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On Life + Chocolate

New Flavor: Black Sesame Salt Chocolate! It's Limited Edition! August 27 2020

Are you ready? It's nutty, buttery, salty and W😍W! There's something so satisfying about the new Black Sesame Salt Dark Chocolate!

Maybe it's the comforting texture, so rich and full. Or the surprise of the sesame seeds that go crunch at the end. Or the flakes of black lava salt that combine with the natural nuttiness of the seeds to evoke a nut-buttery finish. Whatever it is, this unusual flavor is Limited Edition, so get it HERE while you can!

Black Sesame Seeds are renowned in Asia for their health benefits - which makes this awesome flavor even better! They're rich in minerals like magnesium, selenium & zinc; and have a healthy fat profile. They do all the things luscious dark chocolate does for you, too, so it's supercharged with goodness — antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory, good for your heart, helps relieve stress. What more could you want in a delicious, two-minute, melt-in-your-mouth morsel?

But wait, there's more! 😄

We infused this Black Sesame Salt Chocolate with two special flower elixirs from the LOTUSWEI flower essence vault that are featured in their exclusive Flowerevolution program:

Taiwanese Azalea helps us see that our highest creative expression serves the world as a profound offering; therefore, there is no reason to feel guilt, selfishness or hold back in our endeavors. It dissolves feeling stuck or stagnant, overwhelm or holding back. It magnifies creative vision so we can see there are a multitude of ways to attain our wishes.

Purple Wishbone illuminates and dissolves deep, subconscious fears, and helps remove their charge so we can feel at peace. When we’re stricken by fear, we cannot perceive the world around us clearly. With Purple Wishbone, we have a greater capacity to listen and perceive with neutrality, dissolve a subtle layer of confusion, and overcome our fear of being judged so that we can speak our truth more freely. It also restores our sense of interconnectedness, which brings a natural feeling of safety.

Make sure you get some Black Sesame Salt Dark Chocolate before we run out! Order it HERE.


Shift your day with a Chocolate Meditation February 06 2020

This Valentine's Day, treat yourself to a brief guided meditation - with or without chocolate - and you'll surely feel a shift in your day ~

The focus on ❤️ can remind us to soften our hearts, both toward ourselves & others. Take a moment to appreciate yourself, right now. Yes, now!

Ahhh. Even a moment can shift your day. Scroll down for a guided meditation.

While this meditation mentions Wei Love, you can use any of our flavors, or even just visualize! We'd like to help you do this more often, with chocolate! 😉

Pull out your earphones & click the arrow below to melt into mindfulness & enjoy a chocolate meditation ~

Join us for our Chocolate Deep Dive! December 30 2019

While everyone else is doing their 3-day Detox, Cleanse, Boot camp or Challenge …

Why don’t we try something new?

Let’s explore … relax … sink in … and do a deep dive into chocolate!

Join our Deep Dive List!

* indicates required

Over the Christmas holiday, I did some serious research as I wouldn’t want to invite you into uncharted territory!

I wondered, what would I learn if I ate a substantial amount of chocolate over a 2-3 day period, with awareness? One could almost call it a chocolate retreat

And the results surprised me! 😄

So I’d love to invite you to join me, so that we can play, explore and melt into our true nature together!

And while this may seem extravagant at first blush, I checked out some of the other programs that are being offered right now, and found that you could:

- Do a Colon Cleanse for $144
- Get a 3-day Juice Fast for $99
- Try a 3 day supply of powdered packets to drink for $68 plus shipping & handling

Or, you could can get a 50-piece bag of the best chocolate on earth for $62 and have a GREAT time with us! Set aside a few minutes on your calendar on Friday, Jan. 31st, Saturday, Feb. 1st & Sunday, Feb. 2nd. We'll record the sessions, but if you can join us live, it would be awesome to see you!

We’ll be connecting by email & Zoom during our deep dive, and you know that chocolate people are fun! Click here to get on the list!

