April 05, 2019

I have a very, very low tolerance for pain - especially when it’s that dull, stagnant, uncomfortable pain that is common with arthritis, tendonitis or pain in your joints. I grew up playing competitive volleyball year round and was only a teenager when I started noticing symptoms of tendonitis in both of my wrists. In fact, when I was 16, I had one bad flare up that landed me in the emergency room after fainting multiple times from the pain! #sorrymom

A few weeks ago, I felt that slowly amplifying, nagging pain not only my wrists, but my ankles + knees too! I am still unsure why the flare up ... too much gluten (#ilovepizza)? From a new pair of shoes? Too much working on the computer? A combination of it all?

While there was no fainting involved this time, there were lots of tears. Tears from not feeling comfortable in my own body. Tears from not being able to fix it. Tears from the unsureness of if it was going to get worse. 

It got so bad one day that I left work early to just go cry in my bed, and hopefully fall asleep to get a break from the emotional overload. And if you know me, you’d know that is shockingly out of character. Katie texted me to ask how I was doing, and when my response was “not good”, she told me to come back to the office and that Kiya, the acupuncturist in our new space, would see me as soon as I arrive.

With puffy eyes, I got back to the office and onto Kiya’s table. Within an hour, my joint pain + emotional load lightened, and I could be in my body without feeling like I wanted to jump out of my skin looking for relief. Kiya is a goddess with her needles and surprised me with what is possible with acupuncture! 

Along with sending me off feeling like I had a new body, she gave me three supplement recommendations that have worked wonders + kept the inflammation in my joints at bay:

  1. Turmeric: Powerful anti-inflammatory effects and reduces pain + stiffness

  2. Glucosamine: Vital for building cartilage and eases joint pain

  3. Magnesium: Important for bone health, helps maintain joint cartilage and reduces inflammation

In addition to these supplements, I’ve also been ...

  1. Self massaging my wrists + ankles with Quiet Mind Serum. Quiet Mind is infused with the essence of Dandelion, which is great for helping us release stored stress in the body.
  2. Drinking Auga de Tamarind every week! Not only is it is mouth-wateringly delicious, there are so many health benefits to the occasional enjoyment of this sweet + sour tropical fruit drink. It’s high in Magnesium, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, aids development of muscles + nerves, promotes digestion, has anti-aging qualities, improves vision and more!

With continued use of all of these tools, I haven’t had a flare up and feel like I’ve got the inflammation under control. As much as I hope you’re not feeling anything like I described above, if you are - I hope this post is of benefit!

Do you have any other tips for inflammation I can add to my toolkit? I’d love to hear! Share your recommendations in the comments below!

Happy thoughts,