September 05, 2018

Dear Friends,

Holy sh*t! I’m now the owner of a big commercial building! We did it!

All the molecules inside my body are jumping up and down!

It’s amazing how a mundane act of signing papers can be such a profound ritual.

Everything changes in that moment. Upper limit destroyed.

The loan officers recommended I go have a drink to celebrate.   ; )

Right now that looks like:

Matcha + writing — after taking 10 minutes to sit alone in my car to take it all in.

A couple of tears jumped into my eyes in that moment, as I let myself be present to the arising of some kind of deep inexplicable wave of emotion that’s hard to explain in words …

A mixture of gratitude to my core, while feeling inspired by our interconnected human capacity to break through barriers + do things that on some level we wouldn’t have thought possible - and how we all can help each other level. up.

If you’d have asked me a year ago, I would not have expected to make this big of a leap.

And yet, here we are.

And I say we, because it takes a village.

In May, we asked you to support us with our flash sale to prove that we were capable of having enough money for the down payment and you. came. through.

In two days we tipped the scales to prove to the bank that we were a worthy partner andyou literally made that happen.

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my bottomless heart.

I am stretched outside of my comfort zone into the biggest commitment I’ve ever made, and stepped up to the plate to offer the most expressive + creative manifestation of our vision to this date.

We will invite you into our space. We’ll have events, workshops, trainings, botanical treatments, flower readings, beautiful flower loungey spaces to hang out in and our first brick + mortar flower elixir apothecary.

It will take us some time to ramp up, but I am so excited to serve you in expanded ways - both in the business and personally.

As we know, this kind of leap comes from the inside, and the LOTUSWEI team + I have all been putting in the work to break through our perceived limitations.

All this I dedicate to YOU.

May all of these activities and every single person’s effort involved in this project be dedicated to make it THAT much easier + more effortless for you to break through perceived barriers in YOUR life. 

My friend Lopa from Rasa Koffee told me the other day that she was blown away by the collective effort that it takes to create something simple, case en pointe: 14,000 people for the pencil.

Similarly, to obtain this building I worked with countless bankers, accountants, attorneys, agents, general contractors, inspectors and the SBA (thank you, U.S. government) and each one of them contributed in some way, helping me understand the process (like Nate + Destin above who reminded me how much I owe them now, haha).

I even had a guardian angel real estate investor from Canada literally drop out of the sky and teach me — in three short meetings — the bones of the commercial real estate business: the language, the steps to take, and the financials. In every meeting, he helped me uplevel, both intellectually and energetically.

That’s the outer work. Then there’s the inner work.

Everyone on my team has been working hard to grow + evolve us quickly so that we could make this big jump -- saying “Yes” to breaking out of our comfort zones into the wide world of the unknown + taking actions to open ourselves to new possibilities.

We are undergoing a tremendous transformation on every level imaginable and I dedicate that to you. May it accelerate all of our collective awakening and breakthroughs. Through our interconnection, may our efforts ripple out a fiercely compassionate + loving wave to the web of life.

And, as my dear sweet Mom congratulated me, she couldn’t have said it any better:

“Now all the dreaming stops and action begins.”


Let’s get this going.

Totally in love with the craziness of life! And tossing flower petals on us all in celebration.

Deepest gratitude for your love + support,


P.S. Click here for a few words I wrote immediately after signing on the dotted line.  ; )