Almond Butter filled Wei Indulgent is Back! December 02 2019

Wei Indulgent almond butter cups organic dark chocolate

Wei Indulgent has to be our most requested chocolate ever. We made them once, years ago, and the palate never forgets! Smooth, creamy, delicious - omg I want one now, but I've run out again! Don't let this happen to you! These are Limited Edition, so enjoy them while you can.

The creamy vegan filling is infused with flower remedy of Gardenia, which helps us embrace the parts of ourselves that we might see as flaws. Like the part that likes to indulge, and then feels guilty! What would it be like to slow down, savor, enjoy and be guilt-free? Here's the perfect chance to practice that!

Click below and listen to the meditation designed for Wei Indulgent - whether yours has arrived yet or not. You can find it here.

Grand Reopening Celebration! September 14 2019

We're Back! 🎉

Please join us in celebrating our GRAND REOPENING, starting NOW!  It FEELS so GOOD to be BACK! 😄

If you're one of our beloved customers, then I think you know what I mean when I say that this chocolate is magical ... ✨💫 and if you're not YET, then this is the perfect time to try our wonderful chocolate!

Since I received mine on Wednesday, I've been REVELING in it like never before! It soothes and supports; it grounds and delights. The purity of the ingredients never disappoints. I'm so looking forward to you getting some back in your life, to bring you more joy and ease!

It's been a long summer, so to reward your patience, from Now till Wednesday, Sept. 18th, enjoy 10% off automatically deducted at the Shopping Cart - No Coupon Required - and FREE SHIPPING on orders $40+!

As we're getting back in the groove, not every flavor is available in every size, and quantities are limited. First come, first served, so go HERE now and get your goodies!

We're so grateful to offer this to the world, especially now, especially for you. Thank you for traveling this path with us 🙏🏼 It's my wish that this chocolate be a blessing for you on your path to awakening — from shifting your day to  embracing your greatest expression, whatever that is💗

With joy,

Lisa & the Wei team

We're almost back! 🎉 September 06 2019

We’ve missed you and are so happy to be back in touch! It’s been a long summer, hasn’t it? Last May seems like an eon ago, and a lot has transpired since we paused for our manufacturing & shipping transition. I hope you’re well, and thriving, and that your chocolate has brought you moments of comfort, solace and insight over the last few months.

Sunset this week as we waited to see if Hurricane Dorian would turn ...

The great news is that we are in the final stages of settling into our new manufacturing & fulfillment, and we’ll send out info soon about how & when you can restock. If you’ve already run out, my sincere apologiesI know that was my greatest fear that my own chocolate stash wouldn’t last till we were shipping again! 😱

Let me know if you’ve run out by emailing me at, and tell me what flavor you’re missing the most because we want to take that into account as we prioritize our next batch.

Daily chocolate meditation brings peace and joy

The last months have been interesting & challenging. One thing I learned is that I was dead wrong about the amount of chocolate one a day is not enough! ‘In the wild,’ I found my minimum daily dosage was more often 4 or 5!

As I weathered the challenges and uncertainties of the last few months, my requirement of chocolate grew. Every time I needed a ‘level up’ a conscious awareness that I needed to bring more to a situationthe chocolate gave me the pause, the focus, the nourishment to embrace each challenge with more presence, more patience, more clarity. I just can’t see limiting that now to only once or twice a day.
I started to wonder where I got that crazy ideathat I could only have one a dayand realized that it was part of the scarcity mentality I’ve been working through. I was secretly worried that somehow I didn’t deserve to have what I wanted, and that they were too expensive and people would reject my crazy ideas.
Do you ever feel like that? If you do, I'd like to invite you to join me in seeing what it’s like to overcome our limiting thoughts, and give ourselves the gift of as many pieces of chocolate a day as we need. I promise we'll try to make that as easy as possible!

Healthy chocolate lowers blood pressure and relieves stess

Let me explain with a story. A year ago, I left Phoenix where I live, to come to a small town in central Florida to visit my parents for 5 weeks. In the heat of the summer, all their friends & neighbors go north so they feel isolated & alone. They're in their 90s, and generally doing well. My mom lost her legs a few years ago, and motors around in a scooter; my dad took over the kitchen and learned how to cook in his late 80s.

