February 26, 2023


Purple Pea flower grows prolifically in South Carolina. Indicated for when we feel we must endure discomfort in order to avoid abandonment or ruffling feathers, it helps us attain a state of safety and protection. We’re more able to be open and voice our concerns. We can take care of ourselves without the need for external validation. Purple Pea dissolves our expectations of getting hurt and magnifies our ability to experience pleasure.


Purple Pea Flower awakens the power to:

  • Express yourself fearlessly without fear of conflict, abandonment or ridicule
  • Become firm in your resolve that you will not betray or abandon yourself
  • Feel empowered, supported and worthy to receive what you want


If you’re drawn to the Purple Pea Flower, you may have a long-standing subtle habitual tendency of self-punishment or self-denial. This can show up in many different ways, such as putting up with various behaviors from others to avoid conflict. This can also look like enduring a negative experience so that you don’t ruffle anyone’s feathers or get left alone.

You may fear that your concerns or experience will be ignored, met with anger or that it will lead to abandonment. Rather than subject yourself to those projections, or having to voice your needs, you keep quiet and endure. This can be at work, among family members or friendships, in love relationships or even in a sexual partnership.

Within a self-punishment or self-denial loop, you may feel irritated, sensitive, frantic, frustrated, powerless, victimized and unable to express what’s really happening. You may feel like there’s no way out and no solution to the dilemma. When you feel triggered in this regard, you may be on a loop of irritation or feel like you’re on your last nerve. There may be a part of you that expects to get hurt or ignored if you voice your concerns or needs.

Alternatively, in the past you may have shared frustrations that fell on deaf ears or were met by ridicule, causing you to withhold expression of needs and desires. Rather than risk embarrassment, conflict or abandonment, you prefer to withdraw and pretend like everything is ok, when it’s not.


Activate: Pleasure
Message: I am safe to be free.

Purple Pea Flower (Centrosema virginianum) catalyzes a sense of protection, care and understanding, so we can feel free to express our authentic selves and experience more freedom and pleasure in life.

We feel more cared for, because we care more for ourselves! We allow ourselves to rest and recharge alone. We dissolve the need for anyone else to make us feel ok. We can comfortably be ourselves without outside distraction or stimulation. We become unwilling to abandon or ignore our own needs at our own detriment.

We become more ok voicing our concerns, desires, wishes and needs. We’re unafraid of being hurt and more fearless about our true inner selves being exposed. We dissolve our expectations and qualms about getting hurt or others being too rough with us. We can come out of our caves, because we know we’ll be cared for and protected. We become firm in our resolve that we will not betray ourselves, so we expect the same from others. A deeper sense of encouragement, strength, resilience and fortitude builds within us.

In love relationships that border on the edge of abuse or simply for women and men who feel they can’t express what they want sexually or sensually, this elixir dissolves the pattern of self-punishment and self-denial. It allows us to cut patterns or enduring what we don’t want, or feeling powerless and victimized. It helps us feel empowered, supported and worthy to receive what we want. We can express ourselves fearlessly without fear of conflict, abandonment or ridicule.


Recently the Blue Pea Flower, or Butterfly Pea Flower (Clitoria ternatea), has become wildly popular for its natural blue color in teas. While the rich indigo-colored blue flower grows in southeast Asia, the Purple Pea Flower (Centrosema virginianum) grows in the United States. The Purple Pea is identical to the Blue Pea, with the exception that the leaves are broader and the flower is a light purple.

The Purple Pea Flower grows prolifically in South Carolina, even in nutritionally poor or sandy soils. Its vines crawl up fences, walls and trees with delicate pastel violet flowers. If there are no structures, the vine will sprawl all over as a ground cover, stabilizing the soil with its extensive root systems. It has a symbiotic relationship with a bacteria that grows on its roots, encouraging it to release nitrogen and nourish other plants in the area.

The flowers are showy and delicate, lasting only a half day; by the time the afternoon sun comes out, the flowers are already gone. The plant’s high protein and mineral content make it a delicious forage crop for livestock.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Ability to experience pleasure; Feeling protected, soothed & cared for; Ability to be authentic & vulnerable; Prioritization of caring for yourself; Allowing yourself to be seen

DISSOLVES: Self-punishment or self-denial; Oversensitivity & thin nerves; Powerlessness or inability to express frustrations; Assuming your needs will never be met; Enduring negative experiences so you don’t get abandoned


Awakened Perception helps us turn toward our greatest worst-case scenarios and courageously face the truth. We become more discerning and are able to see through the illusion of our fears. We experience more pleasure and uninhibited freedom through authenticity. We can let down our guard & be who we’re here to be, without distraction.

Love & flower petals,