Change Your Mind with Plants

June 19, 2019

EP #95: Change Your Mind with Plants with Brian Holley + Katie Hess

In this episode, I interviewed Brian Holley, former director of the Naples Botanical Garden in Florida. We talk about horticulture therapy and saving endangered plant species. At the end I talk about nine flower essences that we collected at the garden.

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We talk about:

  • How botanical gardens were historically arranged + ways they are doing it differently by collaborating with eco-designers, restoration ecologists + wellness programmers
  • Therapeutic horticulture offerings for kids with special needs, folks with Alzheimer's, individuals with visual challenges + more
  • How they transformed their site from being covered in invasive species to a garden of native plants + a refuge from the crazy world
  • Utilizing plants to change visitors states of mind: allowing people to just be in a place to come back to their childlike essence
  • Giving back to the community by growing produce to go to the homeless shelters

Brian has spent over 40 years working in botanical gardens developing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the myriad pleasures of plants. Some of his favorite projects are: The Green Corps, an urban farming project started in 1998 in Cleveland (He was awarded the Key to The City of Cleveland for this project). Today it employs over 100 urban youth on six farms in Cleveland; The Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association, he was the founding president in 1987. Today there are over 175 members in Canada and around the world working to improve people’s quality of life through plants; The Elizabeth and Nona Evans Restorative Garden at Cleveland Botanical Garden, was one of the
first public gardens to be designed both as an active program space for horticultural therapy programs and a sublime respite from urban chaos. He also oversaw the design and building of Cleveland Botanical Garden and Naples Botanical Garden.

Brian's Favorite Botanical: Gaillardia

Brian's words to describe Gaillardia, which also perfectly describe how he brings his gifts into the world: 

Very, Very Cheerful :)

Here are the essences I talk about in this episode:

JADE VINEThis is great if you are hypersensitive to the world around you. When you don’t want to go to an event because you actually have to engage with people, you feel like the outside world is overwhelming and you just want to hide. Jade Vine helps you feel like you can freely engage with people without it affecting your energy. Experience the elixir here.

BLACK BAT: Great for when you tend to go with the flow too often, when you're afraid of the power behind your own anger.  Black Bat helps you face your anger, channel ferocity into advocacy for yourself + others and speak your mind. Experience the elixir here.

CLOCK VINE: When you're ready to stop hiding how you really feel about something, this helps you with total freedom to reveal to yourself and others what's inside. Clock Vine helps when you're not trying to cover up the feelings about something, but rather allows you to be vulnerable and therefore able to courageously look at what’s not working in your life. Experience the elixir here.

SARACA: When you are feeling like there’s all the time in the world.  Saraca is especially helpful when you’re taking care of someone you love or a pet that’s close to death and you have that feeling that there’s not enough time. It gives you the sense that there’s all the time in the world and helps you stay present. Experience the elixir here.

ROSE OF VENEZUELA: Great for breakthroughs and cutting through others’ programming that something can’t be done. Not allowing yourself to be influenced by others who say, “you can’t do that”.  Rose of Venezuela provides aid in fearless action regardless of what others think. Experience the elixir here.

SHOWER OF ORCHIDS: The antidote for when you feel like you don’t have a purpose or that you’re undervalued or inadequate. If you have fear of aging or that you won't make the impact that you want to in life, Shower of Orchids helps you have a profound understanding of your value and contribution in the world.  Helps you to experience that being is more powerful than doing. Experience the elixir here.

RED CUP WATER LILYWhen you feel unable to receive help or feel like you can do it all yourself and then get depleted or you notice yourself hesitating or holding back. Red Cup Water Lily enhances your ability to step into a bigger version of yourself, embrace your leadership qualities and to understand the divine feminine and masculine. Experience the elixir here.

GIANT SPIDER LILY: Helps lighten your load, when you have a long to-do list that feels burdensome, feeling like life is a struggle or overcomplicating things. With Giant Spider Lily everything feel easy + light. Experience the elixir here.

SHELL GINGER: Great for imagination and out of the box, wild possibilities. Shell Ginger helps to see your vision into reality when you experience scarcity mindset or become influenced by others’ limited way of thinking. Experience the elixir here.


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