A day after I returned to Phoenix last September, my mom crashed into the piano and flipped her scooter. She didn’t regain her former strength or clarity; my dad was no longer able to care for her by himself. I returned to Florida and the 5 weeks has become 55. Caring for my folks has become my practice, my devotion, my expression of love 💗

And yet it's natural that I miss my family in Phoenix, my dogs, my other life. Clearly this requires ample chocolate!

As the one year mark passed recently, I look back over this year of uncertainty from not knowing when I’ll go home, to listening each morning for their breathing and I feel a tremendous amount of compassion for myself and us all as humans. If I have these challenges, these moments, then I know you do, too and my heart goes out to you in whatever your struggle is seen or unseen. It’s such a human experience.

Daily dark chocolate is good for heart health, brain function and general happiness!

On August 26th - their 69th wedding anniversary!

I've come to realize that in making this chocolate, we're offering to the world a moment of peace; a chance to collect ourselves, bring ourselves back to our inner well of strength and melt into our true nature. To nourish ourselves with awareness and self-compassion. Whisper those words we may not even know we need to hear: “You’re worth it. Being human is hard, and you’re doing a great job.”

These simple moments give us the strength, clarity and patience to bring our best to whatever is next. Because really, we never know what’s next 😊

If you have thoughts you’d like to share, or any wisdom from taking care of your parents, feel free to email me, I read every email.

Warm regards,

P.S. I'll have more information soon about timing for the reopening. Hang in there! 💗

Lent + Chocolate: Breaking News! March 04 2019

For many years, I did a farmers’ market every Wednesday. Without fail, Ash Wednesday would sneak up on me and I’d find myself offering chocolate samples to folks who would answer, “Oh, I can’t - I gave up chocolate for Lent.” My heart would sink as I bit my tongue. “Please,” I’d say, “Next year, give up something else - like TV or candy - but don’t give up dark chocolate!”

You see, knowing what I know about chocolate, it was like giving up vitamins, or prayer, or loving yourself - definitely not what you want to give up for Lent!

So with Lent just around the corner, I feel compelled to get this message out now loud & clear:

At Wei of Chocolate, we're 100% in support of observing Lent. It’s part of our DNA that we love mindful expressions of the spiritual path. And we totally want you to make an impactful choice about what your Lent observance will entail while supporting your health so that you have more clarity & vitality to serve others.

Curious about some things to give up instead of chocolate? How about high fructose corn syrup, or foods with GMO ingredients? That would certainly call forth a higher level of mindfulness and commitment, bringing awareness of Lent to each meal.

Or even candy in general - which for us is very distinct from organic, vegan dark chocolate. Ever since Harvard found that one piece of chocolate a day like ours cuts the risk of heart disease by up to 57%, we have never considered Wei of Chocolate to be candy.

And then there’s the method of eating our chocolate: if you place your attention on the piece of chocolate in your mouth and let it melt without chewing, it allows the over-busy thinking mind to rest. Naturally, your breath slows and deepens, your shoulders relax and your heart expands. It creates a natural transition to gratitude or prayer. Each piece of chocolate becomes an opportunity to connect with your spiritual nature.

So please, out of love and respect for yourself and your spiritual path, vow to bring mindfulness into your relationship with chocolate this season, and always. May you reap the many physical and spiritual benefits. 🙏🏼

Go HERE for a Chocolate Meditation on Gratitude.

Announcing 2 New Flavors! January 29 2019

Please help us welcome Wei Compassion 75% Velvety Dark Chocolate & Wei Wisdom Chaga Mushroom 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate to the Wei family!

These two new flavors are both so rich and deep, you're going to love them! As I've gotten to know them this week, Wei Compassion has become my go-to flavor. Infused with LOTUSWEI flower remedies that help you nurture yourself and hold yourself in compassion, there's something so special about letting this one melt in your mouth ... it reminded me to treat myself in a gentle, loving manner. Try it & let me know in the comments below if you have the same experience.

