long it’s been around and how it works. She values finding the root cause of imbalances and the importance of a preventative lifestyle wellness, rather than waiting until we’re sick to nourish ourselves. 

In this episode, Ellie and I talk about her experience running a business with homeopathy. Which remedies are folks most drawn to, how her business and people’s needs have shifted over the years and what it takes to grow a wellness business today.

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We talk about:

  • #1 causes of modern depletion: stress, medications, alcohol, caffeine
  • How homeopathy works: like treats like
  • Common examples of homeopathy (vaccines)
  • The power of listening to your body
  • Prevention vs. waiting until it’s too late
  • Most-needed remedies for: stress, sleep, bone health, allergies, digestion, cold/flu, hair and nails, daily life detox
  • How the long-term success of spa industry depends on authentic wellness concepts
  • The importance of vitamins B12 and D3
  • Fierce challenges of running a business and how to overcome them
More about ELLIE:

Ellie Whalen believed at the core she was healthy, but was taking multiple conventional medicines daily to deal with asthma, fatigue and stress. She realized that she was still not experiencing the health she was seeking. While searching for options she realized that homeopathy and natural products in general were not easy to understand, find consistently effective or find enjoyable to use. These experiences and her desire to modernize homeopathy led to the foundation of Sprayology. Ellie chose homeopathy as her daily option to become healthier because it’s effective, safe, has no side effects and can be taken with other medicines. Sprayology makes the experience of using homeopathy both effective and enjoyable.


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