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Why is Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar in Chocolate Better for You?

We're so thrilled to announce that we have fully transitioned to organic coconut blossom sugar! 

What does this mean to you?

First, you’ll notice an even richer, more carmel-ly, fruity taste to the chocolate itself. Coconut sugar comes from the flowers of the coconut tree, tapped for their nectar. 

The sticky liquid is boiled down and dehydrated, revealing a totally natural, better-than-brown-sugar sweetener that has become the darling of the health world. Coconut sugar is higher in minerals like iron, zinc, calcium and potassium, as the nectar of the flower is supercharged with nutrients.

Why is coconut blossom sugar better for you? 

Coconut sugar is remarkably low glycemic, compared to cane sugar. Glycemic index refers to how foods affect blood sugar - the lower number, the less we experience unhealthy spikes and drops in blood sugar. Cane sugar rates 60 on the glycemic index scale, whereas coconut blossom sugar is around 35 - what a difference! 

For those familiar with glycemic load (which takes into account how much of the food we are likely to eat at one sitting), having two pieces of Wei of Chocolate would yield a Glycemic Load of 1.4. Since anything between 1-10 is considered low glycemic, again, it’s notably healthy, and many people remark that the chocolate has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar.

For people who follow the Paleo eating philosophy, coconut sugar is one of the accepted sweeteners, so share this information with your Paleo friends.

Why did we choose Organic Coconut Sugar?

We are committed to creating the most positively impactful experience for everyone’s health and well-being. We’ve had our eye on the sweetener for a long time. And while our amazing chocolate has only 2 grams of organic sugar per piece (half as much as a serving of ketchup!) it is not enough to trigger an insulin response (and spike blood sugar). It’s our mission to provide the most healthful and sublime chocolate experience.

All of our flavors are made with organic coconut sugar, and we invite you to explore the richness of flavor that coconut blossom sugar provides.

Love + coconut sugar,