Wei Wisdom Chaga Mushroom is another winner! I didn't know what chaga mushroom would taste like in a chocolate, but W😍W! it's rich, deep, yummy and compelling! You can feel the slight texture of the chaga in the chocolate, reminding you of its earthy origins. The LOTUSWEI flower essences in this one include Bodhi leaf, which was collected from the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India, when Katie Hess & I visited that super special place a few years ago where the Buddha attained Enlightenment. Wei Wisdom is all about opening your heart and awakening your spiritual connection, in your own way.

Check out the new flavors HERE and try them for yourself!

Under $10 Stocking Stuffer Sale! till Dec. 11th December 07 2018

Just in time for Christmas! They fit in your pocket, purse or travel bag. Make every moment better with 8pc tubes of Organic Chocolate in 9 flavors. See them all HERE.

9-piece Organic Chocolate Samplers are great stocking stuffers, too!

Organic Chocolate Sampler - Stocking Stuffer

Black Friday Week! Get Your Sale Code Here! November 20 2018

We're having a Black Friday Week Sale through November 28, 2018 - extended one more day by popular demand! Are you on our VIP email list? If not, now's the time to join & get instant access to the secret code!

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No Shipping June 14-19th. Order for Father's Day Now! June 10 2018

Our shipping folks will be away for a few days, so please order early for Father's Day! Get your order in by noon on Wednesday, June 13th, as we won't be shipping again until Tuesday, June 19th. Use code DADWEI for 20% subscriptions for Dad (or you!), or 15% off one-time purchases. Sale good till 6/13/18.

Organic chocolate for Father's Day - order early!

Mother's Day Sale on Chocolate! May 09 2018

Mother's Day Chocolate Sale

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Secret Valentine's Day Sale on Organic Chocolate! February 05 2018


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Gratitude Meditation with Chocolate! November 19 2017

Can you think of a better time of year than the holidays to slow down for 2 minutes to recenter yourself and find the peace that's in your heart? When life gets busy, it's even more crucial to find a way to take that break.

We've got an answer that we think you'll love ... a chocolate meditation! Your whole job for the time it takes for a piece to melt in your mouth - without chewing! - is to savor the flavor, revel in the texture, and totally melt into the experience.

You'll feel better afterwards, guaranteed. And all it takes is 2 minutes.

Here's a guided chocolate meditation to get you started ...

The audio meditation here was recorded for use with a special chocolate called Wei Gratitude but you can use any of our flavors, or even just visualize!

Want more about meditation? Join our special list HERE!

What Would You Give to Look Like This When You're 91? June 08 2017

I took this selfie with my parents when I visited them a couple of weeks ago. My mom just turned 89; my dad is 91. I always made sure they had chocolate in the house because it's so darn good for them, but a couple of years ago I realized that my dad was giving his chocolate to mom because that's just how he is.
So I finally laid down the law and said they BOTH have to eat 1-2 pieces a day. And now he has more energy, is leaner, and is pretty much pharmaceutical free. At 91. I'll take it!

Father's Day is coming up fast on June 18th, so remember that the miracle of chocolate isn't just for ladies - Dads need love, too - and the rewards of keeping your loved ones happy and healthy are beyond measure.

If you didn't grab it last month, check out the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate


And if you want to save 20% off subscriptions, or 15% off one-time purchases, use code WeiDad till 6/18/17.

Wei Inspired Chocolate Meditation from the LOTUSWEI Flowerlounge April 27 2017

For all of you who attended the Flowerlounges, big 💜 thanks for bringing your special energy to the tour - you made it sparkle! I had such a lovely time being a special guest of LOTUSWEI, and I really enjoyed telling stories and sharing chocolate with all of you!

For those who attended and those who couldn't, here's a recording of the Wei Inspired Chocolate Meditation that we did that evening ...

I'm really looking forward to keeping in touch with all of you! If you'd like more information on meditation & retreats, make sure you're on the special meditation list HERE. If you'd like to stay in the loop for chocolate specials, sales & events, join HERE.

