February 09, 2021

EXPLORE: Sensorial Flower Essence Selection

Having worked with flower essences for over 15 years, I’ve observed that there are several methods of selecting flower essences that work for nearly everyone:

1. Visual: Trust your eyes and what you’re attracted to.

Your eyes are naturally drawn to the flower you need like a dowsing rod identifies the source of water. Flowers with qualities that will catalyze the most positive response from your body and mind will naturally stand out, visually. Your flowers will seem more interesting than the others, and it varies greatly from person to person. This method is my favorite, as the thinking mind does not get involved and overcomplicate things.

Which flower are you most attracted to? Does the message resonate?

If you love this method, take our flower quiz!


2. Pull Factor: Move toward the qualities or states of mind you most want to embody.

Take a minute to reflect on what your most desired states of mind are, or how you are when you’re at your best. Is it the experience of joy, love, peace, creativity, healing the past, getting a boost of confidence or do you just need a night of really deep sleep? Move toward the flowers or flower elixirs that awaken those particular qualities in you.

Frequently desired states & corresponding blends:


Boundless Wisdom: flexibility, non-judgement + acceptance of others; acceptance of transitions, change + even death
Infinite Love: self-acceptance; self-love
Fierce Compassion: non-attachment
Inner Peace: confidence
Wild Abundance: self-appreciation 


Sacred Awareness: refined intuition; energetic perception
Quiet Mind: awareness of mental activity and where stress is stored in the body
Boundless Wisdom: of the divine in every moment; clarity of highest aspirations
Expansive Presence: fuller realization of who we are as divine beings
True Strength: observation of your thoughts + feelings as they arise, knowing that they are coming up to come out


Quiet Mind: stillness, awareness; quiet the mind; mental clarity
Inspired Action: fearlessness; decisiveness + clear action
Full Bloom: clarity around purpose or vision; determination 
Boundless Wisdom: insight into inner landscape
Inner Knowing: lucid clarity + embodiment of vision


Inner Peace: inner strength; comfort being oneself; letting it all hang out
Infinite Love: self-expression; being seen + heard
Expansive Presence: leadership from within; fearless independence; freedom of expression 
Truthteller: certitude; public speaking; self-assuredness
Luscious Embodiment: self-acceptance, spacious embodied freedom
True Strength: dissolve uncertainty that you don’t have what it takes for true freedom
Open Heart: ability to ‘be with’ intense and complex emotional states 
Inner Knowing: trust in your inner vision; strength to break through limitations


Inspired Action: inspiration; think outside the box
Gamechanger: effortless new ideas; new perspectives
Inner Knowing: liberation of creative energy; innovation; uninhibited imagination; pioneering
Luscious Embodiment: wild expression; fertility


Inspired Action: trusting yourself; pure action
Truthteller: certitude & conviction
Inner Knowing: acting when the time is right


Radiant Energy: vitality, cleansing & radiance; powerful presence
Sacred Body: cleansing body's energy stores; evacuate emotional toxins; expand capacity to absorb sunlight to nourish clarity; expel toxins; support body's natural detoxification & self-healing processes
Full Bloom: endurance, strength & stamina
Inspired Action: inspiration & motivation
Luminous Chi: energetic reinforcement & protection; powerful presence
Divine Within: avoid depletion; exhaustion & self-sacrifice; nourish yourself


Truthteller: speaking your mind; conviction
Luscious Embodiment: freedom to be yourself; acceptance of all parts of yourself; healthy expression of sensuality & sexuality
Expansive Presence: comfort with stepping into the spotlight; divine feminine; fearless confidence


Radiant Energy: balances reproductive system
Full Bloom: balance of masculine & feminine qualities; collaboration with women; honoring feminine energy/behavior/roles
Expansive Presence: divine feminine; unapologetic confidence
Luscious Embodiment: embody your wild; reveal your real fiercest self; radical self-acceptance; feel beautiful alluring & exquisite
Divine Truth: dissolve feeling plain or ordinary; magnify gracefulness, sophistication & regal presence


Infinite Love: self-love, magnetism, self-care
Fierce Compassion: tenderness, nurturing, motherly love
Open Heart: intimacy, connection, fearless empathy 
Divine Within: surrender into the love within your own heart; awaken your ability to love yourself; kindness toward oneself
Sacred Heart: soothe your heart; magnify ability to love yourself
Wild Abundance: gratitude, magnetism, attraction
Divine Timing: dissolve shame; embrace yourself with gentleness; open your heart


Inner Peace: peacefulness, stability, support
Quiet Mind: clarity of mind; ability to let go; deep sleep
Boundless Wisdom: relief; fresh perspective
Gamechanger: slowing down


Wild Abundancefeel uninhibited + divinely beautiful
Radiant Energy: warmth; radiance; vitality
Luscious Embodiment: warmth + self-acceptance; freedom to express your wild, exotic, sexy qualities


Radiant Energy: self-sufficient + self-fulfilled
True Strength: unwavering support + stability from the inside out; divine masculine
Sacred Body: energetic protection


Infinite Love: trust within relationships with others 
Fierce Compassion: confidence in love and relationships 
Full Bloom: relying on self & trust in one’s own abilities 
Inner Knowingtrust in internal resources & abilities; ability to reveal vision one step at a time without worry

3. Push Factor: Identify what’s giving you stress.

Maybe you feel resentful about the dirty dishes being left in the sink. Or you have a difficult relationship that’s giving you tension. Whatever it is that gives you stress, identify the source and the symptom. Maybe you’re stressed about an upcoming presentation, making your shoulders and neck stiff. You can take flower elixirs to release tension in the body, as well as to give you clarity, focus and confidence for your presentation.

By observing both the perceived sources of your stress and how they present themselves as symptoms in your body, you get key information about which flowers can help you shift out of it the fastest.  

Common stressors + corresponding blends:


Truthteller: transform anger into advocacy & protective strength
Boundless Wisdom: aggression & violence
Fierce Compassion: result of attachment or impatience
Infinite Love: jealousy or irritation
Luminous Chi: feeling attacked 


Joy Juice: lack of life purpose; tied in knots
Inspired Action: indecision & hesitation
Inner Knowing: trust in your own inner wisdom; self-trust; release fear & doubt


Inspired Action: overthinking; procrastination
Quiet Mind: inability to focus the mind; frazzled nerves
Boundless Wisdom: extreme stress
Gamechanger: resistance
Divine Timing: cut through distraction & let your actions be motivated by your vision


Radiant Energy: recharge from travel, others' energy & EMF exposure
Sacred Body: clear negative or foreign energies; re-establish healthy boundaries 
Quiet Mind: take rejuvenating breaks; deep sleep
Gamechanger: rushing from feeling like there isn't enough time
Open Heart: dissolves apathy, boredom & the doldrums
Sacred Heart: exhaustion from never-ending sadness or apathy from intense grief
Divine Within: awaken ability to nourish yourself to wholeness


Sacred Heart: desire to move forward instead of getting stuck in grief for too long
Fierce Compassion: heartbreak or loss or rejection
Infinite Love: take care of self; heartache (past or present); forgiveness
Boundless Wisdom: trauma, loss, disconnection from emotions & spirituality
Inner Peace: acceptance of emotions; coping with change
Open Heart: fear of time running out or loss; ability to open to intense emotional states
Joy Juice: letting go of old emotional wounds of the heart


Inner Peace: emotional stress/a lot going on; overwhelm; lack of support
Quiet Mind: mental stress or chatter/thinking too much; physical tension; frazzled nerves; panic; worry about taking time off; relying on others or letting others down; inability to let things go
Boundless Wisdom: traumatic experiences or dramatic life changes; disconnected
True Strength: waiting for the other shoe to drop; expecting the worst; pessimism
Joy Juice: over-serious


Wild Abundance: feeling beautiful, graceful & uninhibited
Radiant Energy: sharing your true self; radiance & vitality
Full Bloom: self-worth & confidence in abilities
Inner Peace: self confidence; emotional stability
Truthteller: speaking up for oneself & advocating for others
Luscious Embodiment: confidence, let loose, be yourself
Divine Truth: electric speech; be your full eccentric self


Joy Juice: overly serious; unable to laugh
Quiet Mind: over-thinking; unable to let go
Boundless Wisdom: change, loss, things not going your way
Inner Peace: emotional unrest
Truthteller: fears, paranoias, what others think
Gamechanger: overwhelm & running out of time

4. Dissolve Patterns: Determine the re-occurring patterns you’d like to shift.

Do you get impatient while driving? Have the habit of going the extra mile in vain? Do you have a tendency to feel bogged down by to-do lists? Or do you find yourself looking for love outside of yourself? Whatever it is, we are usually pretty familiar with the habitual patterns that hold us back. No matter how specific or complex the pattern - there is a flower for it!

Common patterns & corresponding blends:


Gamechanger: balance between extremes; simplifying & streamlining; sense of freedom
Quiet Mind: overworking; perfectionism; magnifies ability to delegate
Expansive Presence: facilitates ability to fully accept & receive support; nourish your vision without spinning your wheels
Wild Abundance: dissolve habit of over-extending to your detriment


Boundless Wisdom:unwavering patience; perceive the preciousness of every moment
running out of time
Fierce Compassion:
Infinite Love:
irritation & annoyance
Wild Abundance: heightened 6 senses
Sacred Awareness: not catching little details


Infinite Love: self-love, affection & total self-acceptance
Fierce Compassion: love, nurturing & appreciation of things just as they are; gentleness
Wild Abundance: appreciation of your own beauty; dissolves self-criticism; 
Divine Within: dissolves barriers to nourishment or tendency to self-sacrifice or ignore your own basic needs
Sacred Body: awareness of what your body needs: more water, most sleep, etc.
Divine Truth: commitment & devotion to oneself


Joy Juice: expecting the best possible outcome; all decisions feel simple & easy
Wild Abundance: transform perceived weaknesses into strengths; dissolves desire to change your appearance
Truthteller: Dismissing negative thinking on your part or anyone else's; refusing to allow any mundane policies, naysayers, or small thinkers to create obstacles to achieving what you want.
True Strength: infinite possibilities & opportunities; expecting the best; fresh perspective
Boundless Wisdom: flexibility &  open-mindedness to seeing new opportunities available when attachments are released


Sacred Awareness: not wanting to save people
Boundless Wisdom: magnified patience & ability to accept others as they are


Inspired Action: "get it done now" attitude; follow through; finish what you start
Full Bloom: determination & focus; "I can do this" attitude
Gamechanger: effortlessness; bringing projects to fruition with ease


Expansive Presence: greater prosperity; amplified ability to ask for & receive support; dissolve poverty mentality; perceiving abundance
Wild Abundance: embrace prosperity; perception of the richness of every moment; ability to magnetize; dissolves habit of overextending yourself
Infinite Love: feeling worthy & enough

5. Aromatherapy: Choose the scents you most love or which aromatic profiles embody your essence most. 

In the same way that you're visually drawn to the flowers you need most, you are also often sensually attracted to the essential oils & aromatherapy that will benefit you.

Scent profiles & corresponding blends:


By using these five different methods, what 1-3 blends were most recommended?

Did the blends recommended in 1-5 match up or are they varied?

What method of choosing a flower essence did you most resonate with?

What did you learn from this exercise?

Love + flower petals,