Inner Visionary Exercise

January 20, 2021

Are you ready to stop playing small and unlock the full range of your creativity and potential?

Inner knowing lotuswei flower essence elixir

Here's an exercise inspired by the Shell Ginger flower essence, found in our new Inner Knowing blend, that is designed to open up your mind and bring in more freedom and creativity into your visioning.

Shell Ginger is wonderful for liberating a whole new level of creativity, both in terms of innovation as well as the way the ideas are brought to fruition. Rather than following a template or norm, it’s about visualizing out-of-the-box possibilities and "seeing" and "feeling" them into reality. Shell Ginger stimulates a rush of new ideas and solutions, which come from within. It helps us transform outer circumstances through an inner embodiment of our vision.

Follow the steps below to jumpstart your visioning!

Inner knowing lotuswei flower essence elixir expansive presence shell ginger

1. Carve out 30 minutes, an hour or whatever feels right to you to do this exercise.

I often find that it helps to create a timeframe to do something so that you can focus your energy and intention.

Inner knowing lotuswei flower essence elixir expansive presence shell ginger

2. Make a nourishing + yummy beverage. 

It could be a cup of coffee, hot tea, chai tea with cashew milk or kombucha—whatever is inspiring nourishment for you! Of course you can add flower elixirs if you want to take it to the next level (we recommend Inner Knowing or Shell Ginger for this one)!

Inner knowing lotuswei flower essence elixir

3. Grab some paper + something to write with and jot down 108 things you want to experience or accomplish.

Using a piece of paper or your favorite notebook, a pen that you love or markers that you adore, write these things down in no particular order—stream of consciousness. You can have a really wide expanse and write down the things you's like to experience or accomplish in your lifetime ... or you can tighten it up to write down what you'd like for yourself in the next year. Or just leave it really open-ended!

The most important thing is to get your ideas out as quickly as possible. Write whatever comes to your mind, even things that you've never thought of before. Let your mind go free!

If 108 seems like too crazy and daunting of a number, then pick your own favorite number and write down that many things (just try to keep it in the double digits, at least). Give yourself the freedom and the blank canvas to just explore what might be there!

I remember at the end of one year, I did this and I had written down go to Iceland, and I thought, "That's the most bizarre thing ever. I have never had a dream to go to Iceland." I ended up going to Iceland six months later and having the time of my life, collecting orchid flower essences, soaking in hot springs and really, really deeply getting in touch with Mother Earth.

So just let your mind run wild! You can edit later.

Inner knowing lotuswei flower essence elixir

4. Take another color of pen or marker and circle your top 10.

You can do this in the same sitting or a different sitting. If you want, you can winnow it down even further, like your top three things you want to experience or accomplish. Sit with that and see how that feels.

What does it feel like to let yourself go wild? What does it feel like to edit and winnow down? And what does it feel like to really focus in on those things that are the most precious to you and the most important that you cherish most?

Oftentimes, just doing this exercise alone will start to attract and magnetize some of the most important things that you didn't even know were there as expressions of your freedom, your creative power and your visionary prowess.

Happy visioning! 

Love + flower petals,