What's the Meaning of the Flowers? February 16 2017

Which flowers appeal to you? We've found that whatever flower you're drawn to the most gives some interesting insights into your state of mind, and personality.

Take our quiz and read below to see what the flowers reveal about you! Download your Pick A Flower card HERE.

Wei Love Hong Kong orchid flower remedy

People who choose the Hong Kong Orchid typically have very high standards, and value constant improvement. So much so, that they tend to raise their standards so quickly they don't take time to appreciate their accomplishments & can sometimes be too hard on themselves. At times, other people may see them as crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside, and they may tend toward feeling irritation. The Hong Kong orchid flower elixir helps you appreciate and accept yourself more, and softens your heart. As you become more gentle and tender with yourself, others respond by finding you more magnetic and attractive, and it serves as a natural love potion. That's why we put Hong Kong Orchid in Wei Love Rose Cardamom chocolate.

You can find Wei Love here.


Wei Inspired pink primrose flower essence

People who chose the Pink Primrose are usually creative, out-of-the-box thinkers. Perhaps you're working on a new project, and need that extra boost to get over any fears or hesitancy you may have about coming out with something innovative. The Pink Primrose flower essence helps you move into action, while get more done with less effort. You can cast those fears aside, feel in tune with what you're creating, and clear away anything disharmonious in your life. That's why we put Pink Primrose in Wei Inspired Himalayan Pink Salt chocolate, our most popular flavor!

You can find Wei Inspired here.


Wei Joyful night blooming cereus flower remedy

If you choose the Night-blooming Cereus, it indicates that you are ready to take what you’re working on to the next level in a big way. An amazing flower, it blooms only one night a year - typically on the full moon - and puts all its energy into this magnificent blossom. Aptly, this flower will help you realize your true gifts and dissolve any fears or old patterns that may be standing in the way of you reaching your full potential. Get ready for a great leap forward and be open to unexpected gifts! Night-blooming Cereus flower remedy is found in Wei Joyful citrusy chocolate, with some other flower essences that bring more laughter and light-heartedness to accompany the insight of Cereus.

Find Wei Joyful here.


Wei Gratitude dyssodia flower essence

Those who choose Dyssodia are often working too hard. If you’re always on the go and taking on too much, Dyssodia flower remedy will help you stop and take a break, and put more value on ‘being’ rather than do, do, do all the time. This little desert daisy will help you see that you are enough, allow you to rest more and enjoy simplicity. We put Dyssodia in Wei Gratitude chai spice chocolate, and combine it with organic herbs & spices to balance adrenals and relieve stress.

Try Wei Gratitude here.


Wei Beautiful globe mallow flower remedy

Choosing Globe Mallow, a beautiful desert wildflower, helps brings back that feeling of youthful innocence and vitality. Watching the flower move in the wind, you sense the lightness and freedom that a softening of the heart brings - along with a youthful glow to the skin. Sometimes, too, Globe Mallow flower essence is chosen by people who feel restless or driven to travel a lot, and it brings back confidence and ease with staying in one place as you recognize your own inner & outer beauty. That’s why we put Globe Mallow (and Peony!) in our divinely smooth Wei Beautiful peppermint chocolate.

Find Wei Beautiful here.


Wei Relaxed passionflower flower remedy

People who pick Passionflower usually have very active minds, lots of ideas, and often have trouble turning it off at night. Some may have trouble sleeping. The gift of Passionflower flower essence is that it helps calm, relax and focus the mind during the day, while helping you to sleep better at night. It’s not like a sleeping pill that will knock you out - it just balances the body in a gentle way that makes it easier to let go of thinking too much so that you can relax and get the rest you need. It’s the perfect chocolate for meditation, and is often chosen by entrepreneurs, executives and people with tendencies toward ADHD. That’s why we put Passionflower in Wei Relaxed 68% creamy dark chocolate.

Find Wei Relaxed here.


