July 24, 2020

Are you ready to become the most luminous, magical and beautiful version of yourself?

Star Flower essence helps you blossom into your fullest expression and:

  • Dissolve any resistance to stepping into the spotlight.
  • Feel free and comfortable in your body + accepted just as you are.
  • Develop immunity to other people’s energetic fluctuations.

Bring a little star power into your life so that you can embody your most raw, wild and true self.

Star Flower is also found in our Expansive Presence blend


lotuswei star flower essence elixir katie hess

I collected Star Flower in the Sonoran desert. I had been looking all day for special flowers to collect and when we finally came across these flowers, it was sunset. How perfect that the Star Flower would infuse under the desert stars all night. 


If you’re attracted to Star Flower, you may be shy about "putting yourself out there." Fear of failure, being in the spotlight or stepping out on your own might hold you back from your own greatness. You may worry that if you are fully yourself, others may get angry or jealous or abandon you.

You may prefer to stand in the background and let others be front and center. Or perhaps you’re worried that if you step out of the shadows, you’ll lose your support system and have to stand all alone.

You may have heard the saying: “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Often it is our greatness that we fear most because we fear what will happen as a result.

You may "dim your light" (or even have it turned off!) or suffer from low energy due to suppression of your natural gifts or expression.




Star Flower helps us embrace our greatness—not only the luminous, magical, beautiful qualities of our essence but also our unapologetic fearlessness. There is a sense of comfort in who we are—ALL of who we are, all parts of ourselves.

(For each person, that manifests differently, depending on which parts usually get suppressed out of fear. Those will be the parts that emerge with Star Flower.)

As we stand up for what’s meaningful to us, we realize we can be our biggest, truest selves without alienating ourselves or losing the support of others. We recognize the freedom in being "real," no matter what that looks like. We dissolve resistance and fear to being fully comfortable with the most raw and wild expression of ourselves.

Without subconscious worries of being cast out or abandoned, we operate out of security and independence. We are unafraid to be great, to be in our own power, to be in the spotlight. And we become more immune to other people’s energetic fluctuations as we grow stronger in ourselves. We know the world is a supportive and loving place, waiting for us to share our gifts and unique abilities.

Star flower expansive presence Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

Star Flower helps us feel the world supportively receiving all of us (even the parts we previously suppressed). We realize that we are a star (not in the "star of the show" sense, but rather a miraculous twinkling star in a sea of stars and a universe of inextricable interconnectedness). We allow ourselves to revel in our own luminosity as we reflect back to others their own unique beauty. By recognizing our own innate preciousness, we are able to honor the preciousness inherent in everything and everyone else.

The best part? You don’t have to DO anything. Just being is enough.

Star Flower enhances our ability to be in tune. We’re more able to perceive aspects of the world that are magical and miraculous. We feel protected and at ease.


lotuswei star flower essence elixir


Native to the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico, Star Flower (Gilia stellata) is part of the phlox family. Though they tend to grow in fields, each flower stands alone upon its inflorescence (or cluster of flowers).

Star Flower prefers sandy soil and is commonly found in washes and on the plains. Flowering in the heart of desert spring from February to May, it infuses luscious pops of light purple wherever it grows.

Star flower expansive presence Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

What People Are Saying

"I was visually drawn to this elixir without knowing much about it. It feels as though all the fears and worries that stopped me from just resting and being an expression of my fullest self are falling away. And with that occurrence, I feel that I can see the light and power in others despite their circumstances. In allowing myself the space and freedom to just be, unapologetically, thanks to the support of this flower, I feel like I feel also a release and relief from my concerns for and about others as I have a profound trust in their greatness and beauty and in divine order. This is a beautiful flower and elixir." —CMT



Magnifies: Luminescence; fearless independence; unapologetic beauty; soft radiance; unabashed purity; intuitive awareness

Dissolves: Shyness; fear of being yourself, being the spotlight; fear of failure, abandonment, being cast out or losing yourself as a result of expressing your greatness


The STAR flower essence is also found in our Expansive Presence blend

Infused with flower essences for receptivity, luminescent expression & nourishment, Expansive Presence helps us take greater risks, embrace the unknown and more fully realize who we are as divine beings.

expansive presence LOTUSWEI flower essence blend elixir


Love + flower petals,