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One-on-One Meditation Consultations: the Launch of Wei Wisdom! December 12 2016, 0 Comments

With a warm and joyful heart, I am pleased to announce the birth of Wei Wisdom - the vehicle by which I’m now offering one-on-one meditation consultations for those who are curious about how meditation might be helpful to them, or for those who are already meditating, and wish to revitalize and fine-tune their practice.

Many of you know that 30 years ago I went to Asia, and I lived there for 11 years, studying & practicing meditation. It was a special time - many of the greatest meditation masters of the 20th century had escaped from Tibet, and were living in exile in the Himalayas.  

I was fortunate to immerse myself in that world and see firsthand the impact it makes when people spend a lifetime committed to meditation. The benefits are palpable - when you walk into a room, you can feel the difference. These are the joyful ones, the light-hearted ones, the kind, loving and yes, powerful ones. 

All the good qualities we aspire to (and sometimes feel are unattainable) are nourished & revealed by meditation.

After many years thinking that I could not hope to help others until I had attained the awe-inspiring state of my teachers, I realized that actually, today is enough. I have 30 years of being human + meditating, and so that is what I offer: insight into the experience of being human & meditating, and the compassion for self that can arise because of that endeavor.

If that sounds interesting to you, this is an invitation to explore, with a longtime practitioner, what this means for you in your life.

As a gift, I’m offering 15 minute get-to-know-each-other slots. Book yours HERE. After that, if it feels like a fit, we can meet on a consultation basis for a 45-60 minute session to deepen the work. I’ll also hold space in my weekly schedule for 20 minute check-ins and/or 40 minute sessions to continue the work for those who find it meaningful.

If this is what you've been looking for, or you're curious, feel free to reach out to me at so we can chat.

Book Your Wei Wisdom Meditation Consultation December 12 2016, 0 Comments

Meditation just for you November 22 2016, 4 Comments

I am pleased to announce I am offering one-on-one meditation consultations for those who are curious about how meditation might be helpful to them.

This past week, I was blessed to be on tour with the Lotuswei team. As many of you know, Katie Hess, my best friend, wrote a book called Flowerevolution about her body of work with flower elixirs or flower remedies. She spoke movingly to people from coast to coast about how the flowers are powerful tools of transformation that catalyze personal growth. We hosted Flowerlounge gatherings to launch the book in New York, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

Everywhere we went, as we engaged with people, it became clear that many are experiencing an unexpected state of challenge and stress, and need new ways to negotiate this wave of change. It also became clear that we are on the verge of a tremendous opportunity to rise to a new level of engagement with our ideals, our world, and our highest potential.

In response, I’d like to offer some practices to support and stabilize from the point of view of a longtime practitioner.
As a gift, I’m offering 5 free slots to the first to respond. After that, if it feels relevant, I will continue to hold space in my weekly schedule to meet on a consultation basis with those who find meaning in this work.

If this is what you've been looking for, or you're curious, feel free to reach out to me at so we can chat.

Join us for a Full Moon Chocolate Party! March 23 2016, 0 Comments

Have you ever wanted to try meditation (or make it more regular) but didn't know how to make it effortless? We'll cover that, share stories, and learn something new.

We’ll gather online using something called Zoom that allows us to see each other, interact, and have some fun. Interested? Please come & look!

It's an online event every month. Click Here to get the notification.

You can join from your computer (with a camera!), or download the Zoom app to your phone so we can all see each other. 

Interested? Please come & look - it’ll be fun!

Chocolate for Valentine's Day! February 01 2016, 0 Comments

If you're looking for the best chocolate for Valentine's Day - and you delight in organic chocolate, vegan chocolate or dark chocolate, pop your name on this list right away to be included in our special offers - they'll appear in your email box soon!

Join Us January 11th! December 24 2015, 0 Comments

Mark your calendar!

On Monday, January 11th, I'm honored to be part of a special event on Periscope and in-person in Phoenix, AZ with three other women entrepreneurs and I'd LOVE to see you there!

There will be a panel discussion about collaboration, community and how to deepen your positive impact in the world (with a little organic chocolate, flower elixirs + meditation). 
We'll be talking about business, social media, transformation, doing what you love + how to jump onto a cutting edge new platform that puts worldwide livestream TV at your fingertips.

If you're not in Phoenix, you can watch the 
Click here for more information & to register.

In the meantime, have a warm & toasty holiday season, and enjoy some much-deserved rest & fun. 

Take care,

Order Stocking Stuffers Now to Arrive Before Christmas! December 18 2015, 0 Comments

We're offering a special treat if you order by 6am Monday morning, Dec. 21st - a 9 piece organza bag with one of (almost!) every flavor + a brochure, that will arrive before Christmas if the USPS Priority Mail is on our side!

