October 06, 2017

I woke up
and it was autumn
just like that
over night
how I know
I do not know
something about
the rustling
of the leaves of the trees
that’s different
and the coolness
of the temperature
on my skin
seems more solid
more abrupt
and I suppose there must
be the slightest shift
in the angle of the sun
coming in sideways
instead of top down
and sometimes life
is just like that
the seasons change
and things are drier
more evolved
and moving
into another discovery
of a season
it is fall
and since this time
last year
my heart has been broken
in so many odd + unexpected places
and mended back together
with bubble gum
duct tape + gold dust
with love from others
and love from within
with attention
pressed up against
the window
of my reflection
in everything around me
I am fall-ing now
nothing to hold onto
getting more comfortable
jumping off cliffs
with fear, panic + attachment
and eventually
we all fall + realize
we are inseparable
from the spaciousness
around us
we are flying
and it can be freeing
wildly exhilarating
despite fingernails
gripping the canyons
at times
we’ve got dirt
in our fingernails
to prove it
but when we stop
to look all around us
we can sink into
the spaciousness
we can embrace
the discomfort
licking our wounds
and holding on
to ourselves
we are fall-ing
and yet
we are



Love + fallen leaves,

katie hess