May 26, 2020

Have you recently felt any of the following:
  • Fatigue or exhaustion.
  • You’ve caught yourself saying, “I’m too tired for that.”
  • You long for more rest time/down time.
  • You’ve felt like isolating yourself in your bed-cave to watch Netflix.
  • You’ve been experiencing a slight desire to avoid people.
  • The idea of shutting out the world feels good right now.
  • Things feel tiring, laborious or a drag on your energy.
  • Lying down on the couch doing nothing feels so good.
  • Everyone around you looks tired, even your dogs.
  • You’ve felt out of place; the world feels like a drain.
  • Sometimes you push others away or avoid engaging.
  • Conversation feels exhausting.
  • Exercise, sex, going for a walk - why bother?


    If you’re attracted to Running Iris (Neomarica northiana), you may have recently felt unusually tired or fatigued. You may feel awkward or out of place in the world. You might feel the need to isolate yourself or be elusive. Or perhaps there’s fear of rejection. You may feel the tendency to hide away or push others away and be in your own little bubble or world. Behaviors of others around you might feel annoying or irritating on some level, as if it would be easier to just be alone. Suddenly certain things feel like a drag ... laborious, tiring, draining. Sometimes it feels as if shutting out the world is the solution.

    {This can be applied to our current situation: You’ve been in isolation too long and you don’t want to come out. You’ve NOT been in isolation and now you want a vacation. You’ve been with your kids 24/7 and don’t get any ‘you’ time. You haven’t worn a mask yet, and you deal with people occasionally looking at you strangely, or you wear a mask and people look at you strangely. You want to post something on social media, but you’re worried about reactions. Or, you just want to hide and not have any opinion. You’re just tired of it all and want normal life again. Or some combination of all of it. The list goes on -- many phenomena.} 


    Activate: Meditative receptivity
    Message: Soften into the moment.  

    Running Iris magnifies our ability to be in tune and in touch. It amplifies our ability to focus, with more of a moment-to-moment awareness and appreciation. It enhances our capacity for creativity, flexibility, generosity and tolerance. We’re more able to be open to receiving -- even unexpected guests -- without feeling put out. It strengthens meaningful connections and a greater gratitude for the effort that others make. It helps us stop and take a moment to appreciate the little things.

    We can drop rigid ideas and cut through extraneous thoughts and worries. We’re more willing to engage with people through different levels and layers of communication. We see a benefit in the ability to relax and take a nap when needed. Even under chronic duress, overwhelm, stress or illness, we’re able to experience a meditative, spacious mind.

    Miscellaneous: Running Iris dissolves rigid beliefs around health. It also enhances food awareness and conscious eating: how much food is needed and what kind of food is needed (it can assist during weight loss/gain). It enhances awareness of our body’s needs and acts as a meditation support during overwhelm, chronic illness or pain. Meditative support during hospice or illness.


    An exotic flower native to Brazil, it’s also known as Walking Iris, or North’s False Flag. At the tops of the stalks, new little plantlets will grow up and out and bend over to the ground, taking root. A new plant grows and then later goes through the same process, walking/running through the environment.

    Depending on the flower species, the flower may be indigo, yellow or pure white. Each flower has three large petals that spread out to the sides, and three inner petals that are curly and brightly-colored, with tiger stripes at the very center. The leaves are sword-like and some say the flower looks like a cross between an iris and an orchid, because it’s so otherworldly. Running Iris flowers are rare gifts - they only bloom for one day and then they’re gone!


    In Essence

    MAGNIFIES: Being in tune, in touch, and able to focus (even if chronically overwhelmed, stressed or ill); able to be flexible and tolerant despite constant overwhelm, stress or fatigue; enhances more of a moment-to-moment awareness and appreciation; creativity, honesty, flexibility, generosity; allows you to be more open to receiving, even receiving unexpected guests; gratitude for others, meaningful connections, awareness of the effort others make; stopping to take a moment; enhances ability to drop rigid ideas; enhances ability to cut through extraneous thought and worries, as well as willingness to engage with people through many different levels and layers of communication; expanded and spacious mind, allowing yourself to relax and inherently seeing a benefit in that; allowing yourself to take a nap; enhances tolerance.

    DISSOLVES: Awkwardness, isolation, feeling strange or out of place, elusiveness; fear of rejection, hiding away, avoidance, pushing others away; self-absorbed or wanting to shut out the world; tendency to view things as laborious, tiring, or a drag on your energy; intolerance, stagnancy and rigid beliefs around health.

    MISCELLANEOUS: During hospice, illness, chronic pain or overwhelm, this elixir acts as a meditation support. In situations of food awareness, conscious eating & weight loss/gain, this elixir enhances awareness of how much food is needed and what kind of food is needed, and amplifies deeper understanding of the body’s needs.


    Love + flower petals,