November 26, 2022

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Fatigued or noticing yourself slouching
  • Taking shallow breaths or nervous breathing or holding your breath
  • Drowsiness or mental fog
  • Stagnant energy or feeling sluggish
  • Dull mind or inability to make a move on what you need to
  • Desire to do something but just ‘feeling too tired’
  • Low vitality or a desire to rest more
  • Lack of self-nourishment leading to exhaustion
  • Your warm bed feels really good & it’s hard to get out of it


If you’re drawn to the Speckled Camellia, you may be fighting fatigue, adrenal overload, drowsiness or sluggishness. You may feel you doze off more than usual or that you need more naps. Your mind may be dull or slow, not as clear as usual. Your muscles may feel cramped or sore or stuck; your body may feel stagnant and sludgy vs. loose and agile.

You may notice that at the end of the day you find yourself yawning a lot from lack of oxygen, due to constricted breathing patterns during the day. You may find yourself slouching at your desk or when you sit down, shutting down the flow of energy throughout your meridian systems. Mentally you may feel foggy or drowsy and physically you may feel low vitality. You may have a desire to accomplish something, but not enough energy to execute it.



Activate: Revitalized clarity
Message: Trust the rhythms of your body.

Speckled Camellia (Camellia japonica tricolor) dissolves fatigue, drowsiness and mental fog. If we have a desire to slump or slouch, it opens up the energy in our spine for better posture. It deepens our breathing and brings in more vitality, energy and cheerfulness.

Camellia is a breath of fresh air. It revitalizes our energy and helps us understand what nourishment is needed, in order to recharge ourselves. It helps us create the conditions to revitalize our bodies and freshen up our minds. It loosens up our rigid ideas of persistent routine in order to allow ourselves enough rest in order to revitalize ourselves.

When you’ve been continually on-the-go or are feeling unusually physically or mentally taxed, you may find yourself in a moment of limbo, or space in which you’re not quite sure what direction to take. Or perhaps you know the next steps, but you don’t yet have the energy to execute on them. Camellia inspires you to take the time you need in order to revitalize your subtle energies, clear your mind and get yourself into a place where you can take action once again.



There are two main varieties of Camellia, those that bloom where it snows and those that bloom in more temperate climates. The Camellia flower originates from places like Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, and is depicted in paintings and ceramics as far back as the 11th century. In the Far East, they are considered a symbol of luck during the Lunar New Year. During the 19th century, the Camellia flower was brought to the Western world.

Camellias come in white, red and pink and they are either single or double-flowered. There are over 2000 cultivars of Camellia! The Speckled Camellia is a double-flower variety of the Camellia flower and is speckled white and a rich, saturated pink.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Deeper breathing & better posture; More energy, action & overall vitality; Clarity of mind & cheerfulness

DISSOLVES: Desire to slump or slouch; Fatigue & drowsiness; Mental fogginess & inability to act


Love + flower petals,