It's been a big year and the elves are working overtime to make more of your favorite flavors. We're out of Wei Relaxed at the moment, but plan to have it finished this weekend to ship out again by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. In the meantime, expect that the 9 pieces in that bag will be one of everything we have in stock, plus an extra green one (peppermint!) if we're still out of the blue ones ... 

9pc organza

Holiday Sales! November 30 2015, 1 Comment

Are you on our VIP Email List? If you are, you get the codes for our sales. If not, get on the list quick for the next one! Get on our VIP List + Get the 3 Quick Secrets to Eating Healthy Chocolate Every Day

Take me to the Chocolate!

Wei of Chocolate Launches New Packaging June 18 2015, 0 Comments

We’re so happy to announce our brand new beautiful box! We wanted to create a fitting home for your special chocolate - a rich brown eco-friendly paper box to keep your lovelies ready for those nurturing moments. 

We believe that you deserve a luscious, 2 minute break where you can revel in the deliciousness of the present moment, returning to balance with body & mind. Where you can nurture yourself, care for yourself and recalibrate so that you can continue to do the great things that are unique to you, with increased awareness and effectiveness.

That’s why we came up with energetically infused chocolate that’s designed as a trigger to help us rebalance throughout the day, in bite-sized 2 minute meditations. 

Your chocolate deserved a better home, though - one that reflected the beauty and care that we pour into every piece. One that explained our vision, and better supported you in taking that break that we all need, but too seldom do.

Today, we welcome you to the unveiling of our new packaging, and the launch of the 30 piece box. We have 9 single flavor boxes, plus the wildly popular assortment - All the Wei.

It only makes sense to have 30 pieces in the box, so you can make time for a chocolate meditation break at least once a day! Each piece is labeled, too, so you can take a moment to pause as you open it, and reflect on the what you’d like to create in the moments that follow. 

This same box will now be used for the chocolate subscriptions - so you can choose whether you’d like one, two or three boxes per month, delivered automatically to your door.

Thanks so much for joining us, as we hold the vision of a better world through the mindful peace of chocolate. Enjoy!

Wei of Chocolate debuts Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar Chocolate! February 02 2015, 3 Comments

We are so thrilled to announce that Wei of Chocolate is now transitioning to organic coconut blossom sugar! 

What does this mean to you?

First, you’ll notice an even richer, more carmel-ly, fruity taste to the chocolate itself. Coconut sugar comes from the flowers of the coconut tree, tapped for their nectar. 

Coconut Flowers

The sticky liquid is boiled down and dehydrated, revealing a totally natural, better-than-brown-sugar sweetener that has become the darling of the health world. Coconut sugar is higher in minerals like iron, zinc, calcium and potassium, as the nectar of the flower is supercharged with nutrients.

Why is coconut blossom sugar better for you? 

Coconut sugar is remarkably low glycemic, compared to cane sugar. Glycemic index refers to how foods affect blood sugar - the lower number, the less we experience unhealthy spikes and drops in blood sugar. Cane sugar rates 60 on the glycemic index scale, whereas coconut blossom sugar is around 35 - what a difference! 

For those familiar with glycemic load (which takes into account how much of the food we are likely to eat at one sitting), having two pieces of Wei of Chocolate would yield a Glycemic Load of 1.4. Since anything between 1-10 is considered low glycemic, again, it’s notably healthy, and many people remark that the chocolate has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar.

For people who follow the Paleo eating philosophy, coconut sugar is one of the accepted sweeteners, so share this information with your Paleo friends.

 Why did we change a good thing?

At Wei of Chocolate, we are committed to creating the most positively impactful experience for everyone’s health and well-being. We’ve had our eye on the sweetener for a long time. Our previous formulation had only 2 grams of organic cane sugar per piece (half as much as a serving of ketchup!) and while it is not enough to trigger an insulin response (and spike blood sugar), it’s our mission to provide the most healthful and sublime chocolate experience.

So far, eight of our nine flavors have made the transition: Wei Love, Wei Gratitude, Wei Peace, Wei Beautiful, Wei Inspired, Wei Relaxed, Wei Radiant & Wei Pure. Soon, Wei Joyful will also embrace coconut blossom sugar. We think you’ll agree that this is an exciting move forward, and invite you to explore the richness of flavor that coconut blossom sugar provides.


An Invitation September 04 2013, 0 Comments

You have the chance to be part of a movement.

A movement where people take back control of their lives, their health, their happiness.

Have you ever felt that life was moving too fast, not enough time, out of control?

Take a breath, now. We can't go on till you do.


That's the first step to freedom.

Freedom is just a breath away, one breath at a time.

Will you join me on this path?

I promise you it will be fun, challenging and insightful.