July 02, 2020

We've partnered with Erin Borbet, Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, to strategically pair our flower essence-infused anointing oils with specific acupressure points to open different gates and meridians within the body and magnify the transformative effects of the flower essences.

Find the number of your flower essence above & scroll to find the acupressure point ritual:

1. JOY JUICE & HEART 7 - Shen Men: Spirit Gate

Heart 7, also known as HT7, Shen Men or Spirit Gate, is the source-point of the heart meridian, and balances both the heart organ and the spirit. It can regulate the heartbeat, tonify the heart muscle and calm the shen (spirit).

It is especially helpful for arrhythmia due to anxiety, insomnia due to excessive thoughts, and mania & agitation. It is the quintessential point of the gently smiling Buddha – bringing a meditative state of joy and peace.

Location: on the inner forearm, in the depression just below the wrist-crease, toward the elbow. 

Apply a drop of Joy Juice Anointing Oil to this point to activate balanced joy, calm and inner peace.

2. INFINITE LOVE & REN 17 - Shan Zhong: Chest Center

The Ren Mai is one of the eight extraordinary meridians, and is not ascribed an elemental nature. It runs up the front of the midline of the body, and is said to be the first meridian created in utero. It has a strong affinity for reproductive health, and our ability to connect to our purpose.

Known as the “Sea of Qi,” Ren 17 has the ability to move Qi for the entire body. It opens the chest, soothes anxiety, alleviates wheezing and any pain in the upper torso.

Location: on the midline of the sternum bone, level with the 4th intercostal space, often on the nipple-line.

Apply a single drop of Infinite Love Anointing Oil to you hands and massage the center of your chest.

3. RADIANT ENERGY & REN 6 - Qi Hai: Sea of Qi

Ren 6 nourishes our essential qi via its connection to MingMen – our eternal fire residing in the kidneys. It regulates qi, blood and yang, and has a strong affinity for nourishing the reproductive organs  regulating menstruation, resolving menopause discomfort and increasing libido.

Location: on the midline of the abdomen, about 2 finger-widths directly below the umbilicus.

Apply 1 drop of Radiant Energy Anointing Oil here 2x daily for an entire moon cycle.

4. INSPIRED ACTION & STOMACH 36 - Zu San Li: Leg Three Mile

The namesake of this point goes: when you feel at the end of your endurance, stimulating ST36 will give you the resources to go another 3 miles.

Historically, it was even used to restore consciousness lost from exhaustion. It is an extremely nourishing point to the entire system – qi, blood, yin, yang. It boosts the immune system and restores digestive balance.

Location: Below the Knee, one-finger-width to the outside of the anterior Tibia bone, in the muscle belly of the Tibialis Anterior.

Apply 1 drop of Inspired Action Anointing Oil to this point 3-4x daily.


In general, the Gallbladder meridian relaxes all of the sinews and muscles, helping to dissolve tension anywhere in the body. 

GB34 is helpful for women with hormonal imbalance that results in breast pain, swelling or cystic tendencies during their menstrual cycles.

Location of G34: on the outside of the leg, below the outer knee, in the depression just below the anterior head of the fibula

Place one drop ofQuiet Mind Anointing Oil on GB 34 daily, or on the last ½ of your menstrual cycle.

GB20-21 are also wonderful at relaxing muscles on the whole body.

Location of G20-21: at the base of the back of the skull, run down the neck to the top of the trapezius muscle on top of the shoulders

Rub Quiet Mind Anointing Oil on the neck + shoulders to activate GB20-21 for full body muscle relaxation.

6. INNER PEACE & LARGE INTESTINE 4 - He Gu: Joining Valley

One of the strongest points for moving Qi on the body, and renowned for it’s ability to relieve pain. Responds excellently to acupressure, and can be very tender. It extinguishes wind and helps facilitate strong movement through healthy release - letting go of that which no longer serves you.

Helps with headaches, menstrual cramps, neck/shoulder tension – can even open congested sinuses, alleviate sneezing and induce labor!

Location: on the outside of the hand, in the depression between the thumb and forefinger

Use 1 drop of Inner Peace Anointing Oil on Li4 in the evenings after a long day.



Let us know in the comments if you love these kind of TCM meets flower essence rituals! We will do more if we receive a flood of yeses! 


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Love + flower petals,

P.S. In this Flowerlounge Podcast episode with Erin Borbet, she walks us through a super simple acupressure ritual to follow with our flower essence-infused anointing oils to tonify the respiratory system and heart, center your spirit and reinforce strength to go inward and feel safe there.

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