Cacao Flower: Plant Ally for Nourishment

May 20, 2020


Have you ever wondered where chocolate comes from? 
Do you know about the alchemical process to get cacao fruit into chocolate? 
Have you seen the flower of the chocolate tree? 
Have you ever wondered what is a healing crisis and what does it feel like? 
Do you ever wonder why you self-sacrifice or put off fulfilling your needs? 

In this episode I talk about the magic of the Cacao flower, the value of healing crises and the importance of making yourself and your nourishment priority #1 in order to create the human embodied stability necessary in order to experience rapid personal growth. 



  • The importance of chocolate in our culture & visiting a cacao farm in Costa Rica
  • Personal insights and stories from working with the Cacao flower elixir
  • How we self-sacrifice and suppress our most common basic human needs
  • How our external world is a reflection of our inner world
  • What my mild healing crisis with Cacao felt like
  • Cacao flower essence as a catalyst to help us trust ourselves and our inclinations
  • What is a healing crisis, what it feels like, how long it lasts, what’s actually happening
  • Ask yourself: when do you put yourself and your needs on the backburner?
  • The magic of cacao/dark chocolate and its mysterious ability to balance us during transformative times
  • How Cacao flower teaches us to nourish ourselves and be in alignment, so we can evolve more quickly
  • Importance of stabilizing our energetic bodies by caring for our human physical bodies
  • The power of dedications

Curious to know more about the Cacao flower essence? 



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Lisa Felisky
Lisa Felisky

May 27, 2020

Thank you Katie for such a thorough explanation of how using flower essences to break up obsolete patterning might be experienced on a physical/emotional/mental/spiritual level as a healing crisis. I have just begun understanding this myself and your insights clarified it for me.

While I was pondering the unusual growth habit of the cacao flower and pods from the trunk of the tree rather than the branches, it came to me that perhaps this is how they develop their abilities to support us, as they grow from the stable part of the tree, the trunk.

The trunk serves as the bridge between the roots in the Earth (the physical) and the branches in the air (the spiritual), providing strength and flexibility to weather wind and storms, channels for water/nutrients and Earth energy, growing taller and wider as the tree transforms, matures, and spreads taller and wider.

Perhaps the cacao flowers inherit these properties from the trunks and provide a similar service to us as trunks do for trees – assisting in our grounding, stabilization, flexibility, and bringing awareness of our requirements/nutrients/priorities to support or personal growth and spiritual transformation?


May 25, 2020

Thank you! You’re right. Nothing wrong with margaritas or hiding in the closet watching netflix. I just meant, when my best friend needed my help, I wasn’t going to do those things. What you’re saying is precisely the wisdom of the Cacao flower elixir. ; )


May 25, 2020

Hi Sonia! Thanks for listening to the podcast! You can learn more about our retreats at So far we’ve only done retreats in Costa Rica, but would LOVE to host retreats in Southeast Asia in the future! If you sign up for updates on that page, you will be the first to know of our next one. xoxo


May 25, 2020

Just listened to your yesterday podcast on the cacao flower. Have heard you speak briefly before, and am most impressed with your self. A beautiful energy you personify. Seems we also share a similar spiritual path. Curious about the retreats you lead in Costa Rica, and wonder if you lead tours/retreats to India?


May 25, 2020

I don’t think going to have a margarita or hiding in your closet if the world feels overwhelming is selfish. One doesn’t have to conflate self care with the needs of others to be valid. Your own self care for its own sake is a worthy and necessary endeavor.

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