August 26, 2020

Dissolve fears of danger, darkness or exposure. Face what’s scary within; accept all parts of you.

Purple Wishbone digs deep into what’s stored in our underbellies, pulls it up and liberates it from our mouths, dissolving fear of judgment. We are better equipped to face our fears of being exposed to aspects of ourselves or the underbelly of the world that contains deep, dark secrets. It softens our fears of danger, darkness and destruction, and removes the electrical charge from what we perceive as ‘scary’.


Purple Wishbone helps us:

  • Dissolve the fear of “darkness” either within oneself or others
  • Sharpen your perception/senses and broadened your perspective
  • Experience a sense of safety and interconnectedness & to be more open and present with others


If you’re attracted to the Purple Wishbone flower (Torenia Formosana), there is something that you avoid because it’s scary, which creates a level of obscuration or blurriness that you’re not even aware of. Or there’s something about yourself that you don’t want others to see -- that you feel shy about or worried that others might judge. There are latent subconscious fears of danger, darkness or destruction that want to be released.

Activate: Fearlessness
Message: Reveal it out into the open.

Purple Wishbone illuminates and dissolves deep, dark, subconscious fears of danger, darkness and destruction. It helps us feel at peace and removes the electric charge from subconscious fears so that we’re not held back by them.

It dredges whatever is hidden in our deepest belly and brings it up out of our throat. We can decide to share what’s inside, or we can decide not to share it; in any case, we’re able to speak our truth more freely. We’re no longer afraid to say the wrong thing. We feel safe and unafraid of exposing our deepest, darkest secrets.

We can relax and let our guard down; we no longer feel pressure. We can slow down and feel more interconnected with everything around us, no longer fearing judgment or that others have specific expectations of us. 

Ironically, sometimes the biggest judge comes from within. Wishbone liberates the 'scary' material to the surface and takes the charge out of it, so that the parts of ourselves that engage in self-judgment and self-criticism can also calm down

When we’re stricken by fear, we cannot perceive the world around us clearly. The more unafraid we are to face our fears, the more open we are to the world and others’ needs. Anger and frustration dissolve. We begin to see the underbelly of the environment around us from a more neutral angle. We have a greater capacity to listen, perceive and take in more -- and we’re aware of a broader perspective.

Purple Wishbone dissolves a subtle level of confusion, obscuration and static that we didn’t even know was there. It heightens our capacity for being crystal clear and sharply perceptive of the world around us.


Butterflies of all colors led me farther and farther up a hot springs-laden riverside to find this wild purple flower growing in a quiet, protected bend off the river in Yilan, Taiwan. Upon first glance, the flower looked like a mouth and when I approached it, I felt wary. It’s one of those flowers that can be unnerving to look deep into.

What People Are Saying

"After just a few days of using this elixir, there was no doubt that a shift of things from my past was being brought to the surface to be healed and released. I could literally feel energy, emotions, and thoughts making their way from my lower chakras up to my throat. It has shown me exactly where there are other blockages that need healing and have made it incredibly clear which areas of my life are blocked, too. Using other Lotus Wei essences to help this process has been extra helpful!" —A.P.

"I was powerfully drawn to this elixir at a time when I was working through some challenges, some repressed memories that were very hard to face or speak about. This elixir called to me so strongly, I felt I couldn’t not take it. I had some heavy news I couldn’t bring myself to share that weighed heavily on me. After taking this elixir for a short while taking this elixir, this news just “fell out” spontaneously. I just blurted it out, spontaneously. I really believe it helped make my deepest fears less scary and so much easier to manage. It helped me release and let go of so much, allowing me such a sense of freedom, liberation and love. It was truly a wonderful support at the perfect time. Thank you, I feel so much lighter with the help of this flower." —CM

"Using purple wishbone with fierce compassion. I am amazed at what has come up, a lot of emotional purification of very old wounds that were unconscious and profoundly impacting me in my life. I am so grateful for this elixir. I am being able to face things that have been repressed, things that were overwhelming, frightening, felt too threatening.." —Robyn

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Fearlessness to look at what’s scary or ugly; Sharper perception/senses and broader perspective; Sense of safety and interconnectedness; Ability to be more open and present with others

DISSOLVES: Fear of “darkness” either within oneself or others; Fear of danger, lack of safety, inability to speak up; Fear of destruction/being destroyed or destroying; Subconscious fears that create obscuration that blocks our sensory perception

MISCELLANEOUS: You may feel like coughing the first time you take it.


Awakened Understanding gives us the courage & stability to face the things inside of us that at one time – we felt were ugly. We awaken a new receptivity to sit with ourselves, to get curious – and watch everything transform. We feel more resilient, accepting, whole – and above all else: understanding.


Love + flower petals,