Wei Peace arctic lupine flower remedy

People who pick Arctic Lupine typically have a lot going on. It could be major life changes like moving, a new job, parenthood or illness, or perhaps you just have too much on your plate or are going through a phase of high stress. Lupine flower remedy brings back a sense of peace, tranquility and comfort. It’s relied on by people who experience anxiety or fear of flying, for example, and is just the tonic for when you feel overwhelmed, stretched too thin or need a break. That’s why we put Arctic Lupine in Wei Peace lavender grey dark chocolate.

Try Wei Peace here.


Wei Radiant jasmine flower remedy

Jasmine is such a beautiful flower that helps us appreciate our own beauty and take better care of ourselves. It is often chosen, too, by people who can be shy or quiet, and brings them more confidence. Jasmine flower remedy dissolves feelings of wanting to change our features or feeling not good enough, and can help us shed weight that has been gained due to loneliness. It increases self love and contentment, and helps us get the support we need from friendships. That’s why we put Jasmine in Wei Radiant super dark 80% dark chocolate.

You can find Wei Radiant here.


Wei Pure jade succulent flower remedy

If you choose the Jade Succulent flower, perhaps you need an energy boost or more chi. The Jade flower remedy increases your vitality, which expands the power of your presence so that when you walk into a room, people say, ‘Wow - who’s that?!’ It’s also the perfect flower for people who may be quiet, or hiding their talent on the inside. The Jade flower helps you bring 
it out & share your talent with others. That’s why we put Jade Succulent flower in Wei Pure 70% rich dark chocolate.

Find Wei Pure here.


Rhododendron is the lush bloom that calls forth compassion. It helps us reflect that compassion back to ourselves, so that we can wrap ourselves in an unconditional hug. It helps with healing old emotional wounds, and fosters a deeper appreciation for the way things are. That’s why we put Rhododendron in Wei Compassion 75% velvety dark chocolate.

Find Wei Compassion here.


Bodhi leaf is the embodiment of open-hearted awareness. Collected from the place in India where the Buddha attained enlightenment sitting under the Bodhi tree, this essence helps lessen our feelings of attachment, opening us up to experience more fully the natural interconnectedness of all things, and unlocking our own wisdom. That’s why we put Bodhi leaf essence in Wei Wisdom 72% chaga mushroom dark chocolate.

You can find Wei Wisdom here.

Share the Wei February 07 2017

For a limited time, we're including an extra 2 pieces of chocolate in a little organza bag with instructions to share it with someone you care about. The perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day (or any day!), take a moment to introduce the Peace of Chocolate into the day of a loved one or friend.

You'll find a card in the bag with directions so that you & your friend can listen to a chocolate meditation while letting that amazing piece of chocolate melt in your mouth. Just type the web address into your phone or computer, and click on the arrow to start the meditation. It'll be the most delicious 2 minutes you've ever meditated!

Vegan Valentine's Day Chocolate

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate January 28 2017

Here's a summary of 10 impressive health benefits of eating dark chocolate regularly, as shown by recent scientific studies. Which benefits would you appreciate most?

Download your copy HERE.

One-on-One Meditation Consultations: the Launch of Wei Wisdom! December 12 2016

With a warm and joyful heart, I am pleased to announce the birth of Wei Wisdom - the vehicle by which I’m now offering one-on-one meditation consultations for those who are curious about how meditation might be helpful to them, or for those who are already meditating, and wish to revitalize and fine-tune their practice.

Many of you know that 30 years ago I went to Asia, and I lived there for 11 years, studying & practicing meditation. It was a special time - many of the greatest meditation masters of the 20th century had escaped from Tibet, and were living in exile in the Himalayas.  

I was fortunate to immerse myself in that world and see firsthand the impact it makes when people spend a lifetime committed to meditation. The benefits are palpable - when you walk into a room, you can feel the difference. These are the joyful ones, the light-hearted ones, the kind, loving and yes, powerful ones. 

All the good qualities we aspire to (and sometimes feel are unattainable) are nourished & revealed by meditation.

After many years thinking that I could not hope to help others until I had attained the awe-inspiring state of my teachers, I realized that actually, today is enough. I have 30 years of being human + meditating, and so that is what I offer: insight into the experience of being human & meditating, and the compassion for self that can arise because of that endeavor.

If that sounds interesting to you, this is an invitation to explore, with a longtime practitioner, what this means for you in your life.

As a gift, I’m offering 15 minute get-to-know-each-other slots. Book yours HERE. After that, if it feels like a fit, we can meet on a consultation basis for a 45-60 minute session to deepen the work. I’ll also hold space in my weekly schedule for 20 minute check-ins and/or 40 minute sessions to continue the work for those who find it meaningful.

If you don't see a time that works for you, feel free to reach out to me at so we can chat & find a good time for you.

Book Your Wei Wisdom Meditation Consultation December 12 2016

Meditation just for you November 22 2016

I am pleased to announce I am offering one-on-one meditation consultations for those who are curious about how meditation might be helpful to them.

This past week, I was blessed to be on tour with the Lotuswei team. As many of you know, Katie Hess, my best friend, wrote a book called Flowerevolution about her body of work with flower elixirs or flower remedies. She spoke movingly to people from coast to coast about how the flowers are powerful tools of transformation that catalyze personal growth. We hosted Flowerlounge gatherings to launch the book in New York, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

Everywhere we went, as we engaged with people, it became clear that many are experiencing an unexpected state of challenge and stress, and need new ways to negotiate this wave of change. It also became clear that we are on the verge of a tremendous opportunity to rise to a new level of engagement with our ideals, our world, and our highest potential.

In response, I’d like to offer some practices to support and stabilize from the point of view of a longtime practitioner.
As a gift, I’m offering 5 free slots to the first to respond. After that, if it feels relevant, I will continue to hold space in my weekly schedule to meet on a consultation basis with those who find meaning in this work.

If this is what you've been looking for, or you're curious, feel free to reach out to me at so we can chat.

Join us for a Full Moon Chocolate Party! March 23 2016

Have you ever wanted to try meditation (or make it more regular) but didn't know how to make it effortless? We'll cover that, share stories, and learn something new.

We’ll gather online using something called Zoom that allows us to see each other, interact, and have some fun. Interested? Please come & look!

Click Here to get the notification for our next one.

You can join from your computer (with a camera!), or download the Zoom app to your phone so we can all see each other. 

Interested? Please come & look - it’ll be fun!

Chocolate for Valentine's Day! February 01 2016

If you're looking for the best chocolate for Valentine's Day - and you delight in organic chocolate, vegan chocolate or dark chocolate, pop your name on this list right away to be included in our special offers - they'll appear in your email box soon!

Join Us January 11th! December 24 2015

Mark your calendar!

On Monday, January 11th, I'm honored to be part of a special event on Periscope and in-person in Phoenix, AZ with three other women entrepreneurs and I'd LOVE to see you there!

There will be a panel discussion about collaboration, community and how to deepen your positive impact in the world (with a little organic chocolate, flower elixirs + meditation). 
We'll be talking about business, social media, transformation, doing what you love + how to jump onto a cutting edge new platform that puts worldwide livestream TV at your fingertips.

If you're not in Phoenix, you can watch the 
Click here for more information & to register.

In the meantime, have a warm & toasty holiday season, and enjoy some much-deserved rest & fun. 

Take care,

Order Stocking Stuffers Now to Arrive Before Christmas! December 18 2015

We're offering a special treat if you order by 6am Monday morning, Dec. 21st - a 9 piece organza bag with one of (almost!) every flavor + a brochure, that will arrive before Christmas if the USPS Priority Mail is on our side!

It's been a big year and the elves are working overtime to make more of your favorite flavors. We're out of Wei Relaxed at the moment, but plan to have it finished this weekend to ship out again by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. In the meantime, expect that the 9 pieces in that bag will be one of everything we have in stock, plus an extra green one (peppermint!) if we're still out of the blue ones ... 

9pc organza

Holiday Sales! November 30 2015

Are you on our VIP Email List? If you are, you get the codes for our sales. If not, get on the list quick for the next one! Get on our VIP List + Get the 3 Quick Secrets to Eating Healthy Chocolate Every Day

Take me to the Chocolate!

Wei of Chocolate Launches New Packaging June 18 2015

We’re so happy to announce our brand new beautiful box! We wanted to create a fitting home for your special chocolate - a rich brown eco-friendly paper box to keep your lovelies ready for those nurturing moments. 

We believe that you deserve a luscious, 2 minute break where you can revel in the deliciousness of the present moment, returning to balance with body & mind. Where you can nurture yourself, care for yourself and recalibrate so that you can continue to do the great things that are unique to you, with increased awareness and effectiveness.

That’s why we came up with energetically infused chocolate that’s designed as a trigger to help us rebalance throughout the day, in bite-sized 2 minute meditations. 

Your chocolate deserved a better home, though - one that reflected the beauty and care that we pour into every piece. One that explained our vision, and better supported you in taking that break that we all need, but too seldom do.

Today, we welcome you to the unveiling of our new packaging, and the launch of the 30 piece box. We have 9 single flavor boxes, plus the wildly popular assortment - All the Wei.

It only makes sense to have 30 pieces in the box, so you can make time for a chocolate meditation break at least once a day! Each piece is labeled, too, so you can take a moment to pause as you open it, and reflect on the what you’d like to create in the moments that follow. 

This same box will now be used for the chocolate subscriptions - so you can choose whether you’d like one, two or three boxes per month, delivered automatically to your door.

Thanks so much for joining us, as we hold the vision of a better world through the mindful peace of chocolate. Enjoy!

Why is Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar in Chocolate Better for You? February 02 2015

We are so thrilled to announce that Wei of Chocolate has fully transitioned to organic coconut blossom sugar! 

What does this mean to you?

First, you’ll notice an even richer, more carmel-ly, fruity taste to the chocolate itself. Coconut sugar comes from the flowers of the coconut tree, tapped for their nectar. 

Coconut Flowers

The sticky liquid is boiled down and dehydrated, revealing a totally natural, better-than-brown-sugar sweetener that has become the darling of the health world. Coconut sugar is higher in minerals like iron, zinc, calcium and potassium, as the nectar of the flower is supercharged with nutrients.

Why is coconut blossom sugar better for you? 

Coconut sugar is remarkably low glycemic, compared to cane sugar. Glycemic index refers to how foods affect blood sugar - the lower number, the less we experience unhealthy spikes and drops in blood sugar. Cane sugar rates 60 on the glycemic index scale, whereas coconut blossom sugar is around 35 - what a difference! 

For those familiar with glycemic load (which takes into account how much of the food we are likely to eat at one sitting), having two pieces of Wei of Chocolate would yield a Glycemic Load of 1.4. Since anything between 1-10 is considered low glycemic, again, it’s notably healthy, and many people remark that the chocolate has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar.

For people who follow the Paleo eating philosophy, coconut sugar is one of the accepted sweeteners, so share this information with your Paleo friends.

 Why did we change a good thing?

At Wei of Chocolate, we are committed to creating the most positively impactful experience for everyone’s health and well-being. We’ve had our eye on the sweetener for a long time. Our previous formulation had only 2 grams of organic cane sugar per piece (half as much as a serving of ketchup!) and while it is not enough to trigger an insulin response (and spike blood sugar), it’s our mission to provide the most healthful and sublime chocolate experience.

All of our flavors have made the transition: Wei Love, Wei Gratitude, Wei Peace, Wei Beautiful, Wei Inspired, Wei Relaxed, Wei Radiant & Wei Pure. We think you’ll agree that this is an exciting move forward, and invite you to explore the richness of flavor that coconut blossom sugar provides.


An Invitation September 04 2013

You have the chance to be part of a movement.

A movement where people take back control of their lives, their health, their happiness.

Have you ever felt that life was moving too fast, not enough time, out of control?

Take a breath, now. We can't go on till you do.


That's the first step to freedom.

Freedom is just a breath away, one breath at a time.

Will you join me on this path?

I promise you it will be fun, challenging and insightful.