May 05, 2021

An interesting phenomenon happened this week that I’d love to share. Maybe you’re also seeing it around you.

First, I realized that there’s a blend in our collection that folks tend to be wary of -- because the flower on the bottle is somewhat scary.

THEN people hear what the blend is for -- and steer clear of it.

People have seemingly gotten more and more afraid of it since last year.

Can you guess which flower/blend? I’ll tell you.

Truthteller: with Black Bat flower featured on the bottle.

The flower may look ominous and scary! But usually the flowers we feel averse to are the ones we need the most! They are simply an aspect of ourselves that we’re afraid of.

Here’s the Black Bat flower -- freaky, right? But also something wildly seductive about her.

This flower freaks us out when we’re afraid of the raw power of our anger.

Imagine that -- being afraid of our own power.

But for many of us, it’s just easier to go with the flow. Not make a scene. Not demand virtue. Not ask for what we want.

We’re wary of this flower, because we avoid conflict. We’re afraid of what we might say.

It might be something we’ll regret.

Here’s the good news -- that’s not possible. In fact quite the opposite.

Black Bat flower essence is for alchemizing anger, [rage], frustration and fear into a powerful ability to advocate for ourselves and others. It transforms violent, unpredictable anger into fierce compassion, like when a mother protects her children.

This week as I was reading customer service emails, I noticed a common theme:

"What flower essences do you have for anger, frustration and rage?"

Many people are writing in with this common theme.

Then it clicked in my head.

There’s a lot of wild stuff happening in the world right now.

Sometimes we feel angry but repress it. We don’t want to offend anyone. We’re afraid of what might come out of our mouths. We fear being out of control. Or we’re just terrified of what anger feels like expressed in our body. Like unleashing an unpredictable fiery dragon.

I’ve worked with Black Bat Flower -- and other the other flowers in the Truthteller blend -- and I can say that right now, it’s one of the best antidotes for transforming our own anger and rage.

It helps us feel powerful instead of powerless.

It helps move the energy in our bodies, so that anger doesn’t get repressed and stored into disease.

It helps us communicate more freely and clearly without things getting stuck in our throats.

It helps us speak our truth without fear.

And here’s what’s really interesting about the Black Bat flower in particular.

The animal symbolism.

For thousands of years, herbalists have used the Doctrine of Signatures (what the plant shape resembles) to find out about the qualities of a plant.

Although it’s named Black Bat because the petals look like bat wings, the flower is often called Tiger Whiskers in Asia because of the long string-like ‘whiskers’ coming out from the sides. Also, its black protrusions look like lamprey eels with open mouths and teeth bared.

Below is the symbolism of each animal:

Bat represents seeing through an illusion.

They are intuitive, aware, and sensitive to others’ feelings. Bats have strong family ties, and they teach us to love our enemies as ourselves and encourage us to kill our ego.

Tiger represents courage, willpower and personal strength.

It also symbolizes the subconscious emotions of anger and fear within you or someone you know.

We couldn't find much about lamprey eels, but it's jawless (interesting) with fierce teeth & a razor sharp tongue (also super interesting).

And here’s what we found about eel:

Eel represents a spiritual transformation so profound that even our families may not recognize us; one that takes us to tremendous depths of our being and helps us overcome great obstacles. Also, we may want to look at the relationship of giving and taking in our lives, as well as review boundaries, finding a healthy balance between tolerance and protecting ourselves.

Does it resonate?

More about Black Bat here.

More about the Truthteller blend here.

Love & bat wing petals,