November 09, 2018

There is a variety of challenges we face when traveling, especially when we travel by air. We’re subjected to the radiation in the upper atmosphere, which can be fatiguing. We can easily get dehydrated. Being in different time zones throws off our sleep and eating schedules. We’re surrounded by people, which can make us feel energetically drained. Not to mention the normal stressors like waiting in long lines, worrying about making a flight on time, dealing with the ever-changing process of security, etc.

Here are our top 5 tips for boosting energy & vitality when traveling by plane:


Ginger tea is my ultimate travel necessity (tea bags or simply ginger powder). Bring an empty thermos in your carry on and before getting on the plane, ask a coffee shop or restaurant in your terminal to fill it up with hot water! Ginger boosts circulation + warmth, soothes nausea + headaches, increases energy + vitality and minimizes effects of jet lag.


In addition to the low levels of oxygen you're subjected to on the plane, there's something else in the air you're breathing that leaves you feeling low in vitality, groggy + unwell:

"Since warm air is needed for both engine propulsion and human respiration, aircraft manufacturers decided decades ago to combine the two by bringing air through the engine to heat it, then bleeding it directly into the cabin—unfiltered. This air brings with it a toxic mix of engine oil, lubricants, and varioushydrocarbons. As noted by US Attorney Alisa Brodkowitz, the only air filters are the lungs of passengers and crew." {Sourced from article on}.

How do you mitigate the effects + protect yourself? Sayer Ji, a widely recognized thought leader in the natural health + wellness space, recommends loading up on antioxidants before the flight (ie. turmeric supplements, matcha, blackberries).

Listen to Sayer talk about this on Episode 41 of The Flowerlounge Podcast. I recommend listening to the entire thing, but if you want to go directly to this topic, skip to time stamp 36:45.

And if you're reallllly interested in learning more about this, head to his website and type 'aerotoxic syndrome' in the search box at the top. He has so many articles about it!

3. Make sure you get enough zzz's the night before!

This one sounds simple, but it's easier said than done. Last minute errands, late-night packing and preparation to-do's can end up cutting into our sleep time. Really  try to get 6-8 (whatever is normal for you) hours of sleep the night before traveling. Being fully rested will make you less susceptible to the vitality drains of travel!

I also love bringing a big scarf or sweater with me on the plane - it's easier to snuggle up + fall asleep to get any missed rest on the plane!


I like to think of airports + airplanes as mindful awareness training grounds. If your luggage gets lost, your flight gets delayed, the baby keeps crying, or the person behind you keeps kicking your seat ... notice what each scenario triggers in your body + how you are breathing. Keep bringing your awareness back to your breath and how incredible it feels to breathe.

Here's an "open eye" meditation you can listen to while standing in long lines, waiting for your plane to board or during the flight! 


On one trip to India for a spa and hospitality conference, it took me over 30 hours to get to Delhi. When I did arrive, it was 6:30 A.M., which meant that the best thing to do was stay awake all day, so I could reset my sleep schedule. For the weeks leading up to my trip, I had taken several flower elixirs for travel, including Yarrow. I also put them in every glass and bottle of water I drank on the plane and took them often as drops in the mouth. For the first week I was in India, I took them every few hours. I was amazed at how manageable the jet lag was after traveling so far and being awake for so long. In the afternoons when I felt a little sleepy I would take the flower elixirs, and they gave me so much vitality I never had to take a nap.

I shared this experience with my friend Michon who was planning a trip to Singapore and the Philippines. She, her husband, and her mother followed the same protocol and couldn’t believe how little jet lag they experienced. They stayed in Asia for about a month and when they flew back home, they didn’t follow the protocol. Michon said without the flower elixirs, it took her several weeks to recover from jet lag after arriving home.

To follow this same protocol, use these regularly when traveling:

RADIANT ENERGY FLOWER ELIXIR: This combination of flowers is designed to help revitalize your energetic system after long hours of air travel and/or being exposed to screens. Before, during + after your flight, spike your drink with some Radiant Energy Elixir. This will keep your energy + mood boosted to help avoid jet lag.

JOY JUICE MIST: The stressful realities of travel can harden us up pretty quickly. When you catch yourself being more annoyed, impatient or angry about something that you would normally let slide, get out the Joy Juice. It helps keep the light-hearted vibes alive, inspires laughter and keeps things fun! Keep dosing yourself after the flight to you maintain that desired level of joy.

FIERCE COMPASSION MIST: Flower elixirs for patience and kindness, like Nectarine, Hollyhock are helpful for allaying the impatience and irritation that can arise during travel.

QUIET MIND ANOINTING OIL: Flower elixirs for sleep can negate or reduce the effects of jet lag and travel fatigue. This anointing oil is also great for headaches/migraines and neck or shoulder tension. Roll some oil onto your finger tips and massage your temples, neck + shoulders to release the tension.

INNER PEACE SERUM: In subtle or high stress situations, Inner Peace inspires feelings of comfort, ease + contentment. This serum also doubles as a anti-bacterial moisturizer!

BONUS! Flowerevolution Card Deck

On our last flight to NYC, Tay pulled out a collection of some of our favorite oracle decks and one of the flight attendants perked up with curiosity as he was walking down the isle. We told him to think of a question he’s seeking guidance on and he pulled the Euphrasia flower card.

Something happened to his eyes when he read the flower message :: trust your intuition + be decisive!

Before we landed, we asked him what it meant for him. He told us that Delta is offering to pay their flight attendants to become pilots, and he was undecided if he should do it or not. So in his mind, he asked the question: should I become a pilot? I asked him what the card meant to him. He said, “It gave me the extra little push that y e s, I should become a pilot.” 

Card decks are such a fun way to instigate an impactful connection with beautiful strangers, especially in situations when we have our guards up. They allow us to experience a flash of someone's essence by gently guiding us into territories that are meaningful, real + vulnerable.

What are your travel secrets? Leave your tips or tricks in the comments below!

Love